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Issue #720 Sept/Oct 2016

Feature Articles

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10 Fab Fish for a Planted Tank
A beautiful planted tank is an achievement ...
Author: Alan de Velasco
Attack of the Green Munchers! 10 Plant-Shredding Fish (FULL)
A well-planted tank is a beautiful thing: a ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
Colorful Corals for a Dazzling Tank
Out of the thousands of coral species in the ...
Author: Jeremy Gosnell
Reef-Friendly Invertebrates (Part II)
In the second part of his two-part series on ...
Author: Scott W. Michael
Rockwork in the Reef Aquarium: A How-To Guide (FULL)
When it comes to reef aquariums, the building ...
Author: James W. Fatherree
Setting Up and Maintaining a Planted Tank
While many freshwater hobbyists aspire to ...
Author: Kate Barrington
Tips and Tricks for Keeping Tangs (FULL)
Tangs are a mainstay of the saltwater ...
Author: Richard Aspinall


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Adventures In…
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Author: TFH Staff
Bottom of the Tank
See Full ...
Author: Josh Wiegert
Cichlid World
See ...
Author: Ted Judy
New Arrivals
 See Full ...
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
Reef and Coral Corner ...
Author: Jeremy Gosnell
Symptoms & Solutions
See Full ...
Author: Ted Judy
The Planted Tank
See Full Article: ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
Tools of the Trade
See Full ...
Author: Kate Barrington

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 About the Cover

While the frogspawn coral (Euphyllia divisa) featured on the cover is pink, this species can be found in a variety of vivid colors. Due to its hardy nature and appealing look, frogspawn is a popular large-polyp stony (LPS) coral. At night, E. divisa extends its tentacles to feed and has been known to sting neighboring corals and other livestock in an aquarium. Because of this, it should be provided plenty of space in its tank. Find out more about keeping this beautiful coral species and many others in our article “Colorful Corals for a Dazzling Tank” (p. 80).

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Tip of the Month:

Plug your filter and heater into a power strip separate from your lights. Then, when you go to drain the tank to change water, you can shut off the filter and heater, preventing damage due to low water, but still have the lights to see to properly vacuum the gravel.

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