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Aquarium Management

Acclimation: A Better System August 95
Activated Carbon Process August 98
Activation and Reactivation—All Carbons are NOT Created Equal! September 98
All Washed Up? April 96
An African Tropical Fish Community February 93
Aquarium Basic Concepts, Part 1 August 00
Aquarium Basic Concepts, Part 2 September 00
Aquarium Basic Concepts, Part 3 October 00
Aquarium Basic Concepts, Part 4: Filtration November 00
Aquatic Chemistry Terms Explained: Alkalinity, Hardness, and pH August 98
Are You Hooked on Water Changes Yet? January 98
ATS in Action: One Year with an Algae Turf Scrubber March 00
Beyond Gravel December 97
Biological Activated Carbon Process for Aquarium and Pond Water Filtration May 98
Brackish Basics August 93
Build a True Biological Filter  
Calcium for a Healthy Reef November 96
Canister Filters, An Introduction to February 92
Choosing the Right Filter Components July 97
Current Saltwater Practice February 92
Decorating with the Incidental Aquarium August 99
Different Uses of Carbon November 98
Doin’ it Nature’s Way December 98
Dream Tank April 99
Exposing phallacies May 98
Exposing phallacies, Part 2 June 98
Fiber Optics: A New Light in the Aquarium February 90
Filtration in the Guppy Tank June 92
Fluidized Bed Biological Filtration September 95
Freshwater Ammonia: The Silent Killer February 96
Geographic Aquariums (parts 1-5) October 93
Green Water in the Marine Aquarium February 92
Health Care for Marine Aquaria April 93
Heart of the Marine Aquarium July 98
How to Evaluate a Protein Skimmer January 91
Is “Natural Filtration” Natural? November 98
It’s in the Can: A Look at Canister Filters November 00
Light in the Marine Aquarium May 93
Lighting 101: Fish-Only Tanks December 00
Live Glass—A Good Idea? November 00
Live Rock A la Mode August 99
Magic of Microbes January 97
Maintaining, Tropical and Subtropical Forest, Mimagoniates (Part 2) July 96
Maintaining Tropical and Subtropical Forest-Adapted Species June 96
Major, Macro, and Micronutrients July 98
Making Waves September 97
Marine Algae: Friends and Foes (Part 2) October 96
Marine Algae: Friends and Foes September 96
Micro and Slime Algae: Are They Driving You Crazy Too? June 95
Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make November 99
Modern Sea Salts October 92
MONSTER Tank! June 98
Multi-Use Powerheads January 96
Natural Marine Aquarium April 91
New Challenge: The Paludarium January 93
Ozonation July 99
Pass the Salt! August 92
Plants vs. Biological Filtration November 00
Problems with Aquarium Lighting January 91
R/O—All You Need to Know November 98
R/O—All You Need to Know, Part 3: Applications January 99
R/O—All You Need to Know, Part 2, How the Process Works December 98
Real Reef February 93
Refuting Foam Fractionation Falsehoods July 98
Resins & Ion Exchange October 98
Right Now! December 98
Semi-Open Versus Semi-Closed Reef Systems January 92
Sense of Community December 97
Starting a Marine Tank, Part 1 September 96
Starting a Marine Tank, Part 2 October 96
Starting a Marine Tank, Part 3 November 96
State-of-the-Art—Designing a Reef System October 99
Stray Voltage April 99
Technological Overkill? Skimmers and Trickle Filters: Pros and Cons February 92
Thriving High-nitrate Marine Aquarium October 93
Time-Honored Water Treatment—Peat September 98
To Test or Not to Test—or Better Yet, HOW to Test October 98
Tools for the New Aquarist January 97
Understanding Aquarium Water Quality October 94
Understanding DH Without a Ph.D November 95
Understanding pH Without a Ph.D July 95
Understanding Ultraviolet Sterilization July 95
Understanding Undergravel Filters June 91

Aquatic Gardening

A Pond? Yeah, Why Not? August 97
Aeolus Decemeber 96
African Spears: The Anubias Species October 94
Algae Wars May 00
Aquarium Favorites, The Genus Hygrophila August 91
Aquarium Plants, Some New and Decorative November 92
Aquariums for a New Millennium January 00
Aquatic Ferns and Mosses June 00
Are Anubias for You? July 99
Attractive Freshwater Red Alga, Hildenbrandia rivularis October 96
Birth of Spring October 96
Border Planting of the Garden Pond February 90
Building that Dream Koi Pool March 98
Building the Earth-Framed Concrete Garden Pool August 96
Care and Propagation of Aponogeton boivinianus February 91
Caribbean (or Tropical West Atlantic) Macro-Algae Use in Marine Aquariums February 98
Caulerpa Algae in the Marine Aquarium April 00
CO2 for Landscaped Aquariums June 00
CO2 Supplementation in the Planted Tank March 96
Collecting Native Aquarium Plants April 96
Colorful Aquarium Plants of the Loosestrife Family January 94
Cork Aquascaping June 00
Crimson Autumn August 96
Crypts in the Aquarium March 95
Cultivating Aponogeton elongatus June 99
Double Red Swordplant, A New Variety of Echinodorus osiris October 91
Dream Ponds October 93
Dream Ponds II June 94
Easy Plants for the Pond May 00
Echinodorus multiflorus August 99
Fishes for the Garden Pond June 92
Floating and Submersed Plants for the Garden Pond March 93
Focus on Aponogeton February 00
Focus on Swordplants September 99
Freshwater Sponges: a Possible Garden Pond Inhabitant? April 97
Garden Pond Filtration (parts 1-3) May 03 - July 93
Garden Ponds that Work March 94
Getting Started with Plants January 95
Glittering Shores of Paradise June 96
Garden Ponds—My Way March 96
Great Pond Water August 99
Growing a Vic in Southern California May 90
Growing Barclaya longifolia September 91
Home-Grown Aquarium Plants March 92
Hornwort—A Hardy Native June 96
How to Control Water Quality in the Garden Pond April 92
Installation of a Ready-Made Pond July 99
Introduction to Water Lily Cultivation July 95
Java Fern: The Perfect Aquarium Plant December 95
Keeping U.S. Native Fishes in Ponds May 98
Making Light of Lanterns March 98
Marine Macroalgae (photos) March 98
Most Useful Crypts October 95
My Favorite Frogbits April 90
Old-Fashioned Pond October 99
Palette of Plants May 91
Paludarium: The Jungle at Home March 91
Paradise by the Pond June 99
Planning That Pond July 97
Pond Filtration April 99
Pool Lanes to Pond Lilies May 97
Preventing Rotgut in Koi: Seasonally Correct Feeding of Koi September 00
Propagating Aquatic Plants at Home January 97
Red Algae: Branching its Way into the Aquarium September 97
Replicating the Underwater World December 97
Rocks, Gems, Carp, and Koi August 00
Selection of Aquarium Plants February 98
Some like it Cool April 97
Some Lovely Hybrid Swordplants January 96
Spiral Water Trumpet April 91
Spring into Pond Maintenance April 97
Spring Shade November 96
Starting a Garden Pond, Part 1 June 91
Starting a Garden Pond, Part 2 July 91
Starting a Garden Pond, Part 3 August 91
Swamp Plants for Aquaria and Terraria August 90
Swarm of the Stream July 96
Temperate Zone Tropics March 94
The Dollar Sunfish, Lepomis marginatus April 97
The Enchanted Water Lily Garden June 94
The Siamese Water Cup September 93
The Yellow Pond Lilies April 93
Ungilded Lilies April 00
Water Gardening in Miniature July 00
Water Lilies of the Genus Nymphaea March 91
Winter in the Garden Pond January 92
Your First Garden Pond March 96

