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D-D Presents the H2Ocean Brochure

No longer confined to the shelf under the dealers counter, this new high quality information packed brochure is now available to the hobbyist as well.

112 pages brimming with a host of new products from D-D, Deltec, and Giesemann, this new brochure also includes:

Full specifications on each product within the D-D, Deltec, Giesemann ranges.
Helpful information.
A series of stunning tank articles, including a full breakdown of David Saxby’s world class aquarium.
Essential articles of interest by Simon Garratt and Stuart Bertram.
A stunning Photo journey across Apo reef by Tony Vargas.

Availability: Now from your local Authorised D-D stockist.
Price: £2.50 or free with any D-D product.

If you have any questions, contact

Posted June 6th, 2011.

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Aquatic Life Relocates; Expands U.S. Production


COMMERCE, CA (April 26, 2011) – Aquatic Life, LLC proudly announces the expansion of its U.S. production and operations to a new location beginning May 2, 2011. This move is part of the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality aquarium products by creating a new production area for U.S.-made light fixtures and improved warehouse capabilities. The 37,000-square-foot building will also include a new product testing and development lab.

“This is an exciting stage in the growth of Aquatic Life as we are experiencing successes that are fueling expansions in development, testing and production,” says David Troop, Aquatic Life co-owner. “The future of the aquatic hobby market is looking bright and we are excited about providing innovative products for enthusiats.”

The Aquatic Life offices will open May 2, 2011 at 2839 Tanager Ave. Commerce, CA 90040. For more information on the company and its premium product offerings, please visit


Founded in 2008 by co-owners Michael Elliott and David Troop, Aquatic Life products are produced by Aquatic Life LLC, a company that creates, markets and manufactures premium branded aquarium equipment. Aquatic Life’s products and information are designed to bring the experience of freshwater and saltwater marine life into the aquarium. Aquatic Life products are available through distributors across North America. For more information, please visit the website at or call, (818) 768-6943.

Posted May 9th, 2011.

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Angelfish USA, Inc. Announces Major Expansion

Second USA Facility Grand Opens in Florida on July 1, 2011!

Due to the overwhelming demand for their initial offering of specialty Angelfish, including the world renowned Ken Kennedy ‘Philippine Blue’ strain, ANGELFISH USA, INC. is vastly expanding their operations by opening a new state-of-the-art hatchery in Cooper City, Florida on July 1st.

The new facility will be dominated by upwards of 400 tanks with a holding capacity of over 20,000 gallons of purified water. This will not only allow ANGELFISH USA, INC. to safely increase the breeding capacity and storage of their current 25 strains of Angelfish, but also to continue development of their recent new offering of Discus, which currently number in the 8 strains. The newest location will maintain the current highest standards of breeding healthy, 100% Quality fish to offer the customer for which ANGELFISH USA, INC.
is known.

Additionally, this second location will offer two new services from the original: expanded warehousing and a retail outlet. The warehouse will maintain specialized wholesale supplies for the breeding, storage, shipping, and healthy maintenance of tropical fish. This will includefilters, live food, brine shrimp eggs, and basic supplies. The retail outlet will be in small “Boutique’- style where consumers can view, learnabout, and have the opportunity to buy their own tropical fish. The goal is to provide an experience and be a growing member of the community.

If you would like further information on this company, please contact David Labell at
*If you are interested in wholesale opportunities- or being a distributor for ANGELFISH USA, INC. there are limited territories available.

Please contact David Labell at 305- 647-3266, or email him at DAVID@ANGELFISHUSA.COM to schedule an interview.

Posted April 27th, 2011.

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Bacteria in a Bottle: Snake Oil or Worth Trusting?

One of the most polarizing discussion in the saltwater tank world is the use of bacteria in a bottle products to speed up the initial nitrogen cycle. Some people swear by them, other people cry foul and claim they are all snake oil.

Posted April 27th, 2011.

