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Aquarium Science

An Empirical Approach to Marine Aquarium Filtration August
Captive Breeding of Tomato Clownfish Amphiprion frenatus November
Restoring Vision to Blind Cave Fish May
The Biomechanics of Fish Color September

Aquatic Gardening

A Bowl or Plants and Killies (The Planted Tank) October
A Guide to Repotting Pond Plants August
Amazing Anubias May
An Introduction to Planted Ripariums December
Anacharis (The Planted Tank) December
Aquascaping with Ryuoh-seki Stones December
Breeding Killies in the Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) June
Bring Your Pond to Life with Tropical Lilies April
Creating a Natural Feel by Combining Undergrowth Plants May
Duckweed (The Planted Tank) March
Expressing a Sense of Depth with Driftwood and Aquatic Plants April
Expressing Depth Using Open Space and Driftwood November
Expressing Perspective Through Aquatic Plant Arrangement September
For the Love of Algae (The Planted Tank) April
Impulse Buying for the Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) January
Moving the Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) September
Personalizing the Planted Tank (The Planted Tank) November
Same Plant, Different Look (The Planted Tank) July
Small but Striking: Cryptocoryne parva February
The Top 10 Hardy Water Lilies May
Unusual and Beautiful Water Nymphs (The Planted Tank) August
Using Aquatic Plants in an Iwagumi to Express a Sense of Depth October
Using Driftwood and Rocks to Create a Sense of Depth February
Using Driftwood to Add Height to a Nature Aquarium Layout June
Using Rocks and Aquatic Plants to Create a Sense of Depth January
Using Rocks to Suggest the Expanse of an Open Area March
Varying Characteristics of Layout Materials in the Nature Aquarium, Part 1: Rocks July
Varying Characteristics of Layout Materials in the Nature Aquarium, Part 2: Driftwood August


Summer Tubbin': Breed Your Fish Outdoors June
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Finale January


Raising Synodontis Cats August
Royal Plecos November


A Cichlid from Arusha National Park, Tanzania August
A South American Cichlid Show Aquarium April
A Survey of Eartheaters September
Are There Really Two Cyphotilapia Species in Lake Tanganyika? (Cichlid World) July
Breeding the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey December
Cichlids and Swords (Cichlid World) November
Cichlid Camera Magic July
Cichlid Survival (Cichlid World) August
Collecting Pelvichachromis Species in Cameroon July
Crenicichla compressiceps: A Miniature Rogue December
Honduran Red Points July
Keyhole Cichlids November
Lessons from Two African Cichlids March
Mean Would Be an Understatement (Cichlid World) June
Meet the Micros (Cichlid World) May
Mikrogeophagus ramirezi: An Odyssey to Their Natural Habitat June
Moving, with Shelldwellers (Cichlid World) January
Not Your Typical Rift Lake Cichlids (Cichlid World) February
Rediscovering Oscars (Cichlid World) September
Popular Central American Cichlids Thorichthys spp. (Cichlid World) October
Supporting the Troops on the Front Lines of Cichlid Conservation April
The Best Dwarf Cichlid for the Beginner May
The Hunt for Vieja melanura (Cichlid World) March
The Perfect Cichlid Parents: Cryptoheros sajica October
The Pinstripe Apisto Apistogramma sp. "Nadelstreifen" July
Treating and Preventing Two Cichlid Diseases February
Tropheus: Often an Obsession (Cichlid World) December


7 Forgotten Livebearers August
A 3-Gallon Pico System (Going Nano) October
A 45-Gallon Paludarium for Freshwater Crabs (Adventures in Aquascaping) May
A 45-Gallon Paludarium for Freshwater Crabs, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) June
A 45-Gallon Paludarium for Freshwater Crabs, Part 3 (Adventures in Aquascaping) July
A 45-Gallon Paludarium for Freshwater Crabs, Part 4 (Adventures in Aquascaping) August
A New Aesthetic: The Creation of a Hardscape-Only Aquascape (Adventures in...) September
A New Aesthetic: The Creation of a Hardscape-Only Aquascape, Part 2 (Adventures in...) October
A Panda of a Different Nature February
A South American Planted Nano (Going Nano) November
An Aquascaping Challenge: A Layout for Fancy Goldfish, Part 1 (Adventures in...) November
An Aquascaping Challenge: A Layout for Fancy Goldfish, Part 2 (Adventures in...) December
Annual Killifish: A Story of Survival June
Book Excerpt: Tetras and Barbs February
Community Fish Cautions December
Crazy Cories! June
Freshwater Crustaceans, Part One: Shrimps April
Freshwater Crustaceans, Part Two: Crayfishes and Crabs May
Fish Parenting February
Getting to Know Your Neighbors: Our Native Fishes March
Good Golly, Miss Molly! Understanding the Molly Aquarium January
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? The Muzquiz Platy April
Hobbyist Profile: Discus in San Francisco with Cliff Young February
Ivan Voznenko's 30-Gallon Unusual Planted Nano (Going Nano) February
Karen Kees' Delightful Kitchen Nano (Going Nano) August
Killies to Keep June
Little Toni Tank (Going Nano) June
Lunar Beauties: Moonlight Gouramis Trichogaster microlepis January
Penguin Tetras March
Pleasant Platies September
Polymorphic Males in Dwarf Xiphophorus (Livebearers Unlimited) April
Splendid Bettas October
The 8th International Discus Championship in Duisburg, Germany (Ask Jack) February
The Incomparable Torrentfish February
The Six-Barred Distichodus November
The Weird and Wonderful World of Whiptails March
There's a Fire in My Tank! Keeping Fire Red Shrimp October
Top 10 Colorful Tetras for the Community Tank July
Triops: Ancient Wonders February
Variations in Wild Offshore Guppies in Tobago April


