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Issue #711 June 2015

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

A Different Kind of Killie: The American Flagfish
If you’re seeking a freshwater fish ...
Author: Mike Hellweg
Berlin Aquarium at the Berlin Zoological Garden
A world traveler describes the exciting array ...
Author: Iggy Tavares
Beyond Goldfish & Koi: Nontraditional Fish for Water Gardens
While goldfish and koi are the most common ...
Author: Mark Denaro
Book Excerpt: The Simple Guide to Marine
This brief look into the comprehensive ...
Author: Jeff Kurtz
Caribbean Reefs Under Stress (FULL)
I’ve been very lucky not only to be ...
Author: Richard Aspinall
Takashi Amano’s Lisbon Project: Building the World’s Largest Nature Aquarium - Part 1 (FULL
Known for its size and collection of species ...
Author: Takashi Amano
The Gold-Spot Pleco (Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus)
A longtime fishkeeper explains why the ...
Author: Seth Gibson
The Pygmy Killifish (Leptolucania ommata)
Hardy and colorful, the pygmy killifish is a ...
Author: Anthony C. Terceira


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Bottom of the Tank (Full)
Catfishes of the genus Corydoras and its ...
Author: Joshua Wiegert
Cichlid World
A cichlid fanatic discusses the keeping and ...
Author: Ted Judy
Import Report
Fish importer Oliver Lucanus profiles six ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Into the Labyrinth
A fish importer and former president of the ...
Author: Mark Denaro
The Salt Mix
Renowned marine aquarist James Fatherree ...
Author: James Fatherree, Msc

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 About the Cover

Corydoras catfish, such as this orange laser cory (Corydoras sp. CW-010), are some of the most popular and familiar fishes in the aquarium hobby. As the number of known species grows, newly discovered Corydoras are assigned either a C or a CW alphanumerical code, similar to the L-numbers assigned to loricariid cats. Despite often being viewed as solitary bottom-feeders, Corydoras cats are schooling fish with important dietary needs, as explained by TFH Contributing Editor Joshua Wiegert in our new column, “Bottom of the Tank.”

Photo credit: Andrzej Zabawski



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Tip of the Month:

Use TWO nets to catch a fish in your aquarium. Use one net to drive the fish into the other. This saves wear and tear on you, the fish, and the tank.

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