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Easy Life Professional Aquarium Products Now Available in the U.S.

Easy Life International BV, one of Europe’s leading aquarium water treatment manufacturers, along with Eheim North America, has introduced four new and innovative products to the U.S. aquarium market.

Eheim North America is responsible for the promotion, sales, and marketing of Easy life products in the territory of North and South America.

East Life’s holistic philosophy is based on treating the aquarium water and inhabitants with natural, very effective, and 100% safe alternative treatments.

Easy Life develops high-quality innovative and professional water treatments and conditioners for fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds. This development is supported by the profound knowledge and insight of experts in the field of chemistry, biology, plants and aquatics.

Easy Life products have received many awards of excellence overseas for more than a decade. The products are successfully used worldwide by aquarium hobbyists, breeders, retailers, wholesale companies, zoos, research facilities, universities, and importers/exporters of freshwater and marine animals and are constantly receiving top-tier review ratings on aquarium websites, forums, and from international online retailers.

The following products are now available at aquarium retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

East Life – Fluid Filter Medium – Ultimate Water Conditioner With 30+ Beneficial Effects
Easy Life – EasyStart – Beneficial Bacteria Booster & Much More
East Life – Excital – Cyano Stain Remover
Easy Life – Voogle – First Aid For Fish – Immune Booster

For dealer locator or further product information, please go to
For distributor information, please call 514-624-2229 or email

Posted April 18th, 2011.

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Kordon 50th Year Anniversary


Kordon LLC announces that 2011 marks its 50th Year Anniversary. Premium quality aquarium and pond keeping products have been proudly wearing the Kordon label continuously since 1961. The initial company from which Kordon LLC evolved was formed by biological scientists in the California Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco, California. Two principals in the new company, Mr. Maurice Rakowicz and Dr. Robert Rofen, recognized the vast benefits of providing fresh brine shrimp to captive fish in public aquariums and research facilities. That initial interest expanded rapidly to include a wide range of aquarium products under the Kordon brand, and small animal products under the Oasis brand.

2008 saw the company’s ownership change as Ed Mowka acquired  Novalek Inc. and the company’s name officially changed to KORDON LLC. Kordon LLC develops, manufactures and markets its products world wide, primarily to wholesale distributors in the U.S. and Canada and to agents/distributors internationally.

For further information contact:

Kordon®, LLC  •   2242 Davis Court, Hayward, CA 94545-1114
ph (510) 782-4058 or (800) 877-7387, fax (510) 784-0945, e-mail:
Visit our website at

Posted March 30th, 2011.

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Kessil Lighting Debuts A150W LED Aquarium Light In Three Spectrums

Kessil Lighting Debuts A150W LED Aquarium Light in Three Spectrums Richmond, CA—Continually finding new ways to apply Dense Matrix LED™ technology, Kessil is proud to present the new A150W LED aquarium light. With its innovative design and high quality, radiant light, it uses an advanced LED platform to offer light for aquariums, expanding Kessil’s market reach to beyond the horticulture industry. Using the same reliable, high power core technology of other Kessil products, A150W emulates a point source that is intensely bright and able to reach to the bottom of the tank. It also provides the highly sought after shimmer effects of a metal halide without the excess power consumption and heat.

The three specially created spectrums of A150W bring out the beauty of blue water and vivid colors of coral. The SKY BLUE model spectrum emits light similar to a 10000 K light, allowing water to sparkle while providing coral with optimized wavelengths. The OCEAN BLUE model’s unique mix of wavelengths closely resembles a 15000 K light, producing a natural looking light for a brighter tank. Finally, the DEEP OCEAN BLUE model’s special blend of wavelengths simulates a 20000 K light for a deep blue color. The OCEAN BLUE is available now in online and retail stores. The SKY BLUE and DEEP OCEAN BLUE models will be available in May. For more information on A150W, please visit