Collecting and Exploring

Adolph Schwartz’s Notes on the Amazon March 99
Adventures in Southern Mexico: Veracruz and Oaxaca August 96
Anecdotes of an Aquarist in West Africa, Part 1 May 98
Anecdotes of an Aquarist in West Africa, Part 2 June 98
Anecdotes of an Aquarist in West Africa, Part 3 August 98
Anecdotes of an Aquarist in West Africa, Part 4 February 99
Anecdotes of an Aquarist in West Africa, Part 5 April 99
Bermuda Fish Odyssey September 98
Biodome de Montreal December 97
Catfishes of the Pantanal May 93
Characoids of the Pantanal August 93
Chasing Discus in the Rio Negro October 91
Chasing Rainbows in Irian Jaya—Again! February 93
Chasing Unknown Fishes in French Guiana February 91
Children of Project Piaba March 97
Cichlasoma istlanum: A Gem from Mexico July 00
Cichlid Collecting in South Florida November 98
Cichlids of the Lacandon Rainforest December 00
Cichlids of the Pantanal June 93
Clipperton: The Forgotten Island September 95
Collecting Joturo December 94
Collecting Livebearers in Cuba March 93
Collecting Mantis Shrimp September 00
Collecting Specimens for the John G. Shedd Aquarium May 90
Cuba: The Land of Castro, Cichlids, And Cigars September 93
Decline of Coral Reefs in Zanzibar June 96
Dive in Lake Malawi March 97
East Kalimantan, Borneo: The Search for Freshwater Dolphins May 99
Enchanting Maldive Islands August 90
Exotic Sea Images from Grand Cayman October 99
Exploring Belize, Part 1 April 00
Exploring Belize, Part 2 May 00
Exploring Belize, Part 3 June 00
Exploring Enchanting Southern Mexico June 96
Exploring Florida Coral Reefs April 91
Eye of the Storm: Africa’s Great Rift Valley February 00
Fish Farming in Singapore, Part 1 January 97
Fish Farming in Singapore, Part 2 February 97
Fish Farming in Singapore, Part 3 March 97
Fishes of the Balboan Jungle April 90
Fishes of the Volcano July 96
Flora, Fauna, and Fishes of the Galapagos Islands October 94
Fun Finding Fundulus and Other Finny Floridians June 96
Gathering Driftwood in the Amazon August 99
Into the Igarapes February 94
Last Frontier January 96
Looking Back, Part 1: the Period Prior to the Discovery of the Cardinal Tetra May 97
Looking Back, Part 2: the Discovery of the Cardinal Tetra June 97
Looking Back, Part 3: the Discus Search July 97
Looking Back, Part 4 August 97
Looking Back, Part 5 September 97
Pantanal, Nature's Gift to Man April 93
Pilbara Rainbows October 99
Pilgrimage to the Cradle of Evolution November 95
Ramu Diary February 91
Red Sea’s Gulf of Eilat June 96
Search for Skiffia francesae November 96
Searching for Wild Asian Arowanas in the Kapuas River August 99
Secrets of the Musandam February 93
Sierra de El Abra of Northeast Mexico: Blind Fish March 96
Sleepless in Bintuni September 94
Sleepless in Bintuni, Part 2 October 94
Swimming Nose-to-Nose with the Manatees September 00
Trekking for Cichlids in Uganda August 95
Tropical Fish Farming in Singapore December 96
Tropical Odyssey in Costa Rica December 95
Tropical Odyssey Through Costa Rica April 96
Visit to Brazil’s Xingu River May 96
White Mother Earth: Iryan Jaya Part 1 August 97
White Mother Earth: Iryan Jaya Part 2 September 97
White Mother Earth: Iryan Jaya Part 3 October 97
Wild! F.N.Q.: A Land of Contrasts January 96
Yucatan Peninsula, Part 1: the State of Quintana Roo April 97
Yucatan Peninsula, Part 2: the State of Yucatan May 97
Yucatan Peninsula, Part 3: the State of Campeche June 97

Fish Health

Anchorworms: Diagnosis and Treatment May 96
Aquarium Math 101: Changing Water with Basic Arithmetic May 00
Are Our Discus Populations Threatened by a Giant Flagellate? September 91
Basic Approaches to Fish Health July 99
Bloaters and Floaters September 95
Chemical Treatment of Discus Diseases April 91
Collecting and Maintaining Tubifex Worms March 91
Columnaris: The Most Common Aquarium Fish Disease? March 92
Common Parasites of Discus January 91
Dealing with HLLS January 96
Feeding Feeders and Other Foods for Thought February 92
Fly Larvae as Aquarium Fish Parasites! January 91
Parasites in the Aquarium May 00
Please Don’t Feed Fish Fish: Thinking about Feeder Fish April 00
Quarantine Your Fish January 00
Treat to Cure: Overdosing is Better than Underdosing April 00

Foods and Feeding

Earthworms: Fab Fish Food July 00
Feeding Fry: How Big is Too Big? June 94
Feeding Marine Fishes November 98
Guppy Feeding: A Better Mousetrap January 90
Harvesting Brine Shrimp in California April 91
Little White Worms! June 92
Microworms: Good Food in a Small Package January 90
New Science in Aquarium Foods December 98
On Raising Crickets: Facts and Folklore May 95
Organic Cuisine February 99
Raising Artemia salina March 90
Raising Daphnia in Quantity May 90
Raising Grindal Worms for Aquarium Fishes January 91
Raising Marine Plankton April 90
Rearing Fruitflies to Feed Your Fishes October 90
Some Live Foods for Aquarium Fishes February 93

