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Introducing the official Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine slipcase!

TFH Slipcase
  • Store and protect your treasured library
  • Gold foil logo on a navy blue background
  • Sturdy construction


1 case - $18.95
2 cases - $35.95
3 cases - $49.95

Shipping and Handling

U.S. residents add $3.95 for shipping and handling for each case. Outside of U.S. – please email us at for shipping rates.

Order Today!

Complete the form below to contact our Customer Service Department for more information or to begin your slipcase order.

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Note: Magazines not included with slipcase. Case fits twelve 2010 (or later) issues.

What subscribers are saying...

J. H., Las Vegas, Nevada
I have been reading TFH for almost two years now.  I really enjoy it.  The articles are informative for both the novice and advanced aquarium hobbyist alike. The fresh to salt water ratio balances out nicely over the months.  Also, there is extensive information on discus, which is a plus to many people.  The photography is beautiful as well.

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