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Issue #727 Nov/Dec 2017

Feature Article

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Fantastic Freshwater Inverts!
Freshwater invertebrates are on the rise in ...
Author: Chris Lukhaup


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Splendid Species for Novice Marine Fishkeepers
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Author: Richard Aspinall

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  About the Cover

This issue’s cover photo featuring three of the most popular color forms of the dwarf shrimp Neocaridina davidi illustrates why freshwater invertebrates are so hot in the aquarium hobby today. As internationally recognized inverts expert Chris Lukhaup explains in “Fascinating Freshwater Inverts!” (p. 46), ornamental freshwater shrimp have been a steadily growing segment of the hobby since the late 1990s, and with new color forms continually coming onto the market, their popularity has virtually exploded in recent years.
Photo credit: Chris Lukhaup 



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