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Aquarium Science

Anaerobic Bacteria (The Skeptical Fishkeeper) January
Apistogramma wapisana Römer, Hahn, & Conrad 2006: A new species of the genus Apistogramma (Perciformes: Cichlidae) from the Roraima state, Brazil March
Freshwater Fishes of Sumatra: From Rivers to Research April
Hatchery Production of the Spine-Cheek Anemone Fish Premnas biaculeatus (BLOCH 1790) January
Lyretail Swordtail Genetics February
Palytoxin and You: How and Why to Avoid a Deadly Zoanthid Toxin May
Scientific Names (The Skeptical Fishkeeper) February
The Things I’ve Learned (The Skeptical Fishkeeper) March

Aquatic Gardening

Aquarium Invaders (The Planted Tank) July
Aquatic Accent Plants in the Nature Aquarium May
Aspect Ratio and Perspective in the Nature Aquarium April
Changing the Composition of a Nature Aquarium Layout October
Combining Rocks and Driftwood in the Nature Aquarium September
Creating a Nature Aquarium Layout with a Delicate Impression November
Driftwood and Stem Plant Composition in the Nature Aquarium February
Effective Use of Epiphytes in the Nature Aquarium August
Elements and Principles of Design (The Planted Tank) March
Eleven Feet of Heaven August
Ferns in the Aquarium (The Planted Tank) August
Filtration for the Nature Aquarium December
Hardware for the Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) December
International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2007 January
Iwagumi Layouts Based on Rock Characteristics in the Nature Aquarium June
Maintaining an Iwagumi Layout in the Nature Aquarium January
More Flowering Plants in the Aquarium (The Planted Tank) January
More Mosses (The Planted Tank) June
Planted Tank Maintenance (The Planted Tank) May
Proserpinaca (The Planted Tank) November
Seaweeds of the Pacific Northwest (The Planted Tank) October
Selecting Layout Materials for the Nature Aquarium July
Setting Up a Planted Aquarium (The Planted Tank) September
The Balanced Aquarium: 21st Century Style December
The Inconspicuous Liverworts (The Planted Tank) February
The Wonderful World of Plastic Plants: Not Just for Beginners February
Undergrowth and Its Maintenance in the Nature Aquarium March
Vegetative Filters for Your Water Garden or Fish Tub (The Planted Tank) April


Breaking the Norm: My Experience Breeding Parachromis dovii July
Inside the Black Hornet’s Nest: Breeding Tilapia buttikoferi July
My Royal Farlowellas Bred for Me (Not an Everyday Occurrence) October


Ancistrus dolichopterus: An Approach to Its Maintenance & Reproduction August
A Little Trip to Asia (Catfish Corner) January
Catfish Are Easy! (Catfish Corner) April
Coming Attractions (Catfish Corner) September
Electric Catfishes (Catfish Corner) October
Home Again (Catfish Corner) May
Monster Cats April
Notes on Aquarium Catfishes in the 1800s (Catfish Corner) February
Notes on Aquarium Catfishes in the 1980s, Part Two (Catfish Corner) March
Oto Pilot: Buying, Keeping, & Breeding Otocinclus Catfish February
Rambling With Synodontis: Part 1 (Catfish Corner) June
Rambling With Synodontis: Part 2 (Catfish Corner) July
Rambling With Synodontis: Part 3 (Catfish Corner) August
Storm Clouds on the Horizon: Endangered Catfish in Brazil (Catfish Corner) November
The Catfishes of Pseudoplatystoma (Pimelodidae, Siluriformes) (Top of the Food Chain) February
Wrapping Up (Catfish Corner) December


African Cichlids for the Smaller Tank October
Babes in the Cichlid Hobby July
Biotodoma cupido: A Delicate & Peaceful Eartheater August
Cichlids of the Ornamental Fish & Aquarium Show in Duisburg, Germany August Redux: An Interview With Its Creator (Cichlidophiles) July
Experiences in Keeping Hoplarchus psittacus (Top of the Food Chain) September
Fish Eats Human: Sushi’s Revenge (Cichlidophiles) November
Fussy Babies: Raising Cichla Fry (Cichlidophiles) June
Geophagus parnaibae: The Maintenance and Reproduction of a New Eartheater September
Half a Century of Experience with Tropheus Species: A Summary, Part 1 December
Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye (Cichlidophiles) December
Lepidiolamprologus—Torpedo Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika, Africa (Top of the Food Chain) July
Of Nics and Neets: Are They Really “Sisters”? (Cichlidophiles) January
Out of the Blue! Breeding the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey November
Sweet! (Cichlidophiles) April
Swimming With Cichlids July
The Mouthbrooding Apisto Finally Gets a Name: Apistogramma barlowi September
What is the Scientific Name of a Convict Cichlid? A New Monograph Changes Everything…Maybe (Cichlidophiles) February
Who’s in Charge Here? Cichlid Piddling Contests (Cichlidophiles) May
Why Are They Called Demonfish? (Cichlidophiles) October


