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Issue #664 July 2011

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

MCDA T 0711 A Freshwater Aquarist’s Guide to Marine Aquariums (Full Article)
Most of us in the marine hobby started out ...
Author: Jim McDavid
HARG T 0711 A Whole New World: Scuba Diving for Aquarists
Author: Maddy Hargrove
GOLD T 0711 Avoiding Six Common Myths of Fishkeeping
Author: Howard Goldstein
DEVL T 0711 Cichlid Camera Magic (Full Article)
I am a cichlid voyeur who spends countless ...
Author: Mo Devlin
JUDY T 0711 Collecting Pelvicachromis Species in Cameroon (Full Article)
The cichlid genus Pelvicachromis is one of ...
Author: Ted Judy
HELL T 0711 Honduran Red Points
Author: Mike Hellweg
OBIT T 0711 The Photography of Aaron Norman (1929-2011)
Author: Albert Connelly, Jr.
DUNL T 0711 The Pinstripe Apisto Apistogramma sp. “Nadelstreifen”
Author: Colin Dunlop
DENA T 0711 Top 10 Colorful Tetras for the Community Tank
Author: Mark Denaro
AMANO T 0711 Varying Characteristics of Layout Materials in the Nature Aquarium, Part 1: Rocks
Author: Takashi Amano


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GN T 0711 35-Gallon Nano Commercial Setup
Expert reefer Bob Fenner profiles a ...
Author: Bob Fenner
AIA T 0711 A 45-Gallon Paludarium for Freshwater Crabs, Part 3
Author: Bill Brissette
CICH T 0711 Are There Really Two Cyphotilapia Species in Lake Tanganyika?
Author: Ad Konings
AJ T 0711 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
IR T 0711 Import Report
Author: Mark Denaro
TR T 0711 Keeping Algae in Check
Author: James Fatherree
PT T 0711 Same Plant, Different Look
Author: Rhonda Wilson

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COVER T 0711

About the Cover

Up close and personal, that's the stunning photography of cichlid enthusiast Mo Devlin. This Nandopsis haitiensis is as tough as he looks-nicknamed the black nasty, this fish is not for squeamish hobbyists! More than a foot long and with a truly nasty attitude, this cichlid is well worth the trouble, at least for many "cichlidiots," like those attending the American Cichlid Association (ACA) Convention July 21-24, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

photograph by Mo Devlin

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Species Profiles

POM T 0711 Helanthium tenellum
Describer: (BUCHENAU 1869)
FOM T 0711 Halichoeres melanurus
Describer: (BLEEKER 1851)

Tip of the Month:

That some fish, like snakeheads of the genus Channa, can drown? Some species are so dependent on breathing air to supplement their gill respiration that if they are prevented from reaching the surface of the water, they will die from lack of oxygen.

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