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Issue #702 September 2014

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

Danio albolineatus: a Classic Community Fish for the Home Aquarium (Full Article)
   Danio albolineatus is a widely ...
Author: Seth Gibson
A Vibrant Iwagumi Layout Using Water Lawn and Willow Moss
The master of the Nature Aquarium describes ...
Author: Takashi Amano
A Danish aquarist, photographer, and sport ...
Author: Johnny Jensen
Blowin’ in the Wind: The Leaf Scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus)
An expert marine fishkeeper profiles one of ...
Author: Bob Fenner
Fish Eyes: Miracles of Underwater Vision
A marine biologist explains the hows and whys ...
Author: Francesco Ricciardi
Rays in the Home Aquarium (Full Article)
   While rays are not for every ...
Author: Scott W. Michael
The Long-Eared Sunfish (Lepomis megalotis): A Changeup for Cichlid Lovers
A seasoned cichlid enthusiast presents his ...
Author: Richard Stratton
Vivid Yellows and Gorgeous Golds (Full Article)
   There is something wonderful ...
Author: Richard Aspinall


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A Look at the Basslets
Saltwater expert James Fatherree addresses ...
Author: James Fatherree
Aquatic Lawn Care, Part One: Carpet-Planting Techniques
Aquatic plants enthusiast and President of ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
Ask Jack
This month, Jack answers questions about ...
Author: Jack Wattley
Import Report
A fish importer introduces six exciting new ...
Author: Oliver Lucanus
Paradise Found: The Paradisefish (Macropodus opercularis)
This month's Into the Labyrinth is a profile ...
Author: Mark Denaro
Serendipity, Thy Name is the Blue Freckle
Livebearer breeder Charles Clapsaddle ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
Why Are Lake Malawi Cichlids So Incredibly Colorful?
In this installment of Cichlid World, Ted ...
Author: Ted Judy

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September 2014 Cover
About the Cover

The bluespotted ribbontail stingray (Taeniura lymma) on this month’s cover is one of the whiptail stingrays of the family Dasyatidae, members of which have a large spine (or spines) on their tails that can deliver a venomous defensive sting if provoked. Some whiptail rays make interesting aquarium specimens given a proper (read: very large) tank with a soft sand bottom, minimal rockwork, and peaceful tankmates. Unfortunately, for all its good looks T. lymma is one of the more difficult rays to keep, as it is reluctant to accept feedings in captivity and often never makes the adjustment to life in an aquarium. Read about these intriguing animals and their elasmobranch brethren this month in Scott Michael’s “Rays in the Home Aquarium” (p. 52). Photograph by Adrian Kaye/Shutterstock.

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Tip of the Month:

The leftovers at the bottom of a package of freeze-dried krill or plankton not only make great fry food, the can be used to "season" other foods to make them more palatable to your fish. Just put them in with the other food, shake, and in a day or so the odor/flavor will have permeated. It's not just dust...don't throw it out!

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