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Issue #713 August 2015

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

An Aquarist’s Adventures in Ghana: Catching Cichlids (and Conundrums)
An intrepid globe-hopping traveler plunges ...
Author: Lawrence Kent
Dynamic Diversity of the Single-Species Aquarium
Single-species tanks are a great way to gain ...
Author: Gary Elson
Ocean Literacy & Reef Aquariums: The Ecology of Captive Marine Systems
An experienced reef aquarist provides an ...
Author: Jeremy Gosnell
Takashi Amano’s Lisbon Project: Building the World’s Largest Nature Aquarium (Part 3)
In the final entry of Takashi Amano’s ...
Author: Takashi Amano
The Blizzard Cactus Cat: Spawning a Spectacular Pleco (FULL)
Several years ago I purchased some juvenile ...
Author: Andrew White
The Bold and Beautiful Betta rubra (FULL)
While most aquarists know only the eponymous ...
Author: Joshua Wiegert
The Hunt for Wild Artemia
Brine shrimp are an indispensible and ...
Author: Mike Hellweg


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Bottom of the Tank
A devoted fishkeeper examines the many ...
Author: Joshua Wiegert
Cichlid World
 A cichlid fanatic discusses the keeping ...
Author: Ted Judy
Import Report
Fish importer Oliver Lucanus profiles six ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Into the Labyrinth
 A fish importer and former president of ...
Author: Mark Denaro
The Planted Tank
 Plant-keeping expert Amanda Wenger ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
The Salt Mix (Full)
There are over a dozen species of relatively ...
Author: James Fatherree, MSc

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 About the Cover

The vibrantly colored electric blue crayfish (Procambarus alleni) on this month’s cover is incredibly eye catching, as are many of the crayfish currently available in the hobby. Most of the more vivid variations of P. alleni, such as the whites, oranges, and this beautiful “electric blue,” are naturally occurring mutations—though few of these individuals could survive in nature with such conspicuous coloration. With carefully chosen tankmates, these crayfish can make a truly unusual and interesting addition to a suitably set-up aquarium. For more on crayfish in the aquarium, see Joshua Wiegert’s “Bottom of the Tank.”

Photo credit: Puripat/Shutterstock



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Tip of the Month:

To protect valuable specimens, set up their tank with two heaters, each rated at half the required wattage. If one sticks on, the other will stay off, and the water will not overheat as much or as quickly.

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