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A Layout for Fancy Goldfish

Photograph by Jeffrey Senske, Aquarium Design Group.

Goldfish are arguably the most popular fish for beginners, but few people know how to set up a truly spectacular tank for them. Jeffrey Senske, of Aquarium Design Group, found creating a layout for fancy goldfish to be a particularly daunting taskā€”one he hadn’t succeeded in doing until now.

Given that goldfish are messy eaters and produce large amounts of waste, a primary requirement for any successful tank was that it must be easy to maintain. Another notable feature is that, since goldfish are herbivorous, plants could not be included in the aquarium. Jeffrey found that using sand for the substrate and river rocks for the hardscape created a simple, clean look, that was still easy to clean, to compliment his variety of fancy goldfish. Learn exactly how this tank was set up and designed in the November and December 2011 issues of TFH.

Video by Jeffrey Senske.