Freshwater Fishes

Add Some Sole to Your Tank June 96
Adoptions in the Aquarium World May 99
Advanced Plecology—A Return to the Beginning August 98
Adventures with Old Blue Eyes October 98
African Tigerfish September 99
Albinism in the Banded Knifefish, Gymnotus caropo August 96
Albino Form of Paracyprichromis nigripinnis January 97
Albino Grass Carp February 97
Albino Oscar September 91
Algae Specialist: Petrotilapia tridentiger September 93
All I Want for Christmas is Synodontis angelicus January 00
Altolamprologus calvus: Lake Tanganyika’s Stealth Cichlid May 00
Amazing Amiidae—Bowfins of North America September 98
Amazon Discovery: A New Discus Color Form February 93
Ameca splendens, The Butterfly Goodeid, June 92
America’s Spectacular Natives—The Ever-Popular Sunfish February 91
An Interesting Oscar from the Lower Rio Branco, Brazil September 96
An Mbuna from Nicaragua: Neetroplus nematopus August 00
An Old Favorite, The T-Barb April 91
An Oscar Tale December 94
An Unusual Catfish: Corydoras latus November 94
Anabantoid Aquarium August 91
Anabas: A Fish Out of Water July 96
Angelfish Here, There, and Everywhere February 95
Annual Killifishes of Venezuela, Part 1 January 92
Annual Killifishes of Venezuela, Part 2 February 92
Aphyosemion rectogoense—a Rare Find from Gabon August 98
Apistogramma in the Community Aquarium, The Genus January 92
Apistogramma linkei: The Yellow-Breasted Apisto January 96
Aplocheilus chevalieri, A Gentle Panchax September 95
Archocentrus: Small Package, Big Rewards December 97
Asian Arowana: King of the Aquarium August 95
Aulonocara: Interesting Peacocks June 99
Back to the Wild, Again February 94
Banjo Cats Playing a Different Tune January 90
Barb?, Why Not Try a March 92
Barbs of Mystery August 94
Basic Piranha Behavior July 92
Beautiful Big Bruiser: Nandopsis managuensis October 96
Bedotia geayi February 00
Beginning With Bettas March 90
Begrudging the Gudgeon September 98
Beloved Oscar July 00
Best Disaster in History November 98
Betta Beautiful January 00
Betta foerschi—A Jewel from Kalimantan September 98
Betta imbellis: Something Special! February 96
Betta persephone August 00
Betta picta: An Interesting Mouthbrooder November 95
Betta picta: The Mouthbrooding Betta December 94
Betta picta—the Javanese Fighting Fish October 90
Bettas, Starting Out Right With September 92
Beyond splendens: The Betta coccina Group April 98
B-I-G Barb September 99
Big, Beautiful Blues July 97
Black Ghost April 96
Black Ruby Barb: an Aquarium Gem March 97
Black Ruby Barbs: Puntius nigrofasciatus November 99
Black-spotted Filament Barb, Puntius filamentosus April 90
Bleeding Heart Platy April 90
Bleeding Heart Tetra, Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma May 00
Blind Cave Tetras of the Sierra Madre Oriental December 94
Blood Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques March 00
Blood-Red Parrot: Hybrid or Mutation? December 00
Blue Emperor Tetra July 96
Blue Emperor Tetra, Inpaichthys kerri January 91
Blue Gourami: An Old Favorite Still Going Strong April 93
Blue Jack Dempsey April 00
Blue Zebras from Lake Malawi April 99
Blue-eyes, Priapella September 90
Blue-Striped Killifish, Rivulus xiphidus July 96
Bold Beautiful Bettas December 97
Bony-Tongue Fishes—Arowanas, Arapaima & Featherback June 98
Bornean Chocolate Gourami August 90
Botia macracanthus: The Enigmatic Clown Loach August 94
Botia: Sounds Good and Looks Great! March 99
Brazilian Law and Fish Collecting in Brazil February 00
Breeder's Surprise: Gold Aphyosemion gardneri January 95
Breeding and Caring for Silver Dollars September 99
Breeding and Rearing Mimagoniates Species June 97
Breeding Apistogramma macmasteri January 97
Breeding Astatotilapia bloyeti May 00
Breeding Aulonocara jacobfreibergi October 93
Breeding Discus September 91
Breeding Experiences with Trichogaster leeri December 98
Breeding Farlowellas February 90
Breeding Firemouths April 93
Breeding Geophagus brasiliensis March 97
Breeding Geophagus steindachneri February 96
Breeding Goldfish March 00
Breeding Haplochromis annectens November 94
Breeding Haplochromis compressiceps August 90
Breeding Haplochromis livingstonii April 93
Breeding Haplochromis nigricans January 94
Breeding Melanochromis vermivorus September 96
Breeding Moss-green Tiger Barbs July 93
Breeding Nagy’s Licorice Gourami, Parosphromenus nagyi October 90
Breeding Pearl Gouramis: Problematic, or Child’s Play? April 94
Breeding Piranhas in a Small Aquarium March 93
Breeding Polypterus endlicheri October 95
Breeding Pseudotropheus tropheops, a Successful Mouthbrooder June 90
Breeding Sawbwa resplendens, the Asian Rummy-nose September 93
Breeding Synodontis multipunctatus June 95
Breeding the African Butterfly Cichlid, Anomalochromis thomasi January 93
Breeding the Albino Ancistrus September 96
Breeding the Albino Form of Julidochromis ornatus January 97
Breeding the Black Neon Tetra April 93
Breeding the Bumblebee Catfish, Microglanis iheringi September 97
Breeding the Dwarf Bushynose Pleco July 96
Breeding the Flier Cichlid, Cichlasoma centrarchus March 90
Breeding the Gold Asian Arowana January 92
Breeding the Gold Piranha, Serrasalmus gibbus June 90
Breeding the Largest Pearlfish, Cynolebias elongatus July 94
Breeding the Orange Chromide, Etroplus maculatus August 96
Breeding the Redbreast Acara, Laetacara dorsigera October 95
Breeding the Sunset Gourami July 93
Breeding the T-Barb June 94
Breeding the Thin-banded Barb, Capoeta semifasciolatus July 90
Breeding the Twinspot Mystus Cat August 94
Breeding the White Cloud Mountain Minnow, Tanichthys albonubes July 91
Breeding Thysochromis ansorgii February 96
Brilliant Rasbora, Rasbora borapetensis September 91
Brilliantly Yellow Albino Peacock September 91
Bristlenosed Plecos: Loveable Monsters November 99
Brown Blue Badis February 91
Brown Spike-tailed Paradisefish, Pseudosphromenus dayi March 91
Buenos Aires Tetra, Hemigrammus caudovittatus July 91
Captive Care and Maintenance of the Violet Goby, Gobioides broussonetti July 95
Captive Maintenance of Darters II August 00
Captive Maintenance of Darters February 00
Captive Spawning of Ancistrus ranunculus May 98
Care and Breeding of Beckford’s Pencilfish May 94
Care and Breeding of Cynolebias whitei and C. constanciae February 91
Care and Breeding of Jenynsia lineata August 95
Care and Breeding of Neolamprologus leleupi February 00
Care and Breeding of Parasphromenus deissneri May 94
Care and Breeding of Tateurndina ocellicauda February 97
Care and Breeding of the Black-finned Pearl Killie September 91
Care and Breeding of the Black-nosed Sturisoma January 94
Care and Breeding of the Madagascar Rainbowfish February 90
Care and Breeding of Uarus September 95
Care and Maintenance of "Cichlasoma" (Theraps) argentea July 96
Care and Spawning of Callichthys callichthys March 91
Caring for the Iridescent Shark September 96
Catfishes, Little Rascals: Spiny and Suckermouth September 92
Catfishes: Dwellers of Dim Places May 91
Cats in the Cradle November 98
Central Longear Sunfish, Lepomis megalotis, Aquarium March 96
Chaca chaca, Successful Spawning of March 92
Challenging Dwarf Cichlid—Nanochromis nudiceps May 90
Chameleon Betta, Betta foerschi June 90
Charming Pseudotropheus demasoni August 98
Chasing Rainbows: Adventures with Darters April 91
Chromaphyosemions November 98
Cichlasoma (Archocentrus) septemfasciatum July 96
Cichlasoma sajica, Breeding July 92
Cichlid Keeper’s Cichlid March 97
Cichlids are Different! March 93
Cichlids of Mexico April 94
Cichlids of Mexico, Part 2: Neartic Cichlids May 94
Classification of Nishikigoi, 1 February 93
Classification of Nishikigoi, 2 March 93
Classification of Nishikigoi, 3 April 93
Classification of Nishikigoi, 4 May 93
Classification of Nishikigoi, 5 June 93
Classification of Nishikigoi, 6 December 93
Classification of Nishikigoi, 7 January 94
Classification of Nishikigoi, 8 February 94
Classification of Nishikigoi, 9 May 94
Clenopoma weekvi, Keeping March 92
Clever Fuelleborni August 94
Clown Plecos, Keeping the February 92
Clowning Around: Loaches for Laughs September 00
Cobalt Zebra September 94
Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid September 91
Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid, Apistogramma cacatuoides December 94
Coldwater Loaches—Remarkable Aquarium Fishes February 91
Collecting a Colorful Killifish in West Africa: Aphyosemion geryi April 98
Collecting Herichthys (Theraps) tuba May 95
Color Selection in Discus Breeding September 99
Comments on Miniature Freshwater Fishes January 97
Common Krib, An Easy Dwarf Cichlid August 94
Community Tank Cichlids August 91
Companions of Discus January 91
Compleat Betta unimaculata August 95
Conditioning Wild Discus for Spawning July 93
Confession July 92
Continuing Saga of the Butterfly Koi April 93
Convict Variation August 97
Coolie Loaches, The Exceptional November 92
Coolwater Tropical Aquariums: A Tradition Reborn November 94
Coping with Aggression in the Cichlid Aquarium June 96
Corydoras axelrodi, The Care and Breeding of November 92
Corydoras Cats: Wedge-shaped Wonders July 95
Corydoras coriatae, a New Species of Catfish April 97
Corydoras eques, The Golden-eared Cory September 90
Corydoras in the Community Aquarium October 92
Crazy Cats March 98
Crenicara maculata, A Beautiful Checkerboard Cichlid November 92
Croaking Gouramis, The Care and Breeding of the January 92
Ctenochromis benthicola: The Unknown Known Cichlid from Lake Tanganyika July 96
Ctenopomas The Labyrinth Fishes of Africa December 96
Currents Events with the Electric Catfish February 95
Cut and Paste Apisto February 99
Cyathopharynx furcifer King of the Tanganyikan Sand Floor October 99
Cyathopharynx: Featherfins of Lake Tanganyika March 99
Cyphotilapia frontosa, Meet February 92
Darwin’s Ponds-Malawi and Tanganyika October 98
Degen’s New Red Discus February 91
Delta Lyretail, A Giant of a Killie February 93
Development of Fancy Livebearers in Hawaii January 98
Development of the Panda Discus December 94
Discovering Botia Loaches December 96
Discus Dreams Come True June 95
Discus Fry! Now What Do I Do? October 96
Discus Habitats March 00
Discus in Italy August 00
Discus is Born June 94
Discus Study Group Symposium V July 94
Discus Symposium 2 June 91
Discus Worth Its Weight in Gold November 92
Discus, An Unusual Approach to Hatching June 92
Discus, Dealing With Nervous May 92
Divine Madness of Discus Rapture February 92
