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Issue #680 November 2012

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

AMANO T 1112 A Layout with a Combination of Driftwood and Stones
Author: Takashi Amano
DEVL T 1112 A Visit to Segrest Farms
Author: Mo Devlin
PURS T 1112 Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Singin’ the Blues (Full Article)
As I described in a previous article, my ...
Author: Phil Purser
ZUPO T 1112 Ozone vs. Ultraviolet: Comparing Two Common Sterilization Techniques (Full Article)
There are two very powerful natural ...
Author: Valerio Zupo
MADD T 1112 Setting Up a Successful Low-Tech Planted Tank like a Pro, Part 1: The Basics (Full Article)
Many new hobbyists transition from keeping ...
Author: Lea Maddocks
ASPI T 1112 Snails for the Reef Tank: Not Just for Cleaning Up
Author: Richard Aspinall
PINE T 1112 The Executive’s Planted Aquarium
Author: Joe Pineda


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AJ T 1112 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
GN T 1112 Brandon Costello's 12-Gallon Planted Nano
Author: Shari Horowitz
ITL T 1112 Combtails of the Genus Belontia
Author: Mark Denaro
TSM T 1112 Five of my Favorite Fishes for the Reef Aquarium
Author: James Fatherree
PT T 1112 Growing Emersed Aquatic Plants, Part 2: Choosing Emersed Plants
Author: Amanda Wenger
LWL T 1112 Live Foods for Livebearers: Moina
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
CICH T 1112 The Giant Krib (Pelvichachromis sacrimontis)
Author: Ted Judy

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COVER T 1112

About the Cover

Who can help but fall in love with the beauty of a lush green planted tank? Whether it is the elegant style of Takashi Amano’s Nature Aquariums (p. 56), a simple nano setup bursting with green (p. 46), or even an underwater garden designed for an executive’s office (p. 70), there is a planted aquarium to suit almost anyone’s taste. Even if you’re an aquatic-plant novice, this month we feature tips on aquascaping like a pro (p. 62). In this special issue we celebrate the art of the planted tank, and we hope it will inspire you to do some aquatic gardening of your own! Photograph by Takashi Amano

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Species Profiles

FOM T 0112 Black molly
Describer: N/A

Tip of the Month:

Never rely on a single thermometer, hydrometer, test kit, or any other tool of measurement. All such devices can be out of calibration. By comparing two or more, you can be sure you are getting accurate readings.

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