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Aquarium Science


Aquatic Gardening

A Method for Using Less-Attractive Driftwood  January
Algae in the Planted Tank (The Planted Tank) February
An Elegant 5.5-Gallon Nano: Part 1, Preplanning (Adventures in Aquascaping) January
An Elegant 5.5-Gallon Nano: Part 2, Developing the Layout (Adventures in Aquascaping) February
An Elegant 5.5-gallon Nano: Part 3, Using the Wabi-Sabi Technique (Adventures in Aquascaping) March
An Elegant 5.5 Gallon Nano, Part 4: Completing the Nano (Adventures in Aquascaping) April
Back to the Basics (with Some New Flavor): Vallisneria March
Creating an Uzan-seki Stone Layout That Can Be Enjoyed for a Long Time February
Designing a Mountain Scene Iwagumi Layout for Long-Term Enjoyment April
Exciting New Bornean Aroids (The Planted Tank) January
Plants That Bite Back: Carnivores for Your Aquascape March
Salvaging for the Planted Tank (The Planted Tank) April
Using Layout Materials to Simplify the Maintenance of the Nature Aquarium March


Book Excerpt: Breeding & Raising Angelfishes  February
The Brunei Beauty, Part 2: Breeding (Into the Labyrinth) April


 Sticks and Stones: My Adventures in Raising Stick Catfish  April


Cichlid Gender Bender (Cichlid World) March
Cichlids of Lake Malawi (Cichlid World) February
Heichromis lifalili: A Long-Lasting Case of Mistaken Identity (Cichlid World) January
The Current State of North American Cichlids: The Rio Grande Cichlid (Herichthys cyanoguttatus) (Cichlid World) April
The Cichlids of India March
Trouble-Free Dwarf Cichlids  January


Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Accenting With Black February
Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Going for Gold January
Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Over the Rainbow March
Book Excerpt: Aquatic Turtles January
Easy Tetras for the Beginner Community Tank  January
Expedition to McCauley Spring (Life with Livebearers) January
The Brunei Beauty, Part 1: Background and Basic Care (Into the Labyrinth) March
The Cortes Swordtail (Xiphophorus cortezi) February
The Orange Dwarf Crayfish April
The Reproduction of Dwarf Red Bettas (Into the Labyrinth) January
The South American Silver Arowana February


Making History: How to Describe a New Species   January




A Look at the Great Barrier Reef (The Salt Mix) April
A Look at the Velvet Finger Coral: Montipora digitata (The Salt Mix) February
Architects of the Reef April
Building a Heron Island Biotope, Part 1: Natural HIstory of the Reef  January
Building a Heron Island Biotope, Part 2: Using Species Characteristics to Create a Biotope February
Creating Your Own Live Rock March
On the Money: Keeping Cowries in the Reef Aquarium March
Perfect Angels: The 10 Best Centropyge Angelfish for the Aquarium April
Putting Together Livestock Assortments for Small Systems (Going Nano) March
Snorkeling in the Maldives March
Surgeonfishes of the Genus Zebrasoma (The Salt Mix)  January
Triggerfishes in a Reef Aquarium (The Salt Mix) March



Society News/Events

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2012  February

Travel & Collecting

A Viist to the Long Island Aquarium  February
Collecting with Creek Connection, Part 1: Learning About Local Waterways March
Collecting with Creek Connection, Part 2: Canoeing at French Creek April

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