Do Freshwater Hatchetfishes Really Fly? September 96
Do Not Belly Load February 92
Dream Discus (parts 1-2) November 93
Dream Discus, Part 3 January 94
Dwarf Cichlids in the Aquarium February 92
Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish March 97
Dwarf Smiling Acaras December 94
Easy and Beautiful—The Striped Panchax January 91
Easy and Colorful Flagfish May 94
Ecology of Killifishes August 94
Elephant Herd November 98
Elephant-noses and their Kin February 95
Emerald Fighting Fish January 93
Emperor Tetras Times Two June 94
Enantiopus melanogenys: The Ghost of the Tanganyikan Sand Floor July 95
Endangered Livebearers at the Staten Island Zoo March 95
Enigmatic Corydoras araguaiaensis September 94
Essentials of Discus Management February 95
Eulogy to a Ditch October 98
Eureka, Topeka! (Shiners, that is) December 98
Experiences with a Tanganyikan in South Africa September 98
Experiences with the Blue-eyed Cichlid, Cichlasoma spilurum October 90
Exploring the World of Electric Fishes December 96
Extinction of Many, Survival of Some March 95
Fabulous Four-eyed Fish June 95
Family Anostomidoe: the Headstanders August 97
Fancy Goldfish in Hong Kong May 99
Fancy Goldfish in the Aquarium February 00
Fast Water, Deep Seas July 91
Featherbacks October 96
Fiery Sleeper September 95
Fighting Fishes of Kalimantan July 92
Fire! July 96
Fire-Red Discus February 00
First Breeding of the Starry Woodcat, Tatia galaxias June 90
First Love: The Firemouth September 91
Fish for Fanatics—The Pike Characin January 90
Fish Out of Water—Mudskippers March 98
Fish That Would Not Die February 94
Fishes of the Night, Part 1 January 91
Fishes of the Night, Part 2 February 91
Five Easy Pisces: Cichlids with Sense March 00
Five Secrets for Building a Herd of Congo Tetras August 96
Flame Gourami, Breeding the November 92
Flight of the Bumblebee Goby July 99
Florida Livebearers, Part 2 November 97
Florida Liverbearers, Part 1 October 97
Focus on Behaviors: Starting with African Cichlids December 97
Forktail Checkerboard Cichlid, Crenicara filamentosa April 96
Formula for Breeding Angelfish January 00
Freshwater ‘Sharks’ November 96
Freshwater Butterfly Fish July 91
Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand: The Eleotrids January 93
Freshwater Pearlscale Angelfish are Here! March 91
Freshwater Puffers September 97
Freshwater Stingrays of the Family Potamotrygonidae April 97
From Discus to Sunfish—One Man’s Journey January 99
From Feeders to Fancies April 99
Fry Behavior in Oreochromis mossambicus April 95
Fullest Empty Tank in the World June 98
Funny Thing Happened on the Way up the Evolutionary Ladder September 99
Galaxiids of New Zealand March 92
Gallery of Chinese Goldfish November 96
Gars: America’s Blast From the Past September 96
Gathering of Killies August 91
Genetics in Corydoras, a Review of Existing Literature, Part 1 January 99
Genetics in Corydoras, a Review of Existing Literature, Part 2 February 99
Gentle Giants with a Twist June 00
Genus Aulonocara: Butterflies and Peacocks April 00
Genus Colisa November 99
Genus Danio: Five Interesting Species May 00
Genus Tropheus from Lake Tanganyika January 90
Geophagus surinamensis, Care of May 92
Getting Started with Cichlids: Compatibility October 92
Giant Tetras September 94
Glass Catfish, Success with the Shy and Delicate July 92
Glowlight Tetra, Hemigrammus erythrozonus June 95
Going Native!—The North American Native Fish Community Tank September 98
Gold Gourami: A Breeder’s Best Bet November 94
Golden Age of South American Annual Killifish, or, It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times September 98
Golden Dragon: The Most Expensive Aquarium Fish in the World? February 92
Golden Ram: The Golden Morph of Microgeophagus ramirezi August 00
Goldfish for Novice and Expert April 92
Goldfish: Gem of the Orient, Pride of American Aquarists February 98
Good Fish, Bad Fish April 99
Good, the Bad, and the Ugly June 91
Gourami Tale, Surprisingly Enough June 92
Gouramis and Snakeheads from Bangkok April 91
Great Chubs of Fire—Keeping and Breeding Flame Chubs January 99
Great Gouramis—Trichogaster September 99
Guppies Across the Generations October 90
Guppies on Vacation July 90
Guppy Breeding Programs: Initial Considerations March 90
Guppy Legends: Stan Shubel April 92
Guppy, Tale, Trimmed September 92
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: the Black Widow Tetra July 00
Half-banded Flag Cichlid, Bujurquina peregrinabunda July 95
Halfbeak: An Odd Livebearer February 96
Hand-feeding Your Discus April 92
Harlequin Rasbora: Rasbora heteromorpha April 00
Held Captive by Convicts June 96
Herbivores in the Aquarium March 99
Herichthys nicaraguense, a Cichlid Worth a Look June 97
Highland Killifishes of Mexico February 90
Hillstream Loaches: Borneo ‘Plecos’ May 00
History of Tanichthys albonubes & Hemigrammocypris lini September 99
Homann’s Pearl Red Discus February 91
Honey Gourami: A Sweet Fish Indeed December 95
Honey, I Vacuumed the Kribs! March 93
Hooded Goldfish: The Lionhead and The Oranda March 93
Hooked on Chocolates October 97
Horadandia atukorali brittani, A New Subspecies of Rasborinae (Pisces: Cyprinidae) from Kerala, South India June 92
How Discus Fry Feed February 94
How I Raise Discus Artificially November 94
Humpty Fish of the Guaso River September 95
Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus, Flag Tetra, April 92
I Like Albinos October 99
I Like Mine Rare, Please: Collecting Aphyosemion zygaima March 98
If Gan Can…You Can Too! October 92
Importance of Genetics in Discus Breeding July 99
In Search of The Blue Oscar: Artificially Colored Fish December 00
In Search of the Half-Moon Delta Betta August 94
In Search of the Kamaka Rainbow April 92
Introducing the Marbled Convict Cichlid March 96
Introducing: Florida Livebearers May 95
Iriatherina werneri, A Riddle for Fish Breeders February 95
Iriatherina werneri, The Featherfin Rainbowfish January 92
Iridescent Shark, Pangasius sutchi November 97
Is There Gold in Your Garden?: Goldfish in the Pond April 00
Iso-med for Wild Caught Discus June 97
Jack Dempsey, Meet April 92
Jaguar Catfishes of the Genus Liosomadoras February 94
Jewels-(photo essay) July 98
Joy with Koi March 94
Julies...The Fish with the Magnetic Personality July 97
Just Say Pleco June 99
Keeping Acarichthys geayi—Or Maybe Not! May 90
Keeping and Breeding of the Cardinal Tetra June 91
Keeping and Spawning Arkansas Darters August 98
Keeping and Spawning Corydoras panda July 97
Keeping Brachyplatystoma juruense April 94
Keeping Bristlenose Plecos May 91
Keeping Copeland’s Tetra December 96
Keeping Nandopsis bartoni May 96
Keeping the Clown Knifefish November 94
Keeping the Flagtail Catfish May 90
Keeping the Garnet Tetra October 90
Keeping the Great Northerner: The Iowa Darter, Etheostoma exile July 96
Keeping the Iridescent Shark, Pangasius sutchi February 91
Keeping the Orangethroat darter, Etheostoma spectabile August 96
Keeping the Red Phantom, Megalamphodus sweglesi October 91
Keeping the Southern Redbelly Dace, Phoxinus erythrogaster November 96
Kenjiro Tanaka's Beautiful Bettas March 93
Kill or Cure September 94
Killifishes of the Genus Rivulus November 94
Killifishes of West Africa, Part 1 August 92
Killifishes of West Africa, Part 2 September 92
Killifishes: The Big Easy February 95
King of the Corys, Corydoras barbatus October 94
Kiss and Tell February 93
Knight Goby November 00
Koi-R-Us May 92
Lacerations in Koi April 95
Lamp Lites March 97
Lamprichthys tanganicanus: The Mystery Fish of Lake Tanganyika October 93
Lamprologus buescheri: Rift Lake Royalty November 94
Lamprologus calvus, The Pearly Lamprologus January 91
Lamprologus ornatapinnis: A Colorful Shell-Dweller May 98
Lamprologus pulcher "Daffodil" December 95
Largest Known Killifish October 97
Leaffish, Little Predator of the Amazon May 92
Lemon Tetra, Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis July 90
Lethrinops lethrinus: the Malawi Common Sand Eater July 00
Licorice Gouramis: An Overview September 95
Life with Oscar May 95
Limias: Freshwater Gems of the Caribbean February 93
Little and Large—An Odd Couple: Spawning Vieja breidohri October 00
Little Fishes in the Brook October 91
Littlest Livebearer—A Lost Treasure February 90
Livebearers, Meet the July 92
Loaches: More Than Comic Relief May 90
Look at Some New Betta Species February 95
Look at the Spiketail Paradisefish October 95
Looker from Central America: Theraps nicaraguensis December 96
Lookout for the Bullrout September 91
Lost and Found Cichlid—Nannacara taenia January 98
Lost Your Heart to Koi? February 93
Lovable Flagtail Cory, Corydoras robineae November 95
Lovely Aequidens metae September 96
Lovely New Pearlfish, Cynolebias affinis April 90
Lowdown on Snakeheads June 93
Macropodus ocellatus: The Chinese Paradisefish April 95
Magic Carpets: Dispelling the Myths of Freshwater Stingrays in the Aquarium March 99
Majestic Red-Tailed Catfish June 98
Making a Start with Koi June 96
Making Friends with the Blue Dwarf (Badis badis) March 99
Mammoth Cave Blindfish September 91
Man who would be Synodontis King April 95
Many Colors of Gold: A Survey of Fancy Goldfish Breeds June 00
Marvelous Mollies (photo essay) October 98
Marvelous Mollies February 90
Marvelous Mouthbrooding Bettas: Betta dimidiata November 99
Mbuna of Lake Victoria April 95
Meet the Joturo Again April 96
Methods for Improvement of Japanese Ornamental (Koi) Carp March 95
Mexican Swordtail, Xiphophorus montezumae January 90
Mighty Mite, Pseudotropheus microstoma September 95
Miniature Beauty: Lamprologus caudopunctatus July 94
Minute Ricefish, Oryzias minutillus August 96
Miser’s Guide to Native Fish Keeping December 98
Mixers in the Drink March 99
Monocirrhus polyacanthus: The South American Leaf Fish October 00
Monos: Betcha Can’t Keep Just One! January 90
Monotreta travancoricus: An Unusual Dwarf Indian Pufferfish October 00
Mostly Gentle Giant Gourami May 90
Mouth Full of Mean Teeth September 92
Mud-Dwelling Lamprologines of Lake Tanganyika July 99
Mudskippers in Nature and in Captivity June 91
Mudskippers: Demanding But Rewarding May 96
Musings on the Evolution of Cichlids January 91
My Dream Fish: Aphyosemion kiyawensis December 96
My Experiences with the Six-barred Distichodus August 90
My Favorite New Fish: Corydoras melanistius October 95
My Setup for Breeding Discus February 91
My Tanganyikan Lucky Charm, Lamprologus leleupi March 95
