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  • Amphiprion ocellaris

    The clownfish has become one of the most well-known marine fish in recent years, even among non-hobbyists. Here are the basics for caring for this magnificent fish.

  • A Mediterranean Nano

    The Mediterranean is a wonder with biodiversity, but one innovative Italian aquarist keeps a relatively tiny setup showcasing some of its more miniscule life forms.

  • The Reefer: A Look at Symbioses in the Marine Aquarium

    Many animals form mutually beneficial alliances with one another, known as symbiotic relationships. Here, we've outlined some classic marine species relationships.

  • A Lovely New Import: Marble Crabs Metasesarma obesum

    The marble crab can enter both freshwater and saltwater tanks. If you enjoy keeping crayfish, these crabs will make a good addition to your aquarium.

  • Ambon Fish: The Hidden Biodiversity of a Spice Island

    The waters of Maluku Ambon are among the most aquatically diverse places in the world! Learn about the Ambon fish one expert aquarist found on his journey.

  • Agelas gracilis

    The candy cane sponge makes a sweet addition to marine tanks! This saltwater sponge requires at least one direct daily feeding when its polyp tentacles are extended.

  • Acanthella cavernosa

    This aquarium sponge is usually found encrusting various substrates near or in caves where water currents are fairly swift. Learn more about this species.

  • A Mandarin Diner

    One reason mandarin saltwater fish are almost impossible to keep healthy is their picky feeding habits. Learn more about this species.

  • A Freshwater Aquarist's Guide to Marine Aquariums

    A longtime reefer explains how to start a saltwater tank and overcome common obstacles.