A Review of Fundulopanchax gardneri, With a Focus on Maintenance and Population Variability June
A Story of Four Neon Tetras, Part 1: The First Three Neons September
A Story of Four Neon Tetras, Part 2: And Now a Fourth Neon! October
Anything but Tetras! The Joy of Keeping Pencilfish August
Belonesox: The Ambush Predator (Livebearers Unlimited) November
Betta krataios: The Strong Betta January
Beyond Species Preservation: A Contribution by Killie Nuts to the General Hobby June
Brachyrhaphis (Livebearers Unlimited) April
Cyphotilapia: Deep-Water Piscivores of Lake Tanganyika (Top of the Food Chain) May
Danionella translucida: A Micro Glassfish July
Danios Ahoy! March
Daphnia Revealed May
Desert Gobies: A Forgotten Treasure March
Enter: The Livebearer Fishroom (Livebearers Unlimited) May
Feeding Your Livebearers (or Any Fish!) (Livebearers Unlimited) June
Getting Hooked on Killies June
Hyphessobrycon columbianus, a Tetra of a Different Color January
Letters and Rabble-Rousing for the Holidays (Livebearers Unlimited) December
Livebearer Healthcare, Part 1: Prevention (Livebearers Unlimited) September
Livebearer Healthcare, Part 2: Disease (Livebearers Unlimited) October
Livebearing in Miniature: A Closer Look at Five Tiny Livebearing Fish May
Lungfishes (Top of the Food Chain) June
Macropodus erythropterus May
Mikrogeophagus altispinosus: A Colorful Butterfly for the Aquarium March
On the Road With Livebearers Unlimited (Livebearers Unlimited) August
Options for Livebearer Aquariums (Livebearers Unlimited) March
Parental Care Behavior of the Red-backed Paradisefish Macropodus erythropterus May
Pelvicachromis taeniatus: The Bandewouri Conundrum July
Pike Cichlids of the Wild South April
Pike Fever September
Preserving Xiphophorus couchianus in the Home Aquarium, Part 2: Species Maintenance Secrets (Livebearers Unlimited) January
The Clown of Killies: Epiplatys annulatus June
The Dwarf Victoria Mouthbrooder Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae: A New Look at a Classic Fish September
The Molly That Clones Itself: The Weird, Wild World of Poecilia formosa (Livebearers Unlimited) February
The Swordtail Platy Xiphophorus xiphidium (Livebearers Unlimited) July
The Tail of Two Platies May
Tilapia in the Aquarium July
Tiny Tankmates for Freshwater Nano Aquaria December
Tres Amigos: Three Texas Livebearing Fishes May
Two Gems of the Genus Gymnogeophagus April


A Really Big Reef Tank: Red Bank Veterinary Hospital’s 2000-gallon Circular Reef March
An Oasis in the Desert: The New Public Aquarium at Arizona’s Wildlife World Zoo November
Binominal Nomenclature: A Primer June
FBAS Festival of Fishkeeping 2007 February
Fish Surgery May
Flying Fish: The Amazing Story of How Fish Get to Your Local Fish Store April
From Goldfish Bowl to Planted Discus Tank: My Life With Fish June
Going from Fresh…to Salt March
Going Reptilian: An Aquarist’s Introduction to Turtles April
How It All Begins… February
Mediterranea Discus Championship in Lecce, Italy August
Q: Who Was That Masked Answer-Man? A: Dick Stratton! July
Questions and Answers: A Retrospective and Farewell April
Seek and Ye Shall Find: How to Research Your Fish May
Stuart M. Grant (1937–2007), Lake Malawi’s Ambassador July
The -ino Factor May
The Extreme Planted Nano April
The Georgia Aquarium July
Top 10 for the 10-Gallon Tank February
When the Hobby Gets Out of Hand: A Look Into the House of a Fish Nut February


