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Issue #655 October 2010

Feature Articles

TFH three selected articles, available to all website visitors

BEDN T 1010 A Giant Among Dwarfs: Apistogramma steindachneri
photograph by the author While a large ...
Author: Radek Bednarczuk
DOST T 1010 A Lovely New Import: Marble Crabs Metasesarma obesum (Full Article)
photographs by the author except as ...
Author: Uwe Dost
BOCK T 1010 Amazing Catfish Breeding Strategies
Egg-scatterers, bubblenesters, and ...
Author: Eric Bodrock and Bob Bock
KURTZ T 1010 Book Excerpt: Clownfishes and Other Damselfishes
An exclusive look at the new book from T.F.H. ...
Author: Jeff Kurtz
BLUM T 1010 Catfish!
From monsters larger than a grown man to ...
Author: Andrew Blumhagen
AMANO T 1010 Foreground Variations in the Nature Aquarium
Cosmetic sand can be used in the foreground ...
Author: Takashi Amano
TAVA T 1010 Hobbyist Profile: Thomas Siodmok, a Conservation-Minded Aquarist (Full Article)
Thomas Siodmok from Duisburg in Germany had ...
Author: Iggy Tavares
PURS T 1010 Into the Deep: A Survey of Freshwater Sharks (Full Article)
For as far back as I can remember, I’ve ...
Author: Phil Purser
GOLD T 1010 Kelly Warm Springs: The Tropics of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons
Amid snowcapped mountains, the warm waters of ...
Author: Howard Goldstein
BREED T 1010 The TFH Breeder’s Challenge Part 10
With Mike having a solid lead, has the game ...
Author: Ted Judy and Mike Hellweg


Available exclusively to TFH Magazine subscribers (print and digital)

AIA T 1010 A 40-Gallon Amano-Style Tank, Part 2
Author: Jason Baliban
AJ T 1010 Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
LU T 1010 Breeding Livebearers
Author: Rhonda Wilson
IR T 1010 Import Report
Author: Mark Denaro
TR T 1010 My Soft-Coral Aquarium
Author: James Fatherree, MsC
PT T 1010 Preparing Your Tub Pond and Plants for the Off-Season
Author: Ted Coletti, PhD

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About the Cover

With their eye-catching colors and fascinating behaviors, as well as their general hardiness and relatively small sizes, clownfishes and other damsels are understandably among the most popular of the marine aquarium fishes. Beloved by beginners and experts alike, these attractive and outgoing members of the family Pomecentridae---such as the ever-popular Amphiprion ocellaris on this month's cover---make excellent aquarium specimens if purchased in healthy condition and provided appropriate accommodations, as explained in this month's selected excerpt on choosing and housing pomacentrids from the new T.F.H. Publications book Clownfishes and Other Damselfishes (p. 90).

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Species Profiles

POM T 1010 Ludwigia inclinata
Describer: Gómez 1894
IOM T 10101 Hymenocera picta
Describer: DANA 1852
FOM T 1010 Beaufortia leveretti
Describer: (NICHOLS & POPE 1927)

Tip of the Month:

Unless you have very soft water, you will eventually have to deal with "lime" buildup. When water evaporates, dissolved minerals are left behind as a white film or crust. A razor blade can remove much of the deposit, but this will scratch plastic badly. An easier and dust-free method for glass, plastic, or any other surface is to use a scrubbing pad dampened with household vinegar. The dilute acid quickly dissolves the minerals, and a thorough rinse removes any remaining vinegar.

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