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  • Fish Selection & Stocking Guide

    Choosing pet fish is an important but difficult process. Here are some tips for picking the best available specimens!

  • Filtration

    Aquarium filtration makes all the difference between healthy fish and poorly-kept fish. Here's what you need to know to keep your tank in shape!

  • The Skeptical Fishkeeper: Compatibility

    The path to a peaceful community tank depends on your specimens. We've laid out some guidelines here to finding fish compatibility.

  • Foods & Feeding

    From flakes to live fish food, we offer feeding advice for a variety of purposes. Learn more about optimal feeding techniques for your specimens.

  • Aquascaping

    Aquascaping is an art. This article lays out the basics of plant layout, gravel selection, coral suggestions, and other decorations.

  • Aquariums

    Our fish tank recommendations cover proper care and setup for a home aquarium. Learn tips for specific tank shapes and sizes.

  • Aquarium Setup Guide

    Aquarium setup requires time and commitment. Here are the basics for making your tank thrive!

  • The Salt Creep: A Marine Aquarium Maintenance Checklist

    A saltwater tank requires more maintenance than a freshwater tank. Check out this marine aquarium maintenance checklist!

  • Livebearers Unlimited: Fancy Livebearers 101

    Fancy livebearers are a great addition to any tank. Here are some of our favorite live-bearing fish.