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Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine has been the world’s most trusted source of information about the fascinating world of fishkeeping since our first issue rolled off the presses in 1952. More than half a century and over 700 issues later, with an international following dedicated to both our print magazine and digital channels, TFH is proud to inform and shape the modern aquarium hobby. Our world-renowned contributors keep up with the latest aquatic discoveries and technological developments balanced with a long-established, knowledgeable expertise. Now in our seventh decade of publication, TFH is still the number-one comprehensive aquarium magazine for new and seasoned fishkeepers alike.

TFH offers unique perspectives on all aspects of fishkeeping, from freshwater to saltwater, aquatic plants to corals, nano tanks to outdoor ponds, and so much more. Every issue of TFH’s large-format, glossy print aquarium magazine features cutting-edge content, expert advice, and world-class photography showcasing the vibrant beauty of aquatic life, whether in the wild or our aquaria. TFH is committed to educating and entertaining our readers no matter what their interests or where they are in their fishkeeping journey.

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