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Searching for Rare Cichlids in Lake Victoria
March 2014 by Miguel A. Gòmez-Garza
The South American Freshwater Puffer
February 2014 by Roland Schreiber
Preventing Ich (Full Article)
Ich is one of the most common fish diseases, but it is fairly preventable and treatable. A ...
February 2014 by De-Hai Xu, PhD
Gouramis for the Community Tank, Part 2: Medium and Large Gouramis
February 2014 by Lea Maddocks
Monsters Among Us (Full Article)
Although they may appear small at the store, some large-growing species require much more room ...
February 2014 by Arthur Masloski
Adventures in the Rediscovery of the Legendary Nothobranchius brieni
January 2014 by Béla Nagy
Gouramis for the Community Aquarium, Part 1: Dwarf Gouramis (Full Article)
Colorful fish that are hardy and full of personality, gouramis make excellent community tank ...
January 2014 by Lea Maddocks
Experiences with Nanochromis transvestitus (Full Article)
A rare cichlid from fast-moving waters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nanochromis ...
January 2014 by José María Cid Ruiz
The Red-Tailed Squirrel Loach (Full Article)
A rarely imported loach, the red-tailed squirrel loach is worthy of its own setup dedicated to ...
December 2013 by Roland Schreiber
Picking the Right Eartheater for your Tank (Full Article)
A wide range of eartheaters are available in the hobby, and while some remain relatively small ...
December 2013 by Radek Bednarczuk
Showing results 21-30 on page 3 of 47
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