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Issue #705 December 2014

Feature Articles

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10 Tips for Better Guppy-keeping
While they may look flashier than ever, ...
Author: Bob Fenner
6 Basic Mistakes of the Novice Aquarist (Full Article)
I’ve been involved in the freshwater ...
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
Beauties of the Red Sea (Full Article)
The diversity of marine life at Sharm el ...
Author: John Robertson
Book Excerpt: The 101 Best Nano-Reef Species
This brief look at the latest installment in ...
Author: Scott W. Michael
Bubble-tip Anemone Basics
A longtime reefkeeper and aquatics expert ...
Author: Richard Aspinall
Corydoras in Miniature (Full Article)
Corydoras catfishes are undoubtedly the most ...
Author: Mike Hellweg
Undergrowth Planting in the Iwagumi Layout
This month the master of the Nature Aquarium ...
Author: Takashi Amano


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Ask Jack
Jack answers readers’ questions about ...
Author: Jack Wattley
Cichlid World
A longtime fish hobbyist recalls his many ...
Author: Eric Hanneman
Import Report
Oliver showcases six unique and fascinating ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Into the Labyrinth
The expert aquarist profiles the wildly ...
Author: Mark Denaro
The Planted Tank
Amanda discusses how finding an accurate moss ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
The Salt Mix
A reef-keeping expert presents part 2 on ...
Author: James Fatherree, Msc

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December 2014
About the Cover

Fancy guppies, such as this month’s glamorous cover fish, appear in a vast array of colors, patterns, and finnages due to a long history of selective breeding in the hobby to develop and fix those traits. Peaceful and omnivorous, guppies are social schooling fish that are best kept in a ratio of several females for every one male, and they are relatively easy to keep given the right conditions. As Bob Fenner explains in this issue’s “10 Tips for Better Guppy-keeping,” recent challenges in the health of imported stock mean that fishkeepers just have to go a little bit further in optimizing their setups to ensure their guppies have the best chance at the longest and happiest lives possible.


Photograph by SOMMAI/Shutterstock

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Tip of the Month:

That some fish, like snakeheads of the genus Channa, can drown? Some species are so dependent on breathing air to supplement their gill respiration that if they are prevented from reaching the surface of the water, they will die from lack of oxygen.

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