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Photo Submission Guidelines

Digital photos are the best type of photos to be printed in our magazine, as they offer maximum flexibility in terms of printed size so long as certain requirements are met. Clear color slides also work, but prints are limited as they would need to be scanned and there is only so much visual information that can be pulled off of printed matter.

If you shoot in RAW format, please send us the RAW files. If not, TIFFs are the next best option.
All digital photos must be in high resolution.

High resolution means that it must be 300 dpi (dots-per-inch) at the size to be used. How a photo looks on your monitor screen has little bearing on its usability for print. You can convert with this formula: Pixels divided by resolution = size.

Therefore a picture that is 1600 by 1200 pixels, divided by 300 dpi, gives a size of approximately 5 by 4 inches. That is just marginally large enough for an article illustration but is unusable as an opening spread or cover. We prefer to get photos as large as your camera can take them, so even with 5- or 8- megapixel cameras, shoot at the highest possible resolution.

Images are best emailed as individual attachments to the Associate Editor at Please do not exceed 5 MB in any given email, it may bounce back to you.

Photos may also be posted to an FTP site (or our FTP site, contact the Associate Editor for more information) or sent using websites such as YouSendIt. We will also accept photos mailed on CD or DVD.

Please include species names and other important information in the photo file name or on a sheet with thumbnail images. Please make sure to identify any people that appear in the photos, and you are responsible for obtaining their permission to appear in the photos. Photos that cannot be identified will not be used.

Digital Manipulation
It is extremely important not to edit photos, as tweaking may potentially introduce an inaccurate representation of the subject or item shot.

Do not crop, color-correct, clean, or manipulate them in any way. Any photo that is edited will not be purchased. Any necessary editing is performed by our Art Department

Contact Information
Please include both your mailing address and email address when submitting photos, so that a contract for the photos can be sent expeditiously.

Contract Information
We use a non-exclusive contract for all photos that we purchase, meaning that you can sell the photo to others under a non-exclusive contract but we have rights to reproduce the photos. Of course, anytime your photo is used it will be credited to you.
We do not purchase one-time use photos.

Submitting Photos
Please do not send more than 20 photos for an article. Each photo is fairly and diligently evaluated and a massive batch of photos would require an extraordinary amount of time. Photo overkill will result in your submission being returned to you for vetting. It will save everyone time and effort if you choose the top photos yourself, ahead of time, before sending us you submission.
Send photos to:
Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine
Attention: Associate Editor
1 TFH Plaza, Third and Union Avenues

Neptune City, NJ 07753

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