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Issue #693 December 2013

Feature Articles

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A Family Trip to Find Fascinating Fish in Ecuador’s Amazon
A world traveler takes his family on a summer ...
Author: Lawrence Kent
Creating the Impression of Water Flow in an Iwagumi Layout
The Nature Aquarium is intended to impart a ...
Author: Takashi Amano
Marine Aquarium Basics Part 5: Biological Filtration
Having adequate biological filtration is ...
Author: Philip Hunt
Picking the Right Eartheater for your Tank (Full Article)
The eartheaters are a highly variable group ...
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
The Best Wrasses for the Marine Aquarium (Full Article)
Wrasses of the Labridae family make up one of ...
Author: Richard Aspinall
The Red-Tailed Squirrel Loach (Full Article)
Almost exactly 100 years ago, during an ...
Author: Roland Schreiber


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A Look at the Sabellid Worms
This month's Salt Mix investigates sabellid ...
Author: James Fatherree, MSc
Adventures with Inverts: The Pico Riparium Project Part 4 Riparium Maintenance and Solving Stocking in a Low-Tech Tank
Lea Maddocks wraps up her installments of ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
Ask Jack
In this month's "Ask Jack," Jack Wattley ...
Author: Jack Wattley
Cichlids for a 10-Gallon Tank
In this month's Cichlid World, Eric Hanneman ...
Author: Eric Hanneman
Import Report
December's import report introduces six ...
Author: Mike Tuccinardi
Maintaining Fancy Molly Strains
Inspired by a reader's emailed question, ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
Planting the Brackish Tank
In this issue's Planted Tank, planted tank ...
Author: Amanda Wenger

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December 2013 Cover
About the Cover

Discus, considered by many to be the most beautiful freshwater fish in the hobby, have traditionally also been among the most challenging to keep. Luckily, after many generations of captive breeding, discus-keeping is becoming more realistic for an ever-growing number of hobbyists. Resident discus breeder and longtime TFH columnist Jack Wattley is here to help, this month offering advice on keeping these majestic fish in a planted tank, determining if your discus’ activity level is normal, and—for those skillful enough to breed them—offering supplemental foods for their fry (p.16).

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Tip of the Month:

That some fish, like snakeheads of the genus Channa, can drown? Some species are so dependent on breathing air to supplement their gill respiration that if they are prevented from reaching the surface of the water, they will die from lack of oxygen.

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