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Clownfishes and Other Damselfishes

Aquarium Success Clownfishes and Other Damselfishes