About Kessil® Kessil Lighting designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting products for the horticulture and aquarium industries. Kessil is a business division of DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., a leading 25-year-old technology company in the photonics industry. Using DiCon’s patented high power Dense Matrix LED™ platform, Kessil’s products produce a powerful, penetrating stream of light. Each LED chip emits only one wavelength, allowing various spectrums to be created by grouping different types of LED chips together. As a result, Kessil can populate chips with specific wavelengths onto DiCon’s array. For this purpose, Kessil’s research team continues to rigorously search for different spectrum recipes to enhance plant and coral growth. With this constant quest for the best spectrums, Kessil is leading The Spectral Revolution.® For more information on Kessil, please visit


Posted March 15th, 2011.

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AquaTop Aquatic Supplies to Deliver Exotic Livestock to Aquatic Community


AquaTop Aquatic Supplies to Deliver Exotic Livestock to Aquatic Community

In an effort to breathe new life into the aquarium industry, AQUATOP will supply dealers and hobbyists with highly sought after freshwater breeds such as Discus, Ryukin, Ranchu, Oranda, and the High-Fin Banded Shark.

Brea, Calif., March 10, 2011—AQUATOP Inc., a Southern California-based manufacturer of aquarium and pond supplies, has confirmed that they will offer a full line of exotic livestock. Complementing the company’s growing number of aquarium supplies, AQUATOP believes that by making such extraordinary breeds more accessible and affordable, new life can be breathed back into an industry stifled by a lack of high quality livestock due to improper collecting habits and nonrenewable practices.

“What we’re doing is completely unique to the industry,” says Alexander Phelps, aquarist and product R&D specialist at AQUATOP. “We’re cutting out all of the middlemen and bringing captive raised species directly into the market from the highest quality fishery farms in Shanghai. With less transit time and less sitting time, we’re able to guarantee the least amount of stress to these beautiful animals.”

According to Phelps, AQUATOP spent an extensive amount of time across the globe searching for the highest quality fishery farms. “Our criteria is simple,” he notes.   “We support high quality husbandry, renewable practices, and a genuine appreciation for a species.”

The livestock launch will roll out incrementally, beginning in mid March of this year. Initial breeds include over 15 different breeds of fancy goldfish, including the rare Black Ranchu, Calico Ryukin and Chocolate Oranda. Tetra, Silver Arowana, and the popular, high-demand Discus will also be available in the initial launch.

Phelps points out that AQUATOP’s unique business plan includes attracting new enthusiasts to the hobby by delivering healthy, beautiful and affordable freshwater breeds. Importing directly from Shanghai, China, the exotic livestock will be housed in a state-of-the-art fish farm facility, while an experienced staff of long-time aquarists will monitor and care for the stock.

“I’ve worked in this industry for over a decade and have never seen goldfish that looked nearly as beautiful as these,” notes Phelps. “We’re working with the finest fishery farms on the planet and with stress-free transporting and on-point husbandry practices we know that this move will not only be good for AQUATOP but healthy for the industry.”

Stock will be available to aquarium retailers across the country or can be purchased directly through For more information, call 888 915-2782.

AQUATOP Inc. is committed to providing customers with superior quality fish tank supplies at an affordable price. Our company is staffed by knowledgeable aquatic enthusiasts who will always provide excellent customer service. Whether you own a small fresh water setup or a 50-gallon dream tank, AQUATOP has the right equipment for your special needs. Available for order at


Posted March 11th, 2011.

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Hagen’s New Marina Air Pumps Have Reduced Noise, Higher Output

Quiet Reliability

Hagens New Marina Air Pumps Have Reduced Noise, Higher Output

MANSFIELD, Mass. To maintain healthy oxygen levels in aquariums, water must be in constant motion, and the simplest way to accomplish this is through the use of an air pump, a device that forces air into the aquarium’s water via a tube or hose.  However, some air pumps can be quite noisy and vibrate to the point where they “walk” themselves across the table or aquarium stand!  The Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. recognized these two air pump characteristics as main sources of aggravation for aquarium enthusiasts when creating its new line of Marina Air Pumps, which are designed to be quieter and vibrate less, yet have powerful air flows.  These high-output units are ideal for use with air stones, bubble walls, air powered ornaments or protein skimmers.

