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Issue #674 May 2012

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

HARG T 0512 Breeding the Blue Dwarf (Badis badis) (Full Article)
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Author: Maddy Hargrove
TAVA T 0512 Legacy High School’s Marine Aquarium Project
Author: Iggy Tavares
ALLE T 0512 Magnificent Mollies (Full Article)
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Author: Bill Allen
HORO T 0512 Making a Splash: Animal Planet’s Tanked Gets a Second Season
Author: Shari Horowitz
SUNG T 0512 The Exotic Fishes of Burma: Introducing the Doctor Fishes
Author: Soe Nyunt Tun and Stan Sung
HELL T 0512 The Genus Characodon
Author: Mike Hellweg
JACK T 0512 The Top 5 Marine Fish for Beginners (and 5 Species to Avoid) (Full Article)
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Author: Edward Adam Jackson
AMANO T 0512 Using the Characteristics of Driftwood to Create a Natural Feel in a Layout
Author: Takashi Amano


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AJ T 0512 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
CICH T 0512 Breeding Cichlids, Part 3: Rearing Fry
Author: Ted Judy
PT T 0512 Helanthium
Author: Rhonda Wilson
IR T 0512 Import Report
Author: Robert Hudson
TSM T 0512 Lobsters in the Marine Aquarium
Author: James Fatherree
AIA T 0512 Mr. Saltwater Tank's 253-Gallon Reef Challenge
Author: Mark Callahan
LWL T 0512 The Dusky Goodea (Goodea gracilis)
Author: Charles Clapsaddle

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COVER T 0512

About the Cover

Mollies have been a staple in the hobby since its origins. When given the right conditions—including hard fresh, brackish, or marine water and plenty of space—they have been proven to be hardy charges that will readily breed in an aquarium. Coming in vibrant colors, such as sunburst and 24-carat gold, and having fantastic finnage (such as the sail-fin molly gracing our cover), mollies are now available in a great number of varieties to suit anyone’s taste. Livebearer expert Bill Allen reviews the multitude of fancy mollies in the hobby today (p. 66). Photograph by MP. & C. Piednoir

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Species Profiles

FOM T 0112 Black molly
Describer: N/A

Tip of the Month:

That while most fish are either freshwater or marine, with a small number of species regularly inhabiting brackish estuarine habitats, a few fishes are at home in water of any salinity, including hypersaline - saltier than seawater! Some of these species, like the bull shark Carcharhinus leucas, are not potential aquarium specimens, but the group includes the popular sailfin molly Poecilla spp. and the much underappreciated native American sheepshead minnow Cyprinodon variegatus. These can be kept under fresh, brackish, or marine conditions.

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