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Issue #668 November 2011

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

PISO T 1111 Aquaponics in Costa Rica: Collecting for the Classroom Biotope
Author: Zachary A. Piso
MITRA T 1111 Aquarama 2011
Author: Abhijit Mitra
MADHU T 1111 Aquarium Science: Captive Breeding of Tomato Clownfish Amphiprion frenatus
Author: Kochi Madhu, Rema Madhu, Grace Mathew, and T. Retheesh
KENT T 1111 Catching Fish in the Kafue River
Author: Lawrence Kent
AMANO T 1111 Expressing Depth Using Open Space and Driftwood
Author: Takashi Amano
MASL T 1111 Keyhole Cichlids
Author: Arthur Masloski
DENA T 1111 Royal Plecos (Full Article)
The genus Panaque includes a number of ...
Author: Mark Denaro
JACK T 1111 The Atlantic Chalk Bass Serranus tortugarum (Full Article)
The end of 2010 marked my tenth year in the ...
Author: Edward A. Jackson
THURS T 1111 The Six-Barred Distichodus (Full Article)
When I was a young aquarist back in the ...
Author: Kevin Thurston


Available exclusively to TFH Magazine subscribers (print and digital)

GN T 1111 A South American Planted Nano
Author: Bob Fenner
AIA T 1111 An Aquascaping Challenge: A Layout for Fancy Goldfish, Part 1
Author: Jeff Senske
AJ T 1111 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
CICH T 1111 Cichlids and Swords
Author: Ted Judy
IR T 1111 Import Report
Author: Mark Denaro
PT T 1111 Personalizing the Planted Tank
Author: Rhonda Wilson
TR T 1111 Quarantine, or Else!
Author: James Fatherree, MsC

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COVER T 1111

About the Cover

The majestic fish on our cover this month is one of the aptly named royal plecos, specifically the Peruvian green royal pleco Panaque titan, also known as L418. The genus Panaque contains some of the most beautiful and sought-after pleco species, and while they are not for an average community aquarium, many people are willing to set up a 6-foot or larger tank to be able to keep these large, regal, wood-eating catfish. Read Mark Denaro’s “Royal Plecos” (p. 66) to learn all about these fish and their requirements.

photograph by Leighton Lum

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Species Profiles

FOM T 1111 Arothron nigropunctatus
Describer: (BLOCH & SCHNEIDER 1801)

Tip of the Month:

Unless you have very soft water, you will eventually have to deal with "lime" buildup. When water evaporates, dissolved minerals are left behind as a white film or crust. A razor blade can remove much of the deposit, but this will scratch plastic badly. An easier and dust-free method for glass, plastic, or any other surface is to use a scrubbing pad dampened with household vinegar. The dilute acid quickly dissolves the minerals, and a thorough rinse removes any remaining vinegar.

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