With the Marina Air Pumps, higher output doesn’t mean higher noise levels.  These air pumps have a significant decrease in noise levels over their predecessors, the Hagen Elite Air Pumps.  They are made to be quiet, thanks to their sound dampening pump covers, and have soft rubber feet to further reduce noise by suppressing and absorbing vibrations.  The rubber feet also help to keep the air pumps in place.  Additionally, Marina Air Pumps have durable, long-lasting diaphragms for reliability and a powerful air flow for maximum water oxygenation.

Ideal for either freshwater or saltwater aquariums, the Marina Air Pumps come in four sizes to accommodate the needs of most aquariums up to 60 US gallons (225 L):

  • Marina 50, for aquariums 5 to 15 gallons (10 to 60 L)
  • Marina 75, 10 to 25 US gallons (50 to 100 L)
  • Marina 100, up to 20 to 40 US gallons (75 to 150 L)
  • Marina 200, up to 35 to 60 US gallons (125 to 225 L)

All Marina Air Pumps have single outlets, except for the Marina 200, which has a double outlet.  Marina Air Pumps have an MRSP of between $9.99 and $19.99, and are available at fine pet and aquarium retailers nationwide.  For more information, visit or call 1‐800‐225‐2700.

Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp is a wholly owned US subsidiary of Rolf C. Hagen Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Founded in 1955, Rolf C. Hagen, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of pet products, food and supplies with facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Posted February 24th, 2011.

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Aquatop Aquatic Supplies Introduces Elite Series of LED Aquarium Lights


Aquatop Aquatic Supplies Introduces Elite Series of LED Aquarium Lights

With an innovative and compact design, AQUATOP’s new Series of LED lights provides aquarists with a high lumen output, a stunning array of colors and an energy savings of up to 20 percent.

Brea, Calif., February 21, 2011—AQUATOP Inc., a Southern California-based manufacturer of aquarium and pond supplies, is officially shipping the LEDC-21 and LEDC-36RGB LED lights. Both models offer the energy savings and high lumen output of LED technology as well as extended longevity, low temperature output, and a uniform, wide distribution of light.

Priced at only $16.95, the AQUATOP LEDC-21 is a convenient clip-on light that includes 21 powerful LEDs. Each light penetrates deep into aquatic scenery and produces vibrant colors and shimmer effects. The unique hood design allows wide coverage, while three blue LED lights can be activated for a mesmerizing moonlight effect.

Priced at only $27.95 and available in a black finish, the AQUATOP LEDC-36 RGB includes high lumen output and energy savings and adds changeable color schemes. With a flip of a switch, aquarists can choose natural daylight, or customize the lighting display by mixing and matching the red, green, and blue LEDs. Like the LEDC-21, the LEDC-36RBG is compact and easy to install and can be adjusted to your mood setting. Both models are suitable for fresh or saltwater tanks and have a flexible arm that can move forward and backwards as well as side-to-side.

“The LEDC Series are fantastic lights for aquarists who want to add dramatic lighting effects without spending a lot of money and time on setup,” says Eugene Lee, product manager at AQUATOP. “Whether you have a large or small setup, once you flip the switch, you’ll be amazed by how these lights can transform not only your tank but an entire room.”

AQUATOP supplies may be purchased directly through or by calling 888 915-2782.

AQUATOP Inc. is committed to providing customers with superior quality fish tank supplies at an affordable price. Our company is staffed by knowledgeable aquatic enthusiasts who will always provide excellent customer service. Whether you own a small fresh water setup or a 50-gallon dream tank, AQUATOP has the right equipment for your special needs. Available for order at

Posted February 22nd, 2011.

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