Mysterious Bichirs February 92
Mysterious Visitor from Lake Tanganyika May 93
Name Game: Ameiurus vs. Ictalurus vs. Amiurus May 91
Nannocharax fasciatus, The African Darter Tetra, February 92
Nanochromis from Kapou November 94
Native American Characin August 95
Neolamprologous speciosus: An Exciting New Tanganyikan Shell-Dweller April 96
Neolamprologus brichardi: the Fish that Thinks July 00
Neon Tetra: An Oldie But Goodie September 96
New Ancistrus Species from the Rio Cuiba System, Brazil August 99
New Butterfly Koi January 91
New Gan Sensation! February 91
New Information on the Zebra Pleco, Hypancistrus zebra January 96
New Mouthbrooding Bettas from Kalimantan Timur October 99
New Red Cichlid from the Red Island October 93
No Fish for the Impatient—The Peruvian Longfin March 91
Notes on Fostering Experiments with Cichlids January 92
Notes on the African Lungfish, Protopterus annectens May 93
Notes on the Care of Male Bettas June 96
Nothobranchius steinforti, a Modestly Colored Notho October 90
Observations on the Care and Breeding of Lamprologus multifasciatus January 90
Of Leeches, Severed Body Parts, and Water on the Moon: Biofiltration and Natural Aquariums June 00
Of White Elephants, Bloody Pigeons, Red Dragons, and Discus February 93
Old and the New Nannacara July 91
Old World Cyprinids for the Coldwater Aquarium January 91
On Target: Archerfishes February 94
Once Caught, Once Bought, Never Returned! November 98
Origin and Classification of the Liberty Molly February 94
Oscars in Question May 96
Pacu—A Friendly Giant August 98
Painted Betta October 98
Panama Cichlid: A Tiny Tyrant September 94
Panama Jewels, Part 1, Jewels from the Land of the Kunas January 98
Panama Jewels, Part 2, Jewels from the Land of the Chocos February 98
Panama Jewels, Part 3, Jewels from the Pacific Slope of Panama March 98
Paratilapia polleni: the Madagascar Beauty March 97
Peaceful Betta: A Novelty No Longer January 90
Peacocks of Lake Malawi January 90
Peacocks, A Plethora of May 92
Pelagic Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika January 93
Pelvicachromis humilis: A Liberian Jewel February 95
Pelvicachromis roloffi, A Splendid Dwarf Cichlid 06/93  
Pencilfish, Headstanders, and Penguinfish August 00
Perruno Catfish, Perrunichthys perruno October 90
Phantom Tetras, a Brief Account of Their Ichthyological and Aquarium History July 98
Photo Tribute to the Common Guppy June 98
Pike Livebearer, Belonesox belizanus: Is It For You? November 96
Piranha Passions January 97
Piranhas—Fact and Fiction August 98
Pirate Perch, The Spawning Mode of the August 92
Plates for Everyone February 92
Plecology August 98
Pocket-sized Pike June 94
Poecilocharax weitzmani, The Black Darter Tetra July 92
Polishing the Angel’s Halo December 94
Popondichthys furcatus: The Forked-Tail Rainbowfish November 00
Porthole Rasbora: Rasbora cephalotaenia September 94
Predator from the Rio Teite: Zungaro zungaro February 95
Predators and Warriors December 00
Programmed Breakdown Problems in Rearing the Red Dwarf Gourami January 91
Protomelas fenestratus East Coast Steveni December 96
Pseudotropheus "acii" March 91
Pseudotropheus lanisticola: A Malawian Shell-dwelling Cichlid February 93
Pseudotropheus sp. "Usisya," The Unusual February 92
Pterophyllum dumerilii—The Long-nosed Angelfish July 90
Puffers: Endearing Little Tank-wreckers February 91
Purring Pygmy Gouramis June 95
Quest for Betta livida July 98
Quest for the Red Zebra February 95
Question of Sex July 91
Racho’s Notho, The Jewel from East Africa May 91
Rachovia of the Orinoco Drainage August 95
Rainbowfish of Irian Jaya March 00
Rainbowfishes, Keeping and Breeding October 92
Raising Apistogramma borellii, a Beautiful Dwarf Cichlid March 97
Raising Fry February 00
Raising Fry September 99
Rangers February 98
Rasboras: Attractive Asians for the Community Aquarium January 96
Realities of Spawning Zebra Plecos August 98
Red One from Paraguay: The Care and Breeding of the Jewel Tetra January 91
Red Paradisefish (Pseudosphromenus dayi) October 94
Red Phase of Nothobranchius korthausae November 95
Red Rainbowfish January 97
Red Terror—A Well-Named Beauty October 91
Red Tetra from Rio: Hyphessobrycon flammeus September 90
Red-Eyed Swordtails in Uruguay February 00
Red-Eyed Swordtails June 99
Rediscovering the Blue Gourami November 96
Rediscovery of Herichthys ramsdeni June 94
Reds from Rio May 93
Red-striped Barb, Puntius bimaculatus May 90
Red-tailed Cichlid, Theraps zonatum August 94
Red-tailed Goody May 94
Redtop Zebra, Pseudotropheus greshakei March 96
Rendezvous with the Platy, Xiphophorus maculatus March 00
Restless Dwarf: The Honey Gourami February 90
Restrained Elegance: The Glass Bloodfin February 92
Revalidation of Pterophyllum leopoldi November 95
Rhyacichthys guilberti, a New Species of Loach Goby from Northwestern New Caledonia (Teleostei: Ryacichthyidae) July 92
Rineloricaria morrowi, Breeding the Golden Whiptail Catfish, February 92
Rio Demini Oscar May 94
Ripe for Picking: The Cherry Barb October 96
Ropefish and Bichirs, Family Polypteridae March 98
Rosy Barbs—an Old Favorite July 99
Round-banded Barb, Barbodes rhomboocellatus January 93
Rummy-nose Tetra: Sending Your Tank to School December 95
Sailfin Molly January 00
Sand-dwelling Peacocks of Lake Malawi June 95
Sangre De Cristo and Argent: New Color Varieties of Platyfish June 97
Sarassa Comet Goldfish, How I Personally Developed the June 92
Scats: Aquatic Vacuum Cleaners November 96
Search for the True Ratpunk—Keeping Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlids in the Home Aquarium April 98
Search for the True Ratpunk—Keeping Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlids (Part 2) May 98
Secrets of Breeding Discus September 95
Secrets of the Swordtail January 93
Selecting Your First Discus May 99
Send in the Clown Loaches July 90
Sense of Community August 00
Sergio Sarta Portfolio January 97
Sex and the Single Killifish February 98
Sharing the Nest February 91
Sharks That Aren’t April 92
Sharp Knives November 97
Shell-Brooding Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika August 99
Silvertip Tetra, Hasemania nana February 90
Skinny on Scats October 99
Skunk Loaches, Fun With June 92
Sky Blue from Tanzania: The Care and Spawning of the Orchid Notho April 91
Small Time April 98
Small, Red Fighting Fish April 98
Smallest Dwarf: Apistogramma trifasciata February 94
Snakeheads: Vicious but Fascinating May 95
Some African Cichlids Are Softies September 98
Some Time in 09/98 August 98
Sorrows of Stripes and Smudge September 93
South American Killies in the Garden Pond January 92
Spawning Altum Angels June 94
Spawning Betta splendens, An All-time Favorite January 95
Spawning Haplochromis brownae November 99
Spawning Haplochromis polystigma May 91
Spawning Haplochromis venustus August 95
Spawning Hoplosternum pectorale September 96
Spawning Labeotropheus fuelleborni July 90
Spawning Labidochromis pallidus December 95
Spawning Lamprologus tetracanthus May 91
Spawning Malpulutta kretseri June 94
Spawning of Herichthys haitiensis July 95
Species of the Glandulocaudine Tetra Tribe Glandulocaudini: The Genus Mimagoniates (Part 1) February 96
Species of the Glandulocaudine Tetra Tribe Glandulocaudini: The Genus Mimagoniates (Part 2) April 96
Species of the Glandulocaudine Tetra Tribe Glandulocaudini: The Genus Mimagoniates (Part 3) May 96
Sphaerichithys acrostoma, Successful Breeding of, October 92
Sphaerichthys osphromenoides: Care and Breeding Notes on the Chocolate Gourami November 00
Spined Loach, Cobitis taenia December 96
Spiny Eels Dig Aquariums May 95
Spotted Pim Cat May 97
Starting Out Right with Goldfish April 95
Starting With Discus August 99
Steatocranus casuarius, Breeding the Lionhead Cichlid, March 92
Sticklebacks in the Aquarium December 94
Stiff Lower Lip-Half beaks January 98
Striped Headstander, Anostomus anostomus September 93
Substrate Spawners: Are They For You? February 96
Success with the Genus Apistogramma March 95
Successful Breeding of the Chocolate Gourami, Sphaerichthys osphromenoides January 90
Successfully Spawning and Raising Blackbanded and Bluespotted Sunfishes October 95
Synodontis multipunctatus, The Strange Life of February 92
Tale of Two Kitties September 00
Tale of Two Tetras January 94
Taming the Big Cats June 98
Tanganyika Pearl Killie: Lamprichthys tanganicanus November 99
Tanganyika’s Benthic Engineer: Lamprologus ocellatus Gold May 95
Tanganyikan Beauty: Cyprichromis leptosoma "Malasa" February 96
Tanganyikan Cichlid Portfolio April 90
Tanganyikan Giraffes in Your Tank June 98
Taxonomic Look at Mastacembelid Spiny Eels July 98
Temple City Platyfish: Extinct Cities and Endangered Species November 95
Terrific Tetra Tank February 93
They’re Here! Herichthys ramsdeni Lands on US Shores August 95
Thick-lipped Gourami, Colisa labiosa March 91
Thinking Killies? Think Aphyosemion gardneri February 91
Those Bloody Blood-Red Parrots September 00
Those Fabulous Four-Eyes March 98
Tiger Barb, Rediscovering an Old Favorite, The November 92
Tiger Loach, Botia dario July 91
Tin Soldier June 97
Tiny Beauty—The Spotted Rasbora February 90
New Tangerine Dream Discus January 95
Transient Gems—Two Worlds of Killifishes February 98
Transvestite Cichlid—Anything but a Drag August 98
Trematocranus walteri—A Jewel from Lake Malawi February 90
Tricolor Shark, Keeping the April 92
Tropheops Species of Lake Malawi June 00
Tropheus and Petrochromis: Tanganyikan Algae Eaters April 00
Tropheus the Terrible March 94
Tropical Interlude: the Families Notopteridae and Morymridae September 00
Try Mbuna for Colorful Action May 92
Twenty Years of Characins December 00
Twig Cats August 98
Two-striped Apisto, Apistogramma bitaeniata August 95
Uaru amphiacanthoides: The Poor Man’s Discus March 97
Uaru Who? August 00
Understanding Fancy Xiphophorus January 90
Unusual Jamaican Pupfish, Chriopeodes pengelleyi May 90
Urban Legends March 99
Venerable Paradisefish, Macropodus opercularis June 91
Victorian Cichlids at the Horniman Museum November 94
Victorian Secrets April 95
What is a Cichlid? January 93
When the Red Devil was New June 99
Where, Oh Where, Did My Cherry Barbs Go? October 93
Whiskers and Warriors February 99
White Cloud November 99
White Clouds, The Care and Breeding of June 92
Wild Things October 00
Xenotilapia papilio: A Jewel from Lake Tanganyika January 94
Yellow Elephant-nose August 95
Yellow-lip Acara, Laetacara flavilabris May 97

