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Issue #694 January 2014

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Ocean
In the ocean, it is not only the macro-life ...
Author: Markus Roth
Adventures in the Rediscovery of the Legendary Nothobranchius brieni
To find fish that are lost to the hobby, you ...
Author: Béla Nagy
Creating an Aquascape with an Iwagumi Layout
In the Nature Aquarium, you can create a ...
Author: Takashi Amano
Dietary Discovery May be Key to Keeping the Pinnatus Batfish (Full Article)
Over the last few years, some major ...
Author: Bill Rosser
Experiences with Nanochromis transvestitus (Full Article)
When Stewart and Robert collected Nanochromis ...
Author: José María Cid Ruiz
Gouramis for the Community Aquarium, Part 1: Dwarf Gouramis (Full Article)
Without a doubt, gouramis are remarkable ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
Marine Aquarium Basics Part 6: Mechanical and Chemical Filtration
Mechanical and chemical filtration are ...
Author: Philip Hunt


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Challenging Chocolate Gouramis
The chocolate gouramis are beautiful, but ...
Author: Mark Denaro
Crustaceans for the Nano Tank, Part 1: Crabs, Lobsters, and Mantis Shrimp
Ever wonder which crustaceans to add to your ...
Author: Bob Fenner
Planting from the Bottom Up: Substrate
Planted tank enthusiast, Amanda Wenger, ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
Rhinecanthus and Sufflamen Triggerfishes
Triggerfish can be troublesome, but they are ...
Author: James Fatherree
The Krib from Moliwe
In this month's Cichlid World, Ted Judy ...
Author: Ted Judy
Xiphophorus mayae
The Xiphophorus mayae, which has no common ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle

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January 2014 Cover
About the Cover

The planted aquascapes of Takashi Amano represent the intersection of art and aquarium keeping, intricately planned and executed according to his expert photographer’s eye, while surrendering to the beautiful chaos of nature and the passing of time—a revered concept known as wabi-sabi in his native Japan. The artfully arranged substrate and hardscape, lush plant life, and carefully curated livestock of Mr. Amano’s Nature Aquarium layouts have inspired a generation of planted aquarium keepers worldwide, and this month we are proud to present the top 12 winners of his annual International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. Photograph by Takashi Amano

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Tip of the Month:

That most fish like bananas? Seeds and fruits make up a good portion of the diet of many popular aquarium fishes, but even fish that would never see a banana in their native habitat will probably enjoy eating one. Try a small portion of mashed banana, and see if your fish don't go ape over it!

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