Amsterdam's Artis Aquarium: Small Venue, Immense Wonders January
Avoiding Six Common Myths of Fishkeeping July
Breathable Bags: No Air? No Problem! June
Extreme Fish Habitats October
Honolulu's Waikiki Aquarium June
Keeping Up with NItrate February
Tanked: An Aquarium Reality TV Show October
The Photography of Aaron Norman July
Tropical Fish on Postage Stamps March



35-Gallon Nano Commercial Setup (Going Nano) July
A 7-Gallon Ocean (Going Nano) December
A Freshwater Aquarist's Guide to Marine Aquariums July
A Look at Coralline Algae (The Reefer) December
A Look at the Cleaner Shrimps (The Reefer) August
A Mediterranean Nano February
A New Treatment for Common Marine Diseases June
A Whole New World: Scuba Diving for Aquarists July
Adapting to the Times: The Evolution of a Reef System December
Aquarium Husbandry and Captive Breeding of the Epaulette Shark December
Book Excerpt: Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder September
Breeding Bundoon Blennies August
Buyer Beware! The Queen Conch and Scallops (The Reefer) April
Buyer Beware, Part 2: Harlequin Shrimps, Nautiluses, and Feather Stars (The Reefer) May
Buyer Beware, Part 3: Star Corals, Anemones, and Elephant Ears (The Reefer) June
Choosing the Best Tang for Your Tank October
Corals on the Front Lines September
Feeding Marine Fish the Right Way May
Groupers in the Home Aquarium April
Helfrich's Firefish: A Rare Gem from a Familiar Family March
Horseshoe Crabs (The Reefer) January
Jacob Dixon's Coldwater Biotope (Going Nano) January
Jonathan Truong's 40-Gallon Garden Reef Nano (Going Nano) April
Keeping Algae in Check (The Reefer) July
Leopards for the Reef August
Live Rock, Base Rock, and Fake Rock (The Reefer) September
Make Your Reef Sunny August
Marvelous Triggers September
Nanos to Go (Going Nano) September
Quarantine, or Else! (The Reefer) November
Raising Sergeant Majors January
Roger's Reef: A Custom 250-Gallon Living Coral Reef Aquarium (Adventures in...) January
Roger's Reef: A Custom 250-Gallon Living Coral Reef Aquarium, Part 2 (Adventures in...) February
Roger's Reef: A Custom 250-Gallon Living Coral Reef Aquarium, Part 3 (Adventures in...) March
Roger's Reef: A Custom 250-Gallon Living Coral Reef Aquarium, Part 4 (Adventures in...) April
Small, but Pugnacious: The Pseudocheilinus Wrasses May
Tackling Misconceptions About Popular Marines May
The Atlantic Chalk Bass Serranus tortugarum November
The Cardinalfishes (The Reefer) March
The Giant Clam Hippopus hippopus (The Reefer) October
The Orchid Dottyback: A Red Sea Stunner October
The Weird and Wonderful Frogfishes September
The Wondrous but Challenging World of Anemones March
Two Cool Critters (The Reefer) February


Society News/Events

Aquarama 2011 November
International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2010 January

Travel & Collecting

A Family Vacation to See Cichlids in Nicaragua's Crater Lakes April
Africa's Hottest Tilapia January
Aquaponics in Costa Rica: Collecting for the Classroom Biotope November
Catching Fish in the Kafue River November
Fish Collecting Around the World December
Fishes of Malaysia May
Monsters of the Uruguay River October

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