Freshwater Invertebrates

Ampullarid Snails: Forgotten Creatures of the Freshwater World June 95
Asellus, A Freshwater Isopod March 91
Blue Marron May 95
Caddisflies May 99
Creating a Freshwater “Mini-Reef” May 95
Don’t Snub Snails May 96
Miami Cave Crayfish July 95

Fossil Fishes

All Fins and No Legs? August 95
Ancient Coelacanth Giants September 95
Ancient Tarpon-like Fishes August 94
Araripichthys, A Scale-finned Oddity August 93
Branner's Fish September 94
Calamopleurus: An Ancient Bowfin June 94
Clam-Crushing Fishes From the Age of Dinosaurs May 96
Dastilbe by the Thousands April 93
Fish Fossils and Evolution January 93
Fossil Surgeonfishes April 96
Lungfishes: "Living Fossils" October 96
Semionotus Species Flocks May 94
The Enigmatic Cichlasoma woodringi February 93
The Oldest Bonefish? July 94
The World's Oldest Anchovy? February 93
Vinctifer: Not an Armored Catfish June 93
What is Tharrhias? March 93


Africa’s Eastern Tiger Snake, A Vicious Reputation Undeserved? April 91
Agile Anoles and Clambering Chameleons January 93
Airborne Herps May 90
All-American Map Turtles April 93
Alligator Lizards March 91
Amphibians and Reptiles in the Garden Pond October 90
An Introduction to the Asian Box Turtles May 93
Another Silent Spring? January 95
Basics of Herpetological Photography February 95
Best Defense: An Introduction to Hognose Snakes February 90
Body Language in Agamas of Eastern Saudi Arabia June 95
Breeding of the Gray-banded Kingsnake February 90
Breeding the California Mountain Kingsnake October 91
Breeding the Eastern Snake-Necked Turtle May 96
Breeding the Spur-thighed Tortoise August 94
Captive Care and Husbandry of the Green Tree Python, Chondrophyton viridis February 94
Captive Care of the Red-Eared Slider September 96
Captive Propagation of Barrel Skinks January 92
Care and Breeding of the Oriental Fire-bellied Toad March 90
Care and Breeding of the Red-sided Curlytail October 95
Care and Maintenance of Plated Lizards July 96
Caution: Look-alikes. The Rhabdophis-Amphiesma Problem February 91
Chiricahuas: Mountain Islands in the Arizona Desert The African Clawed Frog November 95
Collared Lizards January 90
Comments on the Obsoleta-complex Rat Snakes of Florida July 93
Copperheads: Masters of Camouflage December 95
Core of the Eastern Chain Kingsnake April 96
Dendrobates tinctorius, the Dyeing Poison Frog October 94
Desert Discovery: The Colorado River Toad July 91
Diamondback Terrapins: Brackish Delights September 94
Eastern Indigo Snake: One of Nature’s Finest October 92
Eels That Aren’t: Caecilians February 91
Emerald Monitor Lizard, Varanus prasinus April 91
Fire Salamander May 96
Flashy Firebellies July 95
Florida's Chipola River—A Nighttime Herping Foray December 94
Giant Firebelly Toad, Success at Last! Breeding the August 92
Glass Snake November 92
Hatchling Reptile Care: A Few Basic Hints August 96
Heading off Hibernation in Captive Box Turtles November 95
Herkimer The Hellacious Hellbender March 92
Herping Arizona: The Sonoran Desert March 96
Herping Texas: Brownsville to Falcon Dam January 96
Herping Texas: The Big Bend July 94
Herping the Southeast: A 01/94 Jaunt January 94
House Geckos and Corn Snakes in the 'Glades November 94
Iguanas and Friends June 91
Jewel in the Terrarium: The Namib Sand Gecko January 90
Keeping and Breeding Rocket Frogs February 93
Keeping and Breeding the Green Zonosaur December 95
Keeping Snapping Turtles May 92
Keeping Softshell Turtles September 91
Keeping the Three-lined Emerald Lizard, Lacerta trilineata July 90
Kingsnakes of Florida June 94
Leopard Gecko: A Good Choice for the Novice Herpetophile January 95
Life With Matty and Maddie May 91
Little Dragons of the Trees April 92
Lizards of a Living Museum June 96
Madagascar Giant Day Geckos: A Personal Overview August 96
Matamata ... and More March 94
Mexican Longnose Snake, A Glance South of the Border: The, February 92
Monitor Lizards: This Man's Best Friends September 95
Mountain Islands in the Arizona Desert: The Huachucas August 95
Mud Eels in the Home Aquarium February 93
Myriad of Monitors January 91
Name Game: A Soft Taxonomy of Softshell Turtles September 91
Name Game: Alligator Lizards and Glass Snakes March 91
Name Game: Goodbye to the Iguanids and Agamids February 91
Name Game: Whatever Happened to Natrix? August 94
News From the World of Geckos April 90
Niongrove Snake, Boiga dendrophila April 96
Northern Pine Snake January 93
Notes on a Rare Island Newt September 96
Notes on Standing's Day Gecko, Phelsuma standingi September 93
Notes on the Water Snakes of the Southeastern USA August 93
Notes on Three Diverse and Interesting Skinks June 92
Observations on the Scarlet Snake March 95
Pipa pipa, The Surinam Toad February 92
Poison Arrow Frogs in the Terrarium June 90
Profile of Blanding's Turtle May 94
Pythons in Captivity August 91
Raising Triturus cristatus January 91
Ringneck Snakes: Small, But Not Forgotten February 96
Rough but Manageable: Captive Care of the Rough Green Snake May 95
Search for Seminatrix April 94
Send in the Clowns March 93
Snakes in a Basket? June 95
Solomon Islands Skink September 90
Spanish Ribbed Newt (Pleurodeles waltl) and How to Keep it in Captivity August 90
Speckled Kingsnake December 94
Spotted Salamander, One of Nature’s Gems September 92
Stroll on the Lake Wales Ridge April 95
Take that Vacation and Leave the Frog at Home April 92
Teiids of the Southern U.S. March 95
Those Slippery Sirens October 95
Thoughts on Some Skinks of the Genus Eumeces October 93
Tiny Tyrants February 95
Treefrogs in Captivity, The Care of, July 92
Venomous Lizards June 93
White Alligators January 91


Bleeding-heart Rosy Tetras September 97
Cichlasoma Story: Herichthys, the Break-up July 00
Cichlasoma: The Next Step January 93
Common Serpae Tetra of Aquarists May 97
Conservation of Rio Negro Ornamental Fishes January 93
Corydoras Conundrum: on a Revised Taxonomy of the Genus Corydoras June 00
Description of Pseudotropheus estherae sp., nov, The Well-Known Red Zebra Cichlid from Lake Malawi May 95
Descriptions of Six New Malawi Cichlids July 90
Descriptions of Three New Copadichromis Species (Labroidei; Cichlidae) May 99
Glandulocaudine Fishes October 95
Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus, A New Species of Bleeding Heart (Teleostei:Characidae) from the Rio Erere, Brazil September 93
Living Coelacanth Endangered: A Personalized Tale February 90
Miniature Glandulocaudine Tetras, Tribe Xenurobryconini February 97
Mouth Adaptations December 97
New Species of Bristlemouth Catfish: Ancistrus claro June 99
New Species of Mouthbrooding Betta May 99
New Species of Suckermouth Catfish: Hypostomus mutucae July 99
New Triplefins from Taiwan April 96
On the Rediscovery of Etoplus canarensis Day March 93
Problems in Systematic Studies of Rosy Tetras November 97
Rosy Tetra, Hyphessobrycon rosaceus, its Identification and History as an Aquarium Fish July 97
Scobinancistrus aureatus, a New Species of Loricariid Catfish from Rio Xingu (Loricariidae: Ancistrinae) September 94
Sickle-fin or Robert’s Tetra October 97
Significance of Internal Fertilization in Glandulocaudine Tetras November 95
Smallest Freshwater Fish, Danionella translucida January 94
Species of the Glandulocaudine Tetra Tribe Glandulocaudini: Comments from Ongoing Research December 95
Stenogobius (Stenogobius) lachneri, A New Species of Freshwater Goby from the Island of New Guinea (Pisces: Perciformes: Gobiidae) June 94
Theraps wesseli, A New Species of Cichlid Fish from the Caribbean Slope of Northern Honduras June 96
Three New Species of Catfishes of the Genus Corydoras (Callichthyidae:Siluriformes) August 93
Tracking the Coelacanth: A Follow-up Tale March 90

