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Issue #692 November 2013

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

A Planted Layout with an Enhanced Sense of Depth
In an aquarium, it can be difficult to create ...
Author: Takashi Amano
Big Little Fish
Staples of the hobby, convicts are ...
Author: Mike Hellweg
Book Excerpt: Your First Aquarium(Full Article)
Planning Your Collection The very first fish ...
Author: Jay Hemdal
Breeding Cactus Plecos (Full Article)
The cactus plecos, species of the genus ...
Author: Daniel Konn-Vetterlein
Marine Aquarium Basics (Full Article)
In a previous part of this series, we talked ...
Author: Philip Hunt
Sharing Our Oceans
The aquarium and dive industries both utilize ...
Author: Alex Rose
The Struggle for Survival in Juvenile Marine Fish
Growing up in the ocean realm is a ...
Author: Francesco Ricciardi


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Adventures in Aquascaping
In this installment of Adventures in ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
Cichlid World
This month, Ted Judy explains why various ...
Author: Ted Judy
Life with Livebearers
In this installment of Life with Livebearers, ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
Planted Tank
This month's Planted Tank discusses the pros ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
The Salt Mix
This month, James Fatheree describes the ...
Author: James W. Fatheree

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November 2013 Cover
About the Cover

One of the most challenging things to learn in the hobby is exactly how many fish your tank can hold. There are many things to take into consideration, including aggressiveness, activity level, and body plan. While the old “inch-a-gallon” rule might work for certain small species, no one guideline is applicable to every potential stocking scheme. That’s why professional aquarist Jay Hemdal provides advice on how to properly stock a tank in this month’s excerpt of his upcoming TFH/Animal Planet book, Your First Aquarium (p. 50).

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Tip of the Month:

The leftovers at the bottom of a package of freeze-dried krill or plankton not only make great fry food, the can be used to "season" other foods to make them more palatable to your fish. Just put them in with the other food, shake, and in a day or so the odor/flavor will have permeated. It's not just dust...don't throw it out!

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