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Issue #659 February 2011

Feature Articles

Three select articles will be offered in their entirety each month, available to all visitors.

ZUPO T 0211 A Mediterranean Nano (Full Article)
Tweet (function(d, s, id) { var js, ...
Author: Valerio Zupo
SUNG T 0211 A Panda of a Different Nature (Full Article)
The giant pandas are natural treasures that ...
Author: Stan Sung
Book Excerpt: Tetras and Barbs
Author: Randy Carey
CASA T 0211 Fish Parenting
Author: Marcelo Casacuberta
TAVA T 0211 Hobbyist Profile: Discus in San Francisco with Cliff Young
Author: Iggy Tavares
JACK T 0211 Keeping Up with Nitrate
Whether you are a seasoned fish hobbyist or ...
Author: Sara Jackson
COOP T 0211 The Incomparable Torrentfish
Author: David Cooper
BEDN T 0211 Treating and Preventing Two Cichlid Diseases
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
DUNL T 0211 Triops: Ancient Wonders (Full Article)
Surely I can’t be the only one who fell ...
Author: Colin Dunlop
Using Driftwood and Rocks to Create a Sense of Depth
Author: Takashi Amano


Available exclusively to TFH Magazine subscribers (print and digital)

AJ T 0211 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
IR T 0211 Import Report
Author: Mark Denaro
GN T 0211 Ivan Voznenko's 30-Gallon Unusual Planted Nano
Author: Mike Maddox
CICH T 0211 Not Your Typical Rift Lake Cichlids
Author: Ted Judy
AIA T 0211 Roger’s Reef: A Custom 250-Gallon Living Coral Reef Aquarium, Part 2
Author: Jeff Turner
PT T 0211 Small but Striking: Cryptocoryne parva
Author: Rhonda Wilson
TR T 0211 Two Cool Critters
Author: James Fatherree

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About the Cover

Certain fish species have proved to be especially good for the production of domesticated strains, including several livebearers, angelfish, and discus, like the one on our cover this month. Through hybridization and selective breeding a multitude of discus varieties have been created, with new ones arriving on the market regularly. Read about the history and current status of discus breeding in San Francisco in our feature article about master breeder Cliff Young (p. 100).
Photograph by Andreas Gradin/Shutterstock

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Species Profiles

POM T 0211 Hemianthus (Micranthemum) micranthemoides
Describer: NUTTALL 1817

Tip of the Month:

That the splash tetra Copella arnoldi lays its eggs out of the water! The pair jumps out of the water and lay its eggs on the underside of an overhanging leaf. When spawning is over, the male splashes the eggs periodically to keep them wet. The fry fall into the water when they hatch.

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