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Issue #698 June 2014

Feature Articles

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A Fish with "Piscinality": Fundulopanthax gardneri (Full Article)
   Over the years, I've worked with ...
Author: Mike Hellweg
A U-Shaped Layout with Different-Colored Stem Plants
The master aquascaper describes how to plant ...
Author: Takashi Amano
A Visit to the New England Aquarium
A world traveler and seasoned public aquarium ...
Author: Iggy Tavares
Mangroves in the Wild and in the Home Aquarium (Full Article)
   Salt water presents many ...
Author: Richard Aspinall
Marine Aquarium Basics, Part 11: Aquarium Maintenance
In the penultimate installment of his 12-part ...
Author: Philip Hunt
The Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center
A look inside the work being done by the ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
Top 10 Barbs for the Community Aquarium (Full Article)
   When the topic of barbs comes up ...
Author: Mark Denaro


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Ask Jack
Renowned discus breeder Jack Wattley answers ...
Author: Jack Wattley
Import Report
This installment of Import Report explores ...
Author: Mike Tuccinardi
Invasive Aquatics
This month's Planted Tank features those ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
Keeping Grammas and Roundheads in Small Marine Aquariums
This month, Bob Fenner discusses the ...
Author: Bob Fenner
That Satanoperca Sparkle!
Cichlid enthusiast Eric Hanneman discusses ...
Author: Eric Hanneman
The Blue Opal Platy: Serendipity in Breeding
Longtime livebearer keeper Charles Clapsaddle ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
The Placement of Giant Clams in Aquaria
Expert marine aquarist James Fatherree ...
Author: James Fatherree

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June 2014 Cover
About the Cover

The rosy barbs (Pethia conchonius) gracing this month’s cover take a place of honor in Mark Denaro’s “Top 10 Barbs for the Community Aquarium.” A longtime fishkeeper’s favorite, wild-type males sport a red coloration—which becomes even deeper in hue when they are in a spawning mood—and they are noted for their love of grazing on the dreaded black brush (aka black beard) algae, so they’re as helpful as they are attractive. Hardy and undemanding, they thrive in subtropical temperatures, making them a good choice for seasonal outdoor barrel gardens. In the aquarium, dark gravel and a heavily planted tank really help to make their colors “pop.” Photograph by Ed Wong

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Tip of the Month:

That some fish, like snakeheads of the genus Channa, can drown? Some species are so dependent on breathing air to supplement their gill respiration that if they are prevented from reaching the surface of the water, they will die from lack of oxygen.

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