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Aquarium Science

An Exciting New Micropoecilia April
Breeding a Sex-Changing Shrimp August
Light and Fish Behavior: Creating the Perfect Lighting System June

Aquatic Gardening

A 15-Gallon Planted Shrimp Tank, Part 1 (Adventures in Aquascaping) January
A 15-Gallon Planted Shrimp Tank, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) February
A 15-Gallon Planted Shrimp Tank, Part 3 (Adventures in Aquascaping) March
A 15-Gallon Planted Shrimp Tank, Part 4 (Adventures in Aquascaping) April
A 40-Gallon Amano-Style Tank, Part 1 (Adventures in Aquascaping) September
A 40-Gallon Amano-Style Tank, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) October
A 40-Gallon Amano-Style Tank, Part 3 ( Adventures in Aquascaping) November
A 40-Gallon Amano-Style Tank, Part 4 (Adventures in Aquascaping) December
A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Aquarium, Part 1 (Adventures in Aquascaping) May
A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Aquarium, Part 2 (Adventures in Aquascaping) June
A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Aquarium, Part 3 (Adventures in Aquascaping) July
A 65-Gallon Leiden-Style Aquarium, Part 4 (Adventures in Aquascaping) August
A Tank for the Holidays (The Planted Tank) December
Aquatic Gardening Nano Style November
Aquatic Plants Don't Read the Books March
Bringing Plants Outdoors (The Planted Tank) March
Cichlids and Plants (The Planted Tank) July
Composing a Nature Aquarium Layout with Stem Plants February
Creating a Natural-Looking Iwagumi Nature Aquarium Layout January
Creating an Expressive Foreground in the Nature Aquarium September
Cyperus: Papyrus and Umbrella Plants (The Planted Tank) November
Driftwood Layout Techniques forthe Nature Aquarium November
Driftwood Structure in the Nature Aquarium December
Foreground Variations in the Nature Aquarium October
Growing Colorful Stem Plants in the Nature Aquarium April
Long-Term Maintenance of an Iwagumi Layout July
Mastering the Use of Heliophytic Aquatic Plants June
Mastering the Use of Low-Light Aquatic Plants August
Mosses and Other Bryophytes in the Nature Aquarium March
My Favorite Swords (The Planted Tank) May
Preparing Your Tub Pond and Plants for the Off-Season (The Planted Tank) October
Researching and Selecting Aquarium Plants (The Planted Tank) January
Snails and the Planted Tank (The Planted Tank) September
Soil Mounding and Planting Techniques for an Iwagumi Layout May
Something Different (The Planted Tank) April
Taking Care of New Aquarium Plants February
Tank Full of Tears (The Planted Tank) August
Time and the Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) June


Breeding Mandarins September
Breeding the Basketmouth Cichlid Caquetaia spectabilis July
Mike vs. Ted: The TFH Breeder's Challenge January
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Two February
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Three March
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Four April
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Five May
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Six June
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Seven July
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Eight August
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Nine September
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Ten October
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Eleven November
The TFH Breeder's Challenge Part Twelve December
Today in the Fishroom: The Parachromis managuensis Breeding Cycle July


Amazing Catfish Breeding Strategies October
Book Excerpt: Catfishes February
Bullhead and Channel Cats (Top of the Food Chain) January
Catfish! October
Rhino Pleco Pterygoplichthys scrophus March


"Socfish" Is Free, but a Pillar of the Hobby Is Lost (Cichlidophiles) January
A Giant Among Dwarfs: Apistogramma steindachneri October
A New Cichlid Species from Uruguay: Gymnogeophagus tiraparae December
Acaras: They Don't Get No Respect (Cichlidophiles) June
Answering the Call of the Wild (from Your Couch) (Cichlidophiles) April
Cichlid Speciation: How Does It Happen? (Cichlidophiles) February
Gilding the ramirezi: The Many Forms of Ram Cichlids September
Girls Will Be Boys: Cichlid Pseudomales July
Hybrids: Natural and Otherwise (Cichlidophiles) March
It's Dwarf Crenicichla Time! March
Meet the Victorians July
Moby Cichlid (Cichlidophiles) September
Nannacara aurocephala: A Different Dwarf Cichlid July
One Man's Dream: Tangled Up In Cichlids (Cichlidophiles) August
That Rare Combination: Laif DeMason (Cichlidophiles) July
The Texas Cichlid Herichthys cyanoguttatus February
Those Terrible Green Acaras! (Cichlidophiles) May


