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Issue #695 March 2014

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

An Iwagumi layout with Radially Arranged Stones (Full Article)
Various iwagumi layouts have been produced in ...
Author: Takashi Amano, translated by Tomoko Schum
Badis ferrarisi: A Gem from the Family Badidae
A fishkeeper recounts the gift of a rare fish ...
Author: Stefan van der Voort
Coral Reef Restoration in Pemuteran: the Biorock® Project (Full Article
Coral reefs face myriad threats worldwide, ...
Author: Francesco Ricciardi
Marine Aquarium Basics Part 8: Maintaining Water Quality
A marine fishkeeping expert continues his ...
Author: Phil Hunt
Octopuses, Puffers, and More on the Red Sea Reef
While vacationing at a resort in Egypt, this ...
Author: John Robertson
Searching for Rare Cichlids in Lake Victoria
While vacationing with his family, a seasoned ...
Author: Miguel A. Gòmez-Garza
The Genus Boraras: Miniature Jewels (Full Article)
In the past decade, the aquarium hobby has ...
Author: Mike Hellweg


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Corals of the Genus Galaxea
In the March 2014 "The Salt ...
Author: James Fatherree
Guenther’s Cichlid: Chromidotilapia guntheri guntheri
Ted Judy profiles the Guenther's cichlid ...
Author: Ted Judy
Hawkfishes for Smaller Marine Aquariums
In this Going Nano column, Bob Fenner ...
Author: Bob Fenner
Raising Healthy Discus Fry Artificially, Part 1
In the March entry of Ask Jack, famed discus ...
Author: Jack Wattley
The Betta dimidiata Group
This Into the Labyrinth piece focus on the ...
Author: Mark Denaro
The Foliage Spectrum: Yellows and Golds
This month's planted tank explores how you ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
The Porthole Livebearer (Poeciliopsis gracilis)
Experienced breeder Charles Clapsaddle ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle

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March 2014 Cover
About the Cover

The alien-looking red octopus invading this month’s cover is a remarkable and fascinating animal. A mollusk (more specifically, a cephalopod), the octopus has remarkable shape-, color-, and texture-changing abilities that allow it to instantly blend into its surroundings, rendering it all but invisible to unwanted intruders in its habitat. This month, snorkeler and fish fanatic John Robertson recalls a seemingly smitten octopus pair he encountered (along with various puffers, eels, butterflies, and squirrelfish) while snorkeling in Egypt’s Red Sea (p. 68). Photograph by Rich Carey/Shutterstock  

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Tip of the Month:

That most fish like bananas? Seeds and fruits make up a good portion of the diet of many popular aquarium fishes, but even fish that would never see a banana in their native habitat will probably enjoy eating one. Try a small portion of mashed banana, and see if your fish don't go ape over it!

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