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Issue #697 May 2014

Feature Articles

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Amazing Anableps
A fishkeeper with a taste for the ...
Author: John Mangan
An Iwagumi Layout Featuring Sansui Stones
The master aquascaper describes how to ...
Author: Takashi Amano
Livebearers—More than Just the “Big Four” (Full Article)
   When most fishkeepers hear the ...
Author: Mike Hellweg
Marine Aquarium Basics, Part 10: Stocking Invertebrates (Full Article)
   In last month’s ...
Author: Philip Hunt
Temples, Labyrinths, and Ditches: Collecting Tropical Fish in Cambodia (Full Article)
   Cambodia is a small country in ...
Author: Lawrence Kent
The Mystery of the Mangrove Molly
An explorer and poeciliid collector shares ...
Author: Ronny Lundkvist
Wild Guide to the Reef: The Lyretail Anthias (Pseudanthias squamipinnis)
A reef aficionado discusses the beautiful sea ...
Author: Richard Aspinall


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A Look at the Cleaner Fishes
Marine aquarist James W. Fatherree explains ...
Author: James W. Fatherree
Anabantoid Care and Breeding Basics
This month's Into the Labyrinth features the ...
Author: Mark Denaro
Cardinalfishes for Small Marine Aquariums
Marine fishkeeper Bob Fenner details which ...
Author: Bob Fenner
Dwarf Cichlids: Go Big or Go Small?
In this month's installment of Cichlid World, ...
Author: Ted Judy
Ferns, Ferns, Ferns!
This month's Planted Tank focuses on ferns ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
Raising Healthy Discus Fry, Part 3: Feeding the Fry
The third and final installment of Jack ...
Author: Jack Wattley
The Largespring Gambusia
Livebearer enthusiast Charles Clapsaddle ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle

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May 2014 Cover
About the Cover

The fishes known as livebearers run the gamut, from the utilitarian (if somewhat drab) little Gambusia species once widely stocked in ditches and ponds across the globe for mosquito control—often with disastrous results for the native fauna—to fancy ornamentals line-bred for bright colors and showy finnage, like the sailfin molly displaying its finery on this month’s cover. Livebearers have long been popular in the aquarium hobby for their attractive looks, favorable temperaments, and ease of breeding, and this month our coverage of everything aquatic includes a look at several of the livebearers that regularly make an appearance in the aquarium hobby. Photograph by Iliuta Goean/Shutterstock

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Tip of the Month:

Need some micro foods for an unexpected batch of fry? Dump the floss from a dirty filter into the fry tank! The babies will graze on the numerous microorganisms and tiny particles of detritus.

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