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Aquarium Science

Aquatic Gardening

A Fish-Friendly Aquatic Plant Layout October
A Layout with a Combination of Driftwood and Stones November
A No-Fuss Planted Aquarium August
A Simple Iwagumi Layout with Uzan-seki Stones August
An Iwagumi Layout Created with Wabi-Kusa July
Brandon Costello's 12-Gallon Planted Nano (Going Nano) November
Combining Hakkai-seki Stones and Driftwood in the Nature Aquarium September
Creatively Rearranging Plants in the Nature Aquarium December
Developing a Layout for Aquatic Plants with Different Growing Speeds February
Enjoying a Layout Longer by Replanting the Background April
Enjoying an Iwagumi Layout for a Long Period of Time March
Evolution in the Hobby (The Planted Tank) June
Expressing a Sense of Depth Using Ryuoh Stones and Stem Plants January
Growing Emersed Aquatic Plants, Part 1: Setting Up (The Planted Tank) October
Growing Emersed Aquatic Plants, Part 2: Choosing Emersed Plants (The Planted Tank) November
Helathium (The Planted Tank) May
Planting for the Large Aquarium (The Planted Tank) December
Setting Up a Successful Low-Tech Planted Tank like a Pro, Part 1: The Basics November
Setting Up a Successful Low-Tech Planted Tank like a Pro, Part 2: Aquascaping and Maintenance December
The Challenges of a Tall Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) January
The Executive's Planted Aquarium November
Top 10 Aquarium Plants (The Planted Tank) September
Trying the Same Things Again (The Planted Tank) February
Using the Characteristics of Driftwood to Create a Natural Feel in a Layout May
Using Unzan-seki Stones to Create a New Impression in the Nature Aquarium June


Breeding the Imperial Tetra April


 Feeding Green: A Concept for All Catfishes September


A Little Cichlid Taxonomy Is Good for You (Cichlid World) October
Apistos: The Ideal Dwarf Cichlids (Cichlid World) June
Breeding Cichlids, Part 3: Rearing Fry (Cichlid World) May
Collecting Cichlids in Panama (Cichlid World) August
Dwarf Cichlids Then and Now (Cichlid World) September
Going Wild (Cichlid World) February
Harpagochromis sp. "Orange Rock Hunter" September
Learning the Hard Way: Preventing Ich in the Aquarium (Cichlid World) April
Myaka myaka: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow July
Paratheraps sp. "Coatzacoalcos" July
Spawning Cichlids, Part 1: Natural Act, Unnatural Setting (Cichlid World) January
The Fairy Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika August
The Fish with the Funny Name (Cichlid World) December
The Giant Krib (Pelvicachromis sacrimontis) (Cichlid World) November
Thorichthys maculipinnis: A Sensational Cichlid from Mexico February
Unexpected Dambas (Cichlid World) July


A New Crab from South Asia: Geosesarma bicolor August
A Walk on the Wild Side December
Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Going Green December
Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Seeing Red October
Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Singin' the Blues November
African Plant-Spawning Killifish June
Amazing Angelfish January
Book Excerpt: Aquarium Care of Livebearers May
Breeding the Blue Dwarf (Badis badis) May
Breeding the Morpho Characin August
Bronze and Bronze Marble Sailfin Mollies (Life with Livebearers) December
Climbing Gouramis (Anabas spp.) (Into the Labyrinth) June
Combtails of the Genus Belontia (Into the Labyrinth) November
Electric Blue Ram March
Going Wabi-Sabi (Going Nano) June
Group Breeding (Life with Livebearers) January
Kissing Gouramis (Into the Labyrinth) April
Let's Make Some Noise: The Trichopsis Gouramis (Into the Labyrinth) September
Live Foods for Livebearers: Gammarus (Life with Livebearers) July
Live Foods for Livebearers: Moina (Life with Livebearers) November
Magnificent Mollies May
Nano Fish: The Best Choices for 5-Gallon and Under Tanks January
One Tough Tetra: Exodon paradoxus February
Pikeheads: The Piscivorous Gouramis (Into the Labyrinth) February
Raising Guppies (Living with Livebearers) August
Recreating the Amazon: Two Catfish Biotope Aquariums April
The Axolotl: A Unique Option for the Aquarium October
The Blue Gambusia (Gambusia punctata) (Life with Livebearers) April
The Blue Panchax: An Uncommon Aquarium Fish October
The Butterfly Barb: A Rewarding Challenge December
The Chinese Vermilion Goby March
The Dusky Goodea (Goodea gracilis) (Live with Livebearers) May
The Exotic Fishes of Burma: Introducing the Doctor Fishes May
The Fundulus of Missouri June
The Latest Buzz: Freshwater Bee Shrimp June
The Genus Characodon May
The Rio Otapa Swordtail (Life with Livebearers) February
The Shortfin Molly (Poecilia mexicana) (Life with Livebearers) October
The Unusual Drape Fin Barb March
Three-Spots (Into the Labyrinth) January
Where Land Meets Sea: Creating a Paludarium February