Marine Fish

Acanthurus sohal…The Best Tang? July 97
Amphiprion clarkii, A Clown of Colors August 92
An American Seahorse May 98
An Introduction to Squirrelfishes May 96
Angel Sharks and Their Care in Captivity January 92
Angelfish Rule the Reef! October 98
Angels, the Littlest September 92
Animals of the Sandy Bottoms January 92
Another Look at the Picasso Triggerfish March 93
Appeal of Clownfish August 97
Arc-Eye Hawkfish: Behavioral Notes April 94
As the Worm Turns September 98
Batfishes: Genus Platax January 90
Bay Blenny, A Clown For All Seasons July 93
Beau Brummell Damsel, The July 92
Beau Gregory January 91
Bicolor Blennies December 96
Biology and Care of Commerson’s Frogfish January 97
Bird Wrasse, The September 92
Blackcap Basslet: A Deepwater Delight May 92
Blacksmith Damsel April 92
Blue Devil April 92
Blue-and-Gold Triggerfish, Pseudobalistes fuscus April 91
Breeding Marine Fish—Part 1: Introduction January 99
Breeding Marine Fish—Part 2: Modes of Reproduction February 99
Breeding Marine Fish—Part 3: Pair Formation and Sex Reversal May 99
Breeding Marine Fish—Part 4: Breeding Tanks and Conditioning June 99
Breeding Marine Fish—Part 5: Rearing Marine Fishes July 99
Breeding Orchids August 98
Bring ‘em Back Alive November 99
Broomtail Wrasse August 99
Broomtail Wrasse July 96
Brown-eared Surgeonfish: A Meat-eater! February 92
Brown Rockhopper April 96
Butterflies, The Ten Best June 92
Butterfly Collecting—New Jersey Style September 90
Butterflyfishes You Don’t Want September 96
Candystripe Pygmy Angel, The NEW July 92
Captivated Clowns, Marine Trailblazers January 98
Captive Breeding of Hippocampus abdominalis, the Pot-bellied Seahorse August 00
Captive-bred Lionfish January 98
Care and Breeding of the Neon Goby January 90
Case Study of the Triangle Butterfly January 94
Chaetodon semilarvatus, A Social Butterfly March 91
Chubs Called Rudderfishes August 97
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: A Piscine Pugilist? September 93
Clown Triggerfish—A Personal Tale February 91
Clowns in the Desert January 98
Confessions of a Wrasse Man February 00
Conscientious Marine Aquarist April 95
Convict Tang May 90
Cortez Angelfish, The July 92
Cottontail Damselfish February 90
Cunner: Plain Jane of a Colorful Clan February 90
Damsel, Fair Damsel May 91
Damsels, Those Darling August 92
Dangerous Species for the Marine Aquarium November 00
Dascyllus: Damsels Definitely Not in Distress January 97
Dead Again October 98
Designs for Marine Living February 97
Dogfishes and Their Care in Captivity February 92
Dottybacks for the Marine Aquarium January 93
Ecology and Behavior of Moray Eels February 94
Ecology and Behavior of Pseudanthias squamipinnis July 95
Eels Eels Eels July 98
El Barbero: The Butterfly from Baja June 95
Electric Rays November 97
Emperor Angelfish, Sex Characteristics in the November 92
Emperor of the Aquarium December 95
Enchanting Rogue October 90
Escenius randalli, A New Species of Blenniid Fish from Indonesia, with Notes on Other Species of Escenius August 91
Fairy Basslet, Long-finned February 92
Family Lives of Marine Fishes June 96
Firefishes January 93
First Record of a Hybrid, Pomacanthus semicirculatus x P. imperator November 98
Fish Collecting in the Maldives October 94
Flame Angel November 95
Flame Hawkfish February 91
Flashlight Fishes, Deepsea Oddities: The November 92
Florida Keys Marine Fish Collecting: A Dying Livelihood? April 92
Fooling Around with Filefish October 90
Forcipiger longirostris, The Aquatic Cyrano de Bergerac August 92
French Angelfish, Pomacanthus paru April 96
From Seahorses to Cowfish March 99
Fun With Clownfishes May 93
Gallery of Temperate Marine Fishes January 93
Girella My Dreams March 92
Gobies in the Marine Aquarium July 90
Goby or Blennie? October 91
Going Batty! Bats, but not Spades March 98
Golden Puffer February 93
Golden Rabbitfish: A Marine Treasure May 93
Gone Fishing: Anglerfishes February 93
Great Algae Eaters for the Reef Aquarium March 00
Groupers, Basses, or Hinds? The Genus Cepholopholis December 96
Harlequin Tuskfish, Choerodon fasciata January 94
Hawaiian Saddle Wrasse June 90
Here’s to the Sea Robins January 90
I am Curious (Yellow) December 95
I Love Orchids, Don’t You? August 98
In the Shadows: An Introduction to Cardinalfishes January 90
Intellectual Assassin November 92
Jawfishes August 96
John Dories October 91
Jumbo Damselfishes January 95
Just Say No to Cyanide July 94
Kaleidoscopic Wrasses August 95
Keeping Fairy and Flasher Wrasses October 00
Keeping the Coral Beauty January 94
Keeping the Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus exquisitus February 90
Keeping the Flamboyant French Angel January 90
Keeping the Queen Angel October 95
Keeping the Ribbon Eel May 94
King of the Cardinalfishes May 96
Knights of the Sect May 98
Labyrinth Triggerfish, Pseudobalistes fuscus May 95
Laugh, Clown, Laugh May 92
Lemonpeel Angel February 90
Leopard Shark May 91
Life in a Hostile Sea March 92
Life With Bane December 94
Life With Tau: Keeping the Oyster Toadfish March 91
Lionfish Aren’t Turkeys! February 96
Lionfish: Hear Them Roar May 97
Little Known and Seldom Seen: The Tiny Coral Gobies of the Genus Brianinops September 91
Live Rock Syndrome, USA May 92
Long-horned Cowfish, Lactoria cornuta January 93
Look, But Don’t Touch July 96
Lordly Lionfishes April 90
Lovely Liopropoma July 95
Lower Gulf of California’s Baja April 99
Magnificent Firefish February 91
Majestic Angelfish: Proud Member of a Royal Family April 93
Mandarin Dragonet January 93
Marine Angelfishes of the Red Sea February 99
Marine Angel—Pomacanthus August 91
Marine Angels and Butterflies August 00
Marine Angels and Butterflies November 99
Marine Angels and Butterflies: Focus on Atlantic Butterflies March 00
Marine Angels and Butterflies: Focus on Chaetodon Butterflies April 00
Marine Betta June 94
Marine Fish ABC’s July 99
Marine Fishes of New Jersey April 94
Marine Monitoring: Test Kits for the Marine Aquarium December 97
Marine Oddities: Batfishes February 94
Marine Predators August 98
Maroon Clownfish November 94
Marshall Islands Reef Fishes—In Sea, In Aquaria, and On Stamps August 90
Master of Camouflage—The Prickly Filefish February 90
Micronesian Marine Fish Collecting: Kosrac State, F.S.M. February 92
Midas Touch February 93
Mirror, Mirror January 92
Mixed Marine Systems: An Affordable Approach for the Beginner June 91
Moorish Idol October 95
Moorish Idol, The October 92
Moray Eels of the Family Muraenidae March 95
Moray Eels April 91
Moray Madness July 98
Neglected Gem February 91
Observation, of the Moses Sole, Pardachirus marmoratus January 91
Observations of the Domino Damselfish October 91
Of Leafy Dragons, Pipefishes & Seahorses May 98
Orange-spined Unicornfish, The June 92
Our Responsibility to the Hobby December 00
Pacific Blue Tang of Many Names November 97
Pacific Double-saddle Butterflyfish, Chaetodon ulietensis December 95
Pajama Cardinalfish July 97
Pajama Party May 94
Pale Gold Warrior: Garibaldis January 00
Panther Grouper August 95
Panther Grouper October 93
Paraplegic Pomacanthus March 96
Parrotfish Pitfalls January 96
Perfect Little Angels April 98
Perfect Marine Fish: Clownfish November 99
Pet Stones October 97
Pomacanthus arcuatus, Gray Angelfish, March 92
Pomacanthus paru: Captive Husbandry of the French Angelfish September 00
Porcupine Puffer August 93
Powder-blue Surgeonfish February 93
Practical Angels September 94
Primary Colors September 99
Pseudochromis fridmani—A Jewel of a Reef Fish May 90
Pseudogramma axelrodi, A New Species of Serranid Fish from the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean September 95
Puddingwife, A Common Caribbean Wrasse July 91
Put a Tiger in Your Tank: Keeping Snappers February 97
Raising Amphiprion percula August 96
Rating Red Sea Butterflyfishes March 97
Rating the Triggerfishes of the Red Sea October 97
Real Clownfish July 91
Real Yellow Tang June 93
Reconsidering the Rock Beauty June 94
Red Sea Anemonefish, Amphiprion bicinctus October 95
Red Sea Butterflies in the Wild and in the Aquarium June 94
Reef Oddities: Shrimpfishes July 96
Regal Angelfish, Pygoplites diacanthus February 95
Remoras: Traveling Companions March 97
Repopulating the Oceans with Endangered Turtles October 00
Reproductive Behavior in Gobiosoma puncticulatus January 98
Risky Proposition: Moorish Idols May 98
Rogues' Gallery August 93
Royal Dottyback October 93
Royal Gramma March 94
Saddleback Butterflyfish, Chaetodon ephippium February 90
Salt Fever February 94
Sand Factories: The Parrotfishes April 90
Schools for Success December 96
Scorpaeniformes: Scorpionfish, Rockfish, Lionfish, and Their Relatives July 98
Scribbled Angel August 96
Sea Monsters January 95
Seahorses and Mermaids September 93
Secrets of the Exotic Mandarinfish March 98
Selecting Healthy Marine Specimens July 00
Sergeant Major March 90
Serramus tigrinis—A Pocket-sized Basslet January 90
Seven Super Surgeons March 99
Shark Attack! May 96
Shark Companions October 91
Shark Watch: The Catsharks November 94
Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef September 91
Sharks-the Ultimate Challenge June 98
Six of the Best...Fishes for the Reef Aquarium February 98
Skates and Rays, The Mysterious Lives of November 92
Slingjaw Wrasse August 95
Sociable Surgeon June 95
Some Notes on Selecting Marine Species July 92
Spanish Hogfish April 93
Stocking Your Marine Aquarium August 91
Suggestions for the Marine Community Tank December 95
Sunset Wrasse June 91
Synchiropus: Dragonets with Style May 00
Tang by Any Other Name: Looking at Acanthurus japonicus June 00
Tank Full of Butterflies February 91
Teardrop Butterflyfish June 90
Temperate Marine Aquarium, The June 92
Tetraodontiformes: a Little-Understood Group April 93
Ten Most Amusing Boxfishes September 94
Ten Most Beautiful Marine Angelfish January 96
These Hawks are Doves September 99
Those Lesser Lions: Dwarf Lionfish September 00
Three Amigo Angels from Baja July 95
Three Fishes for the Invertebrate Aquarium November 92
Thumb Splitter! April 98
Tidepooling on the Arizona Coast June 91
Time for a Change August 97
Tiny Reefs January 91
Touchy and Expensive, the Large Angels of the Sub-Genus Euxiphipops October 98
Trigger for the Daring, A January 00
Trigger Happy Fish August 94
Triggerfish Mystique November 95
Triggers, The Ten Most Aggressive February 92
Trouble with Angels September 97
Trouble with Triggers February 97
Trumpetfishes: Aquarium Oddities March 93
Trumpetfishes: Definitely Different December 94
Twinspot Moori Wrasse July 97
Twinspot Wrasse in Nature and in the Aquarium, The July 92
Two New Genera of Angelfishes, Family Pomacanthidae March 91
Two Small Angelfishes for the Reef Aquarium February 93
Vampire Canary May 95
Watch Out for Watchman Gobies June 98
What is Live Anyway? July 00
White-lined Trigger May 91
Whitespot Goatfish March 91
Will the Real Powder-Brown Tang Please Swim Up? March 96
World of Genicanthus caudovittatus March 94
Wrasses: Their Biology and Ecology January 93
Wrasses We Call Hogfishes October 96
Yellow Longnose Butterflies November 95
Yellowhead Jawfish March 93
Yellow-Headed Sleeper Goby August 96
Yellow-spotted Burrfish, Chilomycterus spilostylus February 91
You Can Succeed with Marines August 99
Zebra Goby, The January 92
Zebra Moray March 97

