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Issue #691 October 2013

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

Aplocheilus lineatus: The Giant Of The Asian Panchax Group
The golden dwarf panchax is one of the most ...
Author: Tony Pinto
Breeding the Angolan Barb (Barbus fasciolatus) (Full Article)
Tweet The Angolan barb (Barbus ...
Author: Roland Schreiber
Freshwater Prawns (Full Article)
Tweet At a local auction, I encountered ...
Author: Amanda Wenger
Gobies for the Freshwater and Brackish Tank (Full Article)
Tweet   (function(d, s, id) ...
Author: Joshua Wiegert
Marine Aquarium Basics, Part 3: Water Movement
A critical component of keeping marine ...
Author: Philip Hunt
New Ideas for a Planted Layout
Nature Aquariums are typically based on ...
Author: New Ideas for a Layout
The Custom Tree-Trunk Aquarium
One place you would not expect to find a ...
Author: Nic Tiemens


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Adventures with Inverts: The Pico Riparium Project Part 2, Riparium Planters
The author completes some submerged ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
Blennies for Small Marine Aquariums
When it comes to small systems, some of the ...
Author: Bob Fenner
Import Report
An importer covers some of the newest species ...
Author: Mike Tuccinardi
The Many Flavors of Cichlids
The author remains amazed at how all the ...
Author: Eric Hanneman
The Swamp Guppy (Micropoecilia picta)
This month, the author about an interesting ...
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
Under the Not-Quite-Sea: Freshwater Snorkeling
The word “snorkeling” most often ...
Author: Amanda Wenger

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October 2013 Cover
About the Cover

Choosing fish for a nano setup comes with its own set of unique challenges. The fish must be small, relatively peaceful with other fish or invert companions, and not overly active. Blennies, such as the charismatic little tube blenny peeking out from his coral burrow on our cover, meet all of these criteria and, as a bonus, are colorful and full of personality. Learn about the best blennies for your nano reef in this month’s installment of “Going Nano” (p. 38). Photograph by Luiz A. Rocha/Shutterstock

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Tip of the Month:

Use TWO nets to catch a fish in your aquarium. Use one net to drive the fish into the other. This saves wear and tear on you, the fish, and the tank.

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