A Visit to Segrest Farms November
Acclimating Animals to Aquariums, Part 1: Introduction to Techniques March
Acclimating Animals to Aquariums, Part 2: Advanced Acclimation Techniques April
Ammonia: The Silent Killer October
Building a Fishroom, Part 1: Construction September
Building a Fishroom, Part 2: Setup and Maintenance October
Exploring the Oregon Coast Aquarium June
Fish Tank Kings: Living the Dream July
In at the Deep End! The Story of How I Built My Own Public Aquarium in the Philippines October
Making a Splash: Animal Planet's Tanked Gets a Second Season May
Mosquito Larvae June
Mycobacteriosis: How to Identify and Combat a Common Aquarium Disease April
Our 60th Anniversary: Looking Back September
Ozone vs. Ultraviolet: Comparing Two Common Sterilization Techniques November
Retailer Spotlight: The Bowers Boys July
Retailer Spotlight: Tropiquarium in Ocean, New Jersey January
The Importance of Aquarium Water Testing July
The Story of Two 5 1/2-Gallon Tanks (Going Nano) April
To Save a Life: C.A.R.E.S. Preservation Program July
Wyland: Combining Art and Conservation October



A 90-Gallon In-Wall Reef Aquarium, Part 1 (Adventures in Aquascaping) January
A 90-Gallon In-Wall Reef Aquarium, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) February
A 125-Gallon Airplane Hangar Aquariums, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) April
A Cool Fish in More Than One Sense: The Blue-Spotted Jawfish Opistognathus rosenblatti January
A Look at Symbiosis in the Marine Aquarium (The Salt Mix) September
A Look at the Big Wrasses (The Salt Mix) July
A Low-Tech 12-Gallon Nano Reef (Going Nano) September
An Aquarist's Journal: Creating a Nano Reef, Part 1: Setup June
An Aquarist's Journal: Creating a Nano Reef, Part 2: Completion and Stability July
Angels of the Caribbean (The Salt Mix) January
Breathtaking Butterflies February
Dr. Mac's Contribution to the Marine Hobby: The Story of How One Hobbyist Started a Thriving Coral Farming and Retail Business March
Fahaka Puffers January
Five Favorite Fishes for a Large Non-Reef Aquarium (The Salt Mix) December
Five Favorite Invertebrates for Most Any Marine Aquarium (The Salt Mix) October
Five of My Favorite Fishes for the Reef Aquarium (The Salt Mix) November
Great Minds: Keeping Brain Corals in the Reef Aquarium April
Keeping Sexy Shrimp August
Legacy High School's Marine Aquarium Project May
Lobsters in the Marine Aquarium (The Salt Mix) May
Mr. Saltwater Tank's 235-Gallon Reef Challenge (Adventures in Aquascaping) May
Mr. Saltwater Tank's 235-Gallon Reef Challenge, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) June
Mr. Saltwater Tank's 235-Gallon Reef Challenge, Part 3 (Adventures in Aquascaping) July
Mr. Saltwater Tank's 235-Gallon Reef Challenge, Part 4 (Adventures in Aquascaping) August
My 55-Gallon Stony Coral Aquarium (The Salt Mix) June
Oddballs for the Marine Aquarium September
Sea Pens April
Snails for the Reef Tank: Not Just for Cleaning Up November
Spiny Lobsters: Unusual Marine Inverts December
The Bicolor Dwarf Angel September
The Dwarf Lions April
The Longnose Hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus) March
The Naso Tang October
The Powder Blue Tang February
The Rabbitfishes (The Salt Mix) February
The Semicircle Angelfish (The Salt Mix) April
The Top 5 Marine Fish for Beginners (and 5 Species to Avoid) May
Tridacnid Reproduction (and the Lack Thereof) in Aquariums (The Salt Mix) August


An Aquarist's Journal: Starting in the Fishkeeping Hobby August
Golden Garden: Add Koi and Goldfish to Your Pond for a Pop of Color Outside July
Outdoor Pond Basics August

Society News/Events

Dr. Dwight "Subsee" Smith 1924-2011 March
Glenn Takeshita 1936-2012 May
International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2011 January
Interzoo 2012: Not Your Typical Fish Show August

Travel & Collecting

A Family Trip to Find Fascinating Fish in Southeastern Peru July
Aquarium de Paris December
Aquatic Gems of the Deep South February
Collecting in the Congo  March
Father's Day in the Ozarks June
Rwanda's Native Cichlids: A Visit to Lakes Kivu and Rumira December
Snorkeling in the Red Sea September

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