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Issue #712 July 2015

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

Aquarium Science: Hermaphroditism: Gender-Bending Fish
Common among fish, the strange and ...
Author: Francesco Ricciardi
Becoming an Educated Coral Consumer
Knowing the ins and outs of the coral ...
Author: Jeremy Gosnell
Book Excerpt: Animal Planet Aquarium Care of Cichlids
In this TFH exclusive book excerpt, we look ...
Author: Claudia Dickinson
Nanochromis splendens: A Splendid Discovery (Full)
The small African dwarf cichlid Nanochromis ...
Author: Gary Elson
Netting Bettas in Borneo (Central and East Kalimantan)
An international adventurer details his ...
Author: David Armitage
Takashi Amano’s Lisbon Project: Building the World’s Largest Nature Aquarium (Part 2)
In the second installment of a three-part ...
Author: Takashi Amano
The Black Belt Cichlid (Paraneetroplus maculicauda)
A longtime fishkeeper looks at Paraneetroplus ...
Author: Seth Gibson
The Mysterious Meeli Kipili
A champion breeder and ...
Author: Mike Hellweg


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Bottom of the Tank
A devoted fishkeeper examines the family ...
Author: Joshua Wiegert
Cichlid World
A cichlid fanatic discusses the keeping and ...
Author: Ted Judy
Import Report
Fish importer Oliver Lucanus profiles six ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Into the Labyrinth
A fish importer and former president of the ...
Author: Mark Denaro
The Planted Tank (Full)
Swordplants: Not Just for Amazonian Fish ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
The Salt Mix (Full)
Changing Times in the Reef Aquarium ...
Author: James Fatherree, MSc

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 About the Cover

Striking a pose on this issue’s cover is a large male Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus). The Midas cichlid can reach sizes in excess of a foot (30 cm), and they are among the most aggressive of the commonly encountered Central American cichlids. Adult males of this species, like our cover fish, often develop a prominent nuchal hump, which is a large swelling on the head used to signal sexual maturity and dominance. Read more about the fascinating world of cichlids throughout this month’s issue, including an excerpt from TFH’s Animal Planet book Aquarium Care of Cichlids.

Photo credit: Mo Devlin



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Tip of the Month:

That mudskippers, those amphibious gobies that scurry around on the shore and climb mangrove roots to get insects, cannot breathe air? They carry water in a pouch around their gills, keeping those organs wet, so they can continue to extract oxygen---sort of "wet-dry gills"!

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