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Aquarium Science

Breeding the Spotted Green Pufferfish August
Hybrids: Malice, Mistake, or Muddy Waters? March
Time for a Change: A Mathematical Investigation of Water Changes, Part 1 November
Time for a Change: A Mathematical Investigation of Water Changes, Part 2 December
Xiphophorus Interspecies Hybrids: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell October

Aquatic Gardening

A Nature Aquarium Layout With Cosmetic Sand and Stem Plants April
Adjusting Water Conditions in the Nature Aquarium November
All You Ever Wanted to Know About CO2, Part 1 February
All You Ever Wanted to Know About CO2, Part 2 March
Ceratopteris (The Planted Tank) July
Combining Aquatic Plants in the Nature Aquarium December
Cryptocoryne and Long-Term Maintenance in the Nature Aquarium February
Driftwood and Epiphytic Plants in the Nature Aquarium May
Driftwood and Plant Arrangements in the Nature Aquarium August
Finding, Buying, and Trading Aquarium Plants (The Planted Tank) December
International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2008 January
Lighting the Nature Aquarium January
Low-Tech Tanks (The Planted Tank) March
Maintaining a Beautiful Foreground in the Nature Aquarium October
Maintaining a Nature Aquarium Layout With Echinodorus March
Mastering the Use of Driftwood in the Nature Aquarium September
Myriophyllum (The Planted Tank) June
Mysterious Marsilea (The Planted Tank) May
Natural Nanos From the Serbian Countryside June
Neocaridina Shrimp in the Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) February
Planted Biotope Aquariums (The Planted Tank) October
Planting an Iwagumi Layout in the Nature Aquarium July
Propagation of Aquarium Plants (The Planted Tank) September
Resources and Competition (The Planted Tank) November
Rocks and Water Quality in an Iwagumi Layout June
Setting up a Natural Planted Tank November
Stoneworts: Little-Known Treasures (The Planted Tank) August
The Genus Rotala (The Planted Tank) January
The Great Lace Plant Mystery June
Water Lilies for Your Small Pond or Fish Tub (The Planted Tank) April


Back to the Basics: Breeding Guppies July
Book Excerpt: The Complete Illustrated Breeder's Guide to Marine Aquarium Fishes September
Breeding Banggai Cardinalfish: A Hobbyist’s Perspective February
Breeding Killifish in a Permanent Setup May
Sepia bandensis Husbandry and Breeding August


Hemisorubim platyrhynchos: A More Manageable Shovelnose Catfish September


All Is Not What It Seems: What Do Pike Cichlids Eat? (Cichlidophiles) April
Altolamprologus in Aquariums (Top of the Food Chain) January
Aquarium Care of the Pike Cichlids Crenicichla spp. (Top of the Food Chain) February
Back to the Beginning of the Electric Blues July
Brief Notes on Red Devils (Top of the Food Chain) November
Cichla kelberi (Top of the Food Chain) July
Cichlid Nibbles and Bites (Cichlidophiles) February
Cichlid Nibbles and Bites, Part 2 (Cichlidophiles) March
Contact Feeding in Cichlids, Redux: Discus (Cichlidophiles) August
Crenicichla strigata: An Approximation of Its Maintenance and Reproduction July
Eating Mom and Dad: Cichlid Parentophagy (Cichlidophiles) October
Flower Power: Are Flowerhorns Good for the Hobby? November
Geophagus sp. “Rio Tapajos Red Cap”: An Unclaimed Amazon Jewel July
Half a Century of Experience With Tropheus Species: A Summary, Part 2 January
Hang ’em High: Cichlid Fry Hanging (Cichlidophiles) May
In Search of the Origins of the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey August
Is Your Cichlid Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader? (Cichlidophiles) January
Love is Blind (Cichlidophiles) November
“Ole Thick Lips”: A Humpheaded Eartheater From Panama (Cichlidophiles) June
Slime Me! Proof That Baby Discus Eat Parental Mucus (Cichlidophiles) September
Something in the Way He Moves: Female Mate Choice (Cichlidophiles) July
The Checkerboard Dwarf Cichlid Dicrossus filamentosus December
The Hornet Cichlid Tilapia buttikoferi (Top of the Food Chain) December
The Jack Dempsey Cichlid Rocio octofasciata—an All-Time Favorite (Top of the Food Chain) March
The Odd Couple: My Experience Breeding ExCichlasoma festae July
The Original Cichlid: Chanchitos and Their Relatives From the Wild South July
What Is a Species? (Cichlidophiles) December


