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Issue #670 January 2012

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

FENN T 0112 A Cool Fish in More Than One Sense: The Blue-Spotted Jawfish Opistognathus rosenblatti (Full Article)
Due to the relative age of the marine ...
Author: Bob Fenner
HARG T 0112 Amazing Angelfish (Full Article)
I for one have always believed that angelfish ...
Author: Maddy Hargrove
AMANO T 0112 Expressing a Sense of Depth Using Ryuoh Stones and Stem Plants
Author: Takashi Amano
ROSS T 0112 Fahaka Puffers
Author: Bill Rosser
0001-11720 International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2011 (Full Article)
Grand Prize World Ranking #1 Long Tran ...
Author: ADA
DENA T 0112 Nano Fish: The Best Choices for 5-Gallon and Under Tanks
Author: Mark Denaro
CONN T 0112 Retailer Spotlight: Tropiquarium in Ocean, New Jersey
Author: Albert Connelly, Jr.


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AIA T 0112 A 90-Gallon In-Wall Reef Aquarium, Part 1
Author: Ben Johnson
TR T 0112 Angels of the Caribbean
Author: James Fatherree
AJ T 0112 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
LIVE T 0112 Group Breeding
Author: Charles Clapsaddle
CICH T 0112 Spawning Cichlids, Part 1: Natural Act, Unnatural Setting
Author: Ted Judy
PT T 0112 The Challenges of a Tall Planted Aquarium
Author: Rhonda Wilson
LABY T 0112 Three-Spots
Author: Mark Denaro

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COVER T 0112

About the Cover

The Nature Aquarium, with its elegant beauty, has served as a source of inspiration for countless hobbyists. Its creator, master aquascaper Takashi Amano, has perfected the art of making gorgeous layouts and continually offers new methods of design to keep things fresh. In the innovative layout on the cover, Mr. Amano shows a way to combine rocks and stem plants in his signature iwagumi layout in order to create a sense of depth without an awkward feeling (p. 54).
Photograph by Takashi Amano

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Species Profiles

FOM T 0112 Black molly
Describer: N/A

Tip of the Month:

Plug your filter and heater into a power strip separate from your lights. Then, when you go to drain the tank to change water, you can shut off the filter and heater, preventing damage due to low water, but still have the lights to see to properly vacuum the gravel.

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