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Issue #654 September 2010

Feature Articles

TFH three selected articles, available to all website visitors

MARI T 0910 Book Excerpt: Lionfishes and Other Scorpionfishes
TFH offers a sneak peak of our upcoming book ...
Author: Frank C. Marini, PhD
WITT T 0910 Breeding Mandarins (Full Article)
  Nearly three years ago I embarked on ...
Author: Matthew L. Wittenrich
AMANO T 0910 Creating an Expressive Foreground in the Nature Aquarium
The aquatic maestro offers techniques to ...
Author: Takashi Amano
DENA T 0910 Gilding the ramirezi: The Many Forms of Ram Cichlids
Ranging from wild-caught to gold, long-fin, ...
Author: Mark Denaro
ZUPO T 0910 Interzoo 2010: The Ultimate Aquarium Show
With everything from the newest high-tech ...
Author: Valerio Zupo, PhD
ROSS T 0910 Keeping the Impossible Ribbons and Bats
The beauty of ribbon eels and the unique ...
Author: Bill Rosser
MADD T 0910 Lighting, Photosynthesis, and Marine Invertebrates (Full Article)
  Many different organisms in the hobby ...
Author: Mike Maddox
BREED T 0910 The TFH Breeder’s Challenge Part 9
Now that Mike has taken a slight lead, it's ...
Author: Ted Judy and Mike Hellweg
LO T 0910 The Little Paradisefish from My Ancestors’ Homeland (Full Article)
  When I was a little boy, my ...
Author: Lo Shiang Huei (Michael Lo)


Available exclusively to TFH Magazine subscribers (print and digital)

AIA T 0910 A 40-Gallon Amano-Style Tank
Author: Jason Baliban
Ask Jack
Author: Jack Wattley
LU T 0910 Guppy Corner: Selecting Breeding Stock from a Batch of Fry
Author: Ted Coletti, PhD
IR T 0910 Import Report
Author: Robert Paul Hudson
CICH T 0910 Moby Cichlid
Author: Wayne Leibel, PhD
PT T 0910 Snails and the Planted Tank
Author: Rhonda Wilson
TR T 0910 The Pulse Corals: Xenia and Anthelia
Author: James Fatherree, MsC

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About the Cover

Mandarinfish, like the perky green mandarin Synchiropus splendidus on this month’s cover, have always been heartbreakers—gorgeous but extremely tough to keep. Thanks to master marine breeder Matt Wittenrich, however, there is now a protocol for their commercial production, and today four species of captive-bred mandarins are available in the hobby. Just as beautiful, just as desirable, but now tank raised—and they eat standard fish foods! Read all about this remarkable triumph for the marine aquarium hobby on p.74.

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Species Profiles

IOM T 0910 Phyllidia varicosa
Describer: LAMARCK 1801
POM T 0910 Cryptocoryne wendtii
Describer: de Wit 1958
FOM T 0910 Arothron meleagris
Describer: (LACEPÈDE 1798)

Tip of the Month:

That mudskippers, those amphibious gobies that scurry around on the shore and climb mangrove roots to get insects, cannot breathe air? They carry water in a pouch around their gills, keeping those organs wet, so they can continue to extract oxygen---sort of "wet-dry gills"!

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