A Dream Come True: The Speckle-Tail Loach Yasuhikotakia caudipunctata September
African Butterflies Pantodon buchholzi November
African Pike Characin Hepsetus odoe (Top of the Food Chain) May
Alfaro cultratus: The Knife Livebearer (Livebearers Unlimited) January
Aplocheilus kirchmayeri: The Dwarf Panchax of Goa March
Back to Basics: Saving Time & Money With the Right Equipment (Livebearers Unlimited) June
Back to Basics, Part II: A Multi-Modality Approach to Livebearer Aquarium Filtration (Livebearers Unlimited) July
Beyond the Community: Species-Only and Colony Tanks February
Botia striata: The Zebra Loach March
Cardinal Tetras in Their Natural Habitat February
Colorful Pencils for the Freshwater Aquarium September
Easy Alternatives to Often-Difficult Community Fish September
enjoy your PLATYS and SWORDTAILS (Livebearers Unlimited) November
Five “Easy” Tetras August
Goldfish: Myths Debunked January
Good Things Come in Small Packages: Heterandria formosa, the Littlest Livebearer (Livebearers Unlimited) August
Keeping the Bucktooth Tetra Exodon paradoxus (Top of the Food Chain) June
Killifish in Trees? May
Killifish of the Genus Nothobranchius: An Introduction May
Knifefish in the Aquarium June
Mozambican Marvels: Finding Freshwater Tropical Fish in Southeast Africa December
New Tetras Discovered in Prague December
Odds, Ends, and Housekeeping (Livebearers Unlimited) March
Owning Clones March
Show Fish for the Home or Competition (Livebearers Unlimited) September
Skiffia Livebearers I Have Known April
Some Like It Hot: The Cuatrociénegas Platy (Livebearers Unlimited) May
Taming the Tenacious Trumpet Snail August
African Butterflies Pantodon buchholzi November
The Giant Sailfins of Central America: Poecilia velifera and Poecilia petenensis April
The Golden Livebearer Poeciliopsis baenschi (Livebearers Unlimited) April
The Samurai Gourami Sphaerichthys vaillanti August
The Southern Platies (Livebearers Unlimited) December
The Wrestling Halfbeak April
Those Magnificent Swords and Platies April
Zoogoneticus tequila (Livebearers Unlimited) October


Book Excerpt: Culturing Live Foods August
Hobbyist Profile: African Rift Valley Cichlids in New Delhi With Nishant & Vikrant Datta June
Hobbyist Profile: Charlie Drew and the Elusive Red Crypt February
Judging a Tropical Fish Show July
Maintaining Monster Tanks: Inside Landry’s Restaurant Aquariums April
Marine Hobbyist Profile: Mark Howarth January
Meet the Hobbyist: James K. Langhammer (Livebearers Unlimited) February
Retailer Spotlight: The Hidden Reef in Levittown, Pennsylvania November
San Francisco’s All-New Steinhart Aquarium September
Silurana Clawed Frogs October
The Tangerine-Head Crab: A Tree-Climber From Thailand June


Import Report (Mark Denaro) May
Import Report (Mark Denaro) July
Import Report (Mark Denaro) December
Import Report (Ret Talbot) February
Import Report (Ret Talbot) October
Import Report (Robert Hudson) April
Import Report (Robert Hudson) August
Import Report (Stan Sung) March
Import Report (Stan Sung) June
Import Report (Stan Sung) September
Import Report (Stan Sung) November


A Caribbean Sea Biotope Aquarium November
A Look at Invertebrates for the Non-Reef Aquarium (The Reefer) October
A Look at Reflector Use With T-5 Bulbs (The Reefer) April
A Look at Sarcophyton Toadstool Corals (The Reefer) November
A Look at the Gorgonians (The Reefer) October
A Look at the Not-So-Deep Sand Bed Method (The Reefer) March
A Look at the Phylum Echinodermata (The Reefer) June
All Herbivores Are Not Created Equal May
Angels for the Marine Aquarium May
Answers to Common Questions About Marine Tanks December
Big Predators for Small Aquariums: Atlantic Reef Basslets Liopropoma spp. (Top of the Food Chain) October
Big Pufferfish! A Saltwater Puffer Primer April
Book Excerpt: Mini-Aquariums February
Cardinal Sin: The Plight of the Banggai Cardinalfish Pterapogon kauderni KOUMANS 1933 January
Dartfishes (The Reefer) July
Dr. Alejandro Vagelli and the Banggai Cardinalfish February
Dreaming of Dragons May
Feeding Jellyfish: Problems & Solutions December
French Angelfish Surgery at the London Aquarium March
From Reef to Retail September
Hardy and Fashionable: The Harlequin Tuskfish October
How Much Light Does It Really Take? (The Reefer) February
How Wild Collection May Save Our Reefs October
Hunting Lions in the Bahamas April
Jellyfish: Ballerinas of the Sea November
Keeping Common Bigeyes in the Aquarium (Top of the Food Chain) April
Keeping Groupers and Soapfish February
Leatherjackets for the Marine Aquarium? July
Marine Ich Cryptocaryon July
Morays! September
Near-Perfect Fishes for Captive Reef Systems: Blennies of the Genus Ecsenius March
Reef Troubles (The Reefer) September
Refugiums for the Saltwater Hobbyist June
Risky Damsels October
Sea Stars in the Aquarium (The Reefer) January
SECORE October
Swimming With Sharks! TFH Dives Into the Adventure Aquarium June
Ten Years! (The Reefer) August
The Basics of Keeping Marine Predators, Part I (Top of the Food Chain) August
The Basics of Keeping Marine Predators, Part II (Top of the Food Chain) September
The Giant Clam Tridacna maxima (The Reefer) December
The Well-Fed Reef October
You May Not Want to Paint the Back of Your Tank (The Reefer) May


Alternatives for the Home or Garden: The Centrarchids of North America, Part 1 April
Alternatives for the Home or Garden: The Centrarchids of North America, Part 2 May
Pond Foods and Feeding May

Society News/Events

Aquatic Gardeners Association 2008 Convention March
International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2008 January
The 4th International Discus Competition at Aquafair Malaysia July
The British Killifish Association Convention 2008 February

Travel & Collecting

Back to Ghana: Searching for Pronothobranchius kiyawensis May
Beautiful Fish in Burkina Faso: African Whales and Other Ouagadougou Wonders June
Collecting in the Swamps of Peninsular Malaysia January
Discoveries on the Rio Içana October
Snorkeling in Akumal, Mexico August
Where on Earth Is Lakamora? August

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