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Issue #719 July/Aug 2016

Feature Articles

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10 Common Marine Aquarium Problems—and How to Solve Them
Saltwater tanks are afflicted by different ...
Author: James W. Fatherree
16 Cichlids Every Aquarist Should Try
This expansive article celebrates cichlids, ...
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
An Aquarium for Thorichthys Cichlids
Noted aquarist Iggy Tavares relates his ...
Author: Iggy Tavares
Aquascaping for Large and Aggressive Fish
Large and aggressive fish can tear through a ...
Author: Seth Gibson
Grenada’s Hidden World
Join an adventurous aquarist as he details an ...
Author: Chris Sergeant
Keeping the Real-Life Species from Finding Dory (FULL)
Not only did Pixar’s film Finding Nemo ...
Author: Jeremy Gosnell
Planning Your First Pond (FULL)
So you’ve decided to install an outdoor ...
Author: Kenneth Wingerter
Producing a Nature Aquarium for Long-Term Maintenance (FULL)
Aquascape Design and Photography by Takashi ...
Author: ADA Editorial Dept.
The Glittering Jewels of West Africa
Description: While small in size, a tank full ...
Author: Mike Hellweg


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Adventures In…
In this issue, the species that inhabit The ...
Author: TFH Staff
Bottom of the Tank
While catfish are a mainstay in the hobby, ...
Author: Josh Wiegert
Cichlid World
Keeping wild-caught angelfish is discussed in ...
Author: Ted Judy
Import Report
New imports into the hobby, including ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Reef and Coral Corner
Attaining water clarity in a reef aquarium is ...
Author: Jeremy Gosnell
Symptoms & Solutions
A fishkeeping expert details how to treat and ...
Author: Kenneth Wingerter
The Planted Tank
If your aquascape is monochromatic, this ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
Tools of the Trade
Often overlooked by novice aquarists, the ...
Author: Kate Barrington

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About the Cover

Upon observing the jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) in action, the vibrant reputation that New World cichlids have acquired is easily understood. This large and territorial cichlid is the most commonly traded fish of its genus in the hobby and makes for an impressive specimen in a home tank. While this cichlid is not recommended for beginners, there are plenty of other fish in the sea (and streams and lakes), and our guide “16 Cichlids Every Aquarist Should Try” (p. 54) aims to point you toward a favorite new piscine pet.

Photo credit: Mo Devlin



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Tip of the Month:

The leftovers at the bottom of a package of freeze-dried krill or plankton not only make great fry food, the can be used to "season" other foods to make them more palatable to your fish. Just put them in with the other food, shake, and in a day or so the odor/flavor will have permeated. It's not just dust...don't throw it out!

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