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BEDN T 0113 Trouble-Free Dwarf Cichlids (Full Article)
Looking for a small, personable cichlid that is easy to keep? As one cichlid enthusiast ...
January 2013 by Radek Bednarczuk
MADD T 0113 Easy Tetras for the Beginner Community Tank
Coming in myriad shapes, colors, and sizes, tetras are a longstanding staple of the hobby. But ...
January 2013 by Lea Maddocks
PURS T 0113 Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Going for Gold (Full Article)
If you really want to make your aquarium pop, there is nothing like adding a brilliant-yellow ...
January 2013 by Philip Purser
RICC T 0113 Making History: How to Describe a New Species
Want to be famous in aquarium circles? One of the best ways to gain recognition is to find and ...
January 2013 by Francesco Ricciardi
PURS T 1212 Adding Color to the Freshwater Aquarium: Going Green (Full Article)
Plants are famous for their ability to add a serene, verdant look to an aquarium, but what if ...
December 2012 by Phil Purser
ROBE T 1212 The Butterfly Barb: A Rewarding Challenge (Full Article)
The butterfly barb is a rarely seen species that is challenging to keep. Two skilled fish ...
December 2012 by Paul Hards and John Robertson
KENT T 1212 Rwanda’s Native Cichlids and Surprising Killifish Guest: A Visit to Lakes Kivu and Rumira
An international explorer makes the journey to Rwanda and finds a thriving fish community of ...
December 2012 by Lawrence Kent
TAVA T 1212 Aquarium de Paris
Take an armchair tour of the Aquarium de Paris and witness its abundance of Parisian fish and ...
December 2012 by Iggy Tavares
STRA T 1212 A Walk on the Wild Side
Although there are many fancy varieties of fish available, plenty of people prefer wild types. ...
December 2012 by Richard Stratton
Amano T 1212 Creatively Rearranging Plants in the Nature Aquarium
The master aquascaper offers techniques on how to rearrange plants in an older layout to give ...
December 2012 by Takashi Amano
Showing results 71-80 on page 8 of 47
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