Brachys from Costa Rica April
Breeding Livebearers (Livebearers Unlimited) October
Exploring the Galaxy May
Going for the Gold(fish) November
Guppy Corner: Selecting Breeding Stock from a Batch of Fry (Livebearers Unlimited) September
Into the Deep: A Survey of Freshwater Sharks October
Jewels of the Old World: The Aphyosemion georgiae Species Group June
Kelly Warm Springs: The Tropics of Wyoming's Grand Tetons October
Lampeye Killies Micropanchax normani June
Large Tetras of West Africa December
Magnificent Bettas January
Rasboras August
Redtails Xenotoca eiseni (Livebearers Unlimited) December
Rivulus: From Boring to Beautiful June
Searching for Mexican Blue Eyes (Livebearers Unlimited) November
Six Goodeids You Should Try This Summer (Livebearers Unlimited) May
The Aquarium Hobby's Noah: Ivan Dibble (1937--2009) (Livebearers Unlimited) April
The Fancy Guppy Hobby: Current Conversations and Observations (Livebearers Unlimited) June
The Imperial Flower Loach May
The Killer Instinct: Predatory Fish (and How to Keep Them) February
The Northern Mountain Swordtails (Livebearers Unlimited) March
The Northern Platies...and a New Species? (Livebearers Unlimited) January
The Half-Red Hemigrammus: A New Species? March
The Southern Swordtails (Livebearers Unlimited) February
The Tiger Limia: Species Unknown? April
The Wrestling Halfbeaks (Livebearers Unlimited) August
The Wine Betta Betta burdigaia August
Wild-Type Guppies: There's Nothing Common About Them! April
Wunderbar! Doin' It Swiss Style (Livebearers Unlimited) July


8 Fun Gobies for Aquariums of All Sizes November
Beneath the Waves of the Gulf of Mexico November
Feeding Predatory Fishes (Top of the Food Chain) April
Fish Photography Secrets August
From San Francisco to Milwaukee: The Great Pacu Project December
Hobbyist Profile: Jan-Willem Esselaar and the Monster in the Tank May
Leaves for Aquaria December
Plant Filtration---No Water Changes! April
Retailer Spotlight: Kazimir's Pet Shop in Hackensack, New Jersey January
Safety First! Basic Aquarium Equipment Precautions December


A Lovely New Import: Marble Crabs Metasesarma obesum October
Fishes of Sichuan, Part 1 (Import Report) June
Fishes of Sichuan, Part 2 (Import Report) July
Fishes of Sichuan, Part 3 (Import Report) August
Mark Denaro (Import Report) February
Mark Denaro (Import Report) April
Mark Denaro (Import Report) October
Mark Denaro (Import Report) November
Mark Denaro (Import Report) December
Robert Paul Hudson (Import Report) September
Stan Sung (Import Report) March


A Closer Look at Caulerpa: Common Aquarium Species and Their Care July
A Look at LED Aquarium Lighting (The Reefer) July
A Look at Scolymia and Cynarina Corals (The Reefer) August
Algae-Eating Fishes for the Marine Aquarium June
Anthias: Those Fancy Basses March
Book Excerpt: Clownfishes and Other Damselfishes October
Book Excerpt: Lionfishes and Other Scorpionfishes September
Breeding Pajama Cardinalfish May
Breeding Seahorses April
Calcium and the Reef Aquarium (The Reefer) April
Cirrhilabrus: The Fairy Wrasses December
Color Wars: Reef Fish and Aggression May
Corals of the Genus Seriatopora: The Bird's Nests (The Reefer) June
Delicate Drums (Top of the Food Chain) February
Getting Started in the Reef Aquarium Hobby January
High and Dry: Taking Corals Out of Water (The Reefer) November
Hobbyist Profile: Thomas Siodmonk, a Conversation-Minded Reef Aquarist October
Keeping the Impossible Ribbons and Bats September
Lighting, Photosynthesis, and Marine Invertebrates September
Making Your Reef Tank a Little Greener (The Reefer) May
Marbled or Tile Sea Stars April
My Soft-Coral Aquarium (The Reefer) October
Nudibranchs: Exquisite...and Unkeepable February
Putting Fish Back Into the Reef Tank May
Raising Clownfish Fry with Ram Pall August
Rhinopias Scorpionfish August
Sea Pens and Sea Pansies March
The Achilles Tang Acanthurus achilles February
The Fabulous Fluted Clam December
The Lyretail Grouper Variola louti March
The Pulse Corals: Xenia and Anthelia (The Reefer) September
The Stony Coral Caulastrea (The Reefer) February
The Trouble with Sponges (The Reefer) January
Those Beautiful Basslets August



Society News/Events

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2009  January
Interzoo 2010: The Ultimate Aquarium Show September
Medeiterranea Discus 2010 November
The Czech Discus Championship February

Travel & Collecting

Finding Furu in Tanzania: Lake Victorian Cichlids in the Mwanza Region August
First-Ever Photos of Diamond Tetras in Their Natural Habitat January
Journey to the Land of the Clown Loach November
Naples Aquarium: The Oldest Public Aquarium in the World June
The Fish Habitats of a Peruvian Amazon River, Part 1 June
The Fish Habitats of a Peruvian Amazon River, Part 2 July
The Little Paradisefish from my Ancestors' Homeland September
The National Aquarium in Baltimore March
The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, UK July

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