Anubias Design (Import Report) May
Anubias Design (Import Report) July
Aqua Botanic (Import Report) August
Scott Hughes (Import Report) October
Stan Sung (Import Report) June
Stan Sung (Import Report) September
Stan Sung (Import Report) November


A Bevy of Beautiful Little Basses (The Salt Creep) March
A Look at Some Groupers & Hinds June
A Marine Aquarium in Progress, Part 1: A Blank Canvas September
A Marine Aquarium in Progress, Part 2: Adventures in Fish Stocking October
A Marine Aquarium in Progress, Part 3: Challenges and Triumphs November
A Sad Story About (Not) Being Prepared (Enough) (The Reefer) September
Bad Choices: Saltwater Animals Commonly Offered in the Trade That Shouldn’t Be October
Cleanup in Aisle Three: Marine & Reef Janitors, Part 1 August
Cleanup in Aisle Three: Marine & Reef Janitors, Part 2 September
Common Clam Killers: Pinched Mantle and Pyram Snails (The Reefer) April
Corals of the Genus Montipora (The Reefer) December
Dottybacks—Choose Carefully! November
Experiencing Pufferfishes of the Genus Arothron (Top of the Food Chain) August
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish Dendrochirus brachypterus April
Let’s Play Darts! Marine Darthfish December
Lookdowns in the Aquarium (Top of the Food Chain) December
MAC-Certified Fish: Where Can I Get Them...and How Can I Help? December
Marine Cleaners (The Salt Creep) February
Octopuses: Things to Know Before You Buy December
Perfect Polyps for the Novice Reefkeeper (The Salt Creep) January
Popular Rhinecanthus Triggerfishes (Top of the Food Chain) October
Porcupine Puffers of the Genus Diodon (Top of the Food Chain) March
Q&A With the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC News) September
Reefing (Relatively) Cheaply (The Reefer) February
Salinity Measurements for Marine Aquariums October
Shrimp Gobies and Their Crustacean Companions (The Reefer) October
Some of My Favorite Reef-Safe Invertebrates (The Reefer) January
Some Stony Corals for a Soft Coral Aquarium (The Reefer) May
Spring Tide at Bunaken, Indonesia (The Reefer) March
Still Impossible After All These Years: Keeping Moorish Idols January
Stings of the Scorpaenids February
The Atlantic Peacock Flounder: Bothus lunatus (Top of the Food Chain) November
The Christmas Tree Worms: Beautiful, but Difficult to Keep (The Reefer) July
The Harlequin Tuskfish in Aquariums (Top of the Food Chain) April
The New Marine Aquarium Council (MAC News) March
The Non-Shrimp Gobies (The Reefer) November
The Not-So-Giant-Clam: Tridacna crocea (The Reefer) August
The Other Clams (The Reefer) June
The Role of Public Aquariums to Enhance a Sustainable and Responsible Marine Ornamental Trade (MAC News) June
The Ultra-Aggressive Titan Triggerfish Balistoides viridescens (Top of the Food Chain) January


Creating a Pond, Part 1: Finding a Purpose April
Creating a Pond, Part 2: Planning & Construction May

Society News/Events

AFISH Convention 2007 March
FBAS Festival of Fishkeeping 2007 February

Travel & Collecting

A Noisy Tankmate from the Island of Koh Samui, Thailand September
Aquarium Catfish of the Uruguayan Outback, Part 1 October
Characins of the La Plata Basin June
Fundulus bermudae: Bermuda’s Exclusive Killie August
Gymnogeophagus: The Glittering Eartheaters of the Far South July
Journey to the Mighty Rajang River of Sarawak September
Knee Deep in the Kapuas June
Loaches: Riverine Acrobats of the Orient, Part 3 January
Pisces of Red & Gold: The Bustling Aquarium Markets of China August
Searching for Tefe Discus in the Brazilian Amazon March
The First Live Pictures of Pristobrycon careospinus November
The Hunt for Betta macrostoma October
The Wild Fighting Fishes of Borneo’s Kapuas River Basin March
Worlds in Collision: Fishes of the Costa Rica-Panama Border July

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