Marine Invertebrates

Adopting Anemones January 91
Anemonefishes on the Reef and in the Aquarium January 91
Anemones: the Basics August 97
Are There Beginner's Marine Inverts? July 99
Batty over Bat Stars February 99
Between the Tides November 96
Biological Control of Algae Using Crabs May 90
Biology of the Burrowing Sea Anemone, Actinodendron arboreum April 92
Breeding Octopuses-A Challenge for the Best July 91
Bubble Corals in the Reef Aquarium November 99
Care of Colonial Anemones May 91
Cephalopods September 90
Christmas Trees in Your Aquarium? January 00
Close Encounters With Jellyfishes January 90
Common Corals of the Genus Euphyllia September 99
Copepods, Raising Marine November 92
Corals: Master Builders of the Reef October 92
Crab Watch March 95
Crown-of-Thorns Starfish, Acanthaster planci November 95
Deep-Sea Isopod Bathynomus giganteus March 00
Elegance Coral August 99
Enchanting Echinoderms January 00
Enjoyment of Luminescence April 98
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Boxer Shrimps January 95
Fiddler Crabs, Fiddling With October 92
Filter-feeders in the Marine Aquarium May 95
Fire in the Water January 96
Fire Shrimp March 98
Garden of Anemones July 94
Gastropods: Life in the Slow Lane December 97
Gentle Giants of the Reef Tank November 97
Happy as Clams on Mili Atoll February 96
Hard Coral Quartet April 95
Home Sweet Home: Porites Corals February 91
Invertebrate Compatibility Hints January 93
Jellyfish Primer for Marine Aquarists May 94
Keeping Flame Scallops January 91
Keeping the Banded Coral Shrimp July 94
Killer Carpet: Feeding Habits of the Carpet Anemone June 00
Low Tide at Tropicorium December 98
Magic of Tropical Shrimps June 93
Mantis Shrimps-Crustaceans With a Mean Streak March 90
More Soft Corals for the Reef Aquarium: Fingers and Colts August 00
Mushroom Anemones May 00
My Fights with the Rock Anemones October 99
Mysterious World of Anthozoans, Part 1 June 90
Mysterious World of Anthozoans, Part 2 August 90
Natural Reef Aquarium Habitats June 00
Nautilus, The Pearly or Chambered Nautilus May 91
Nudibranchs: The Beautiful Sea Slugs February 96
Octopus! September 95
Open Brain Corals February 00
Pearly Nautilus: a Living Fossil February 97
Pistol Shrimps August 95
Pleasures of Polyps August 94
Reef Matters January 99
Reef Simply June 99
Reef Strongholds: Corals of the Genus Acropora October 91
Sea Anemones and Friends September 92
Sea Lilies: Living Fossils March 91
Sea Mouse June 90
Sea Pens March 95
Sea Squirts: Tubular Wonders October 90
Secret Lives of Gorgonians March 93
Shedding Light on Coral Requirements May 90
Shrimp Gobies October 94
Six of the Best...Crustaceans for the Reef Aquarium July 98
Six of the Best...Hard Corals May 98
Six of the Best...Soft Corals for the Reef Aquarium April 98
Sloppy Guts: The Natural History of a Tube Anemone December 94
Soft Corals of the Genus Sarcophyton July 00
Soft is Beautiful October 94
Some Perfect Marine Crustaceans June 97
Some Perfect Marine Echinoderms December 96
Some Perfect Marine Gastropods October 96
Starfishes and Other Echinoderms: Taking Care of Relatives May 93
Starfishes in Tropical Marine Aquaria September 91
Stars in Our Eyes May 96
Starting With Invertebrates: Your First Marine Aquarium September 92
Strange World of Sponges July 96
Temperate Invertebrate Jewels for the Home Aquarium July 93
Tentacled Terrors May 97
Those Bushy Branchy Things September 96
Those Cuddly Cuttlefish March 96
Wondrous Flowers of the Sea-The Tube Anemones March 90
Worm Tubes: Living Towers for Invertebrates June 93


1997 FTFFA 19th Annual Professional Fish Show June 97
1998 Reader Survey May 98
1998 Western Marine Conference—Taking a Stand July 98
ACA 1995 July 96
African Cichlids: Homestead Style September 99
Albinism in Fishes and Herps August 92
Amazonia February 90
Amber: Window in Time August 92
An Adventure Reborn May 92
An Ocean in Arizona January 91
Animals of Central Brazil May 92
Aquarium Societies February 90
Aquarium Society Directory January 91
Australia Honors Marine Life February 96
Banned from the Reef January 97
Behind the Name Weitzman August 99
Bloch's Encyclopedia of Fishes (parts 1-7) June 93 to December 93
Bread and Butter Beauties December 98
Brine Shrimp Capital of the World May 96
British Cichlid Association: Convention and Auction 2000 October 00
Changes in 1999 January 99
Cichlidaze: The ACA Convention March 00
Cichlids Rock the North Coast: ACA 2000 December 00
Coconut lOl December 98
Confessions of a Filipino Fish Fanatic April 98
Continuing Tradition: FTFFA 1999 June 99
Coral Wars March 97
Dr. H.R. Axelrod Ornamental Fish Laboratory October 96
Editor’s Report: AKA 1998 August 98
Fanfare for the Common Fish December 98
Fantastic Fish Art of Michael Fajgier June 96
Fred Morita: The Livebearer King of Hawaii September 95
From the Top Down-A Photographic Essay of Prize-Winning Koi July 98
FTFFA: The Future is Now July 00
FTFFA—1998 Show Winners June 98
Guelph Goes Aquatic in a Big Way February 96
If Gan Can, You Can Too, 1 March 95
If Gan Can, You Can Too, 2 April 95
If Gan Can, You Can Too, 3 May 95
If Gan Can, You Can Too, 4 July 95
In Memoriam April 98
Insects in the Home Aquarium March 96
Is it Too Late to Save Our Hobby? April 98
Jewels of the Reef April 97
Lake Champlain Aquarium & Science Center April 98
Life after Jonesboro-An Aquatic Hero June 98
Life after Jonesboro—an Epilogue September 98
Looking Back June 98
Manaus in the Amazing Amazon October 98
My Grandfather, Jungle Jack January 98
Obituary: Dr. Clifford W. Emmens November 99
Obituary: Fred Cochu April 95
Obituary: Linc Littrell September 96
Past, Present, and Future December 98
Photographing Aquarium Fishes October 98
Policymaker’s Viewpoint July 99
Preserving Our Aquatic Future November 98
Project Piaba September 96
Scuba Diving April 99
Second Ornamental Fish Festival in Barcelos, Amazonas, Brazil, Part 1 May 95
Second Ornamental Fish Festival in Barcelos, Amazonas, Brazil, Part 2 June 95
Showtime in Tampa August 95
Skansen Aquarium April 99
Some Import Laws Affecting the Aquarium Hobby November 98
Stars and Spikes Forever: A Temporary Exhibit July 99
Tropical Fish Extravaganza: Convention Fun April 00
Tropical Fish Hobby in China September 98
Trouble with "Jewfish" or What’s in a Name? August 96
What Do You Buy for a Person with 20 Aquariums? December 98
Where Are We, Where Are We Going, and What Do Microwave Ovens Have to Do with Anything? January 99
Will Coral Reefs Survive? October 97
Winners of the 25th Annual All-Japan Nishikigoi Show December 94
Winners of the 26th Annual All-Japan Nishikigoi Show January 95
World’s Most Beautiful Fishes February 96
You Can Take It With You April 96

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