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Issue #706 January 2015

Feature Articles

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An Amazon Adventure (Full Article)
   We arrived at the Acarí ...
Author: Johnny Jensen
10 Fish That Every Hobbyist Should Try (Full Article)
There’s an occupational hazard of sorts ...
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
An Insight into the Banggai Cardinalfish
A marine biologist profiles the Banggai ...
Author: Francesco Ricciardi
Reef-Friendly Triggerfish (Full Article)
“A triggerfish in a reef tank? Are you ...
Author: Scott W. Michael
Safer Substitutes for Challenging Saltwater Species
An expert marine fishkeeper offers some ...
Author: Jeff Kurtz


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Import Report
A fish importer profiles six fascinating and ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Ask Jack
Discus expert Jack Wattley answers questions ...
Author: Jack Wattley
Cichlid World
A cichlid fanatic offers fascinating tips ...
Author: Ted Judy
Quest for the African Arowana—And Some Great West African Fish Along the Way
An intrepid world traveler goes on an ...
Author: Lawrence Kent
The Planted Tank
Plant-keeping expert Amanda Wenger explains ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
The Salt Mix
A renowned marine aquarist discusses the ...
Author: James Fatherree, Msc

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January 2015 
About the Cover

To celebrate the winners of the 14th annual International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, this month’s cover features a view of an aquarium designed by Takashi Amano for the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo’s Skytree Town, a modern commercial center in the Sumida District of Tokyo, Japan that opened in 2012. The over 13½-foot (4-meter), lushly planted tank features a variety of fish including altum angels (Pterophyllum altum) and dwarf neon rainbowfish (Melanotaenia praecox), as well as a wide variety of plants and invertebrate life that help lend this superbly aquascaped creation a bright, shimmering vibrancy. 


Photograph by Takashi Amano


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Tip of the Month:

That mudskippers, those amphibious gobies that scurry around on the shore and climb mangrove roots to get insects, cannot breathe air? They carry water in a pouch around their gills, keeping those organs wet, so they can continue to extract oxygen---sort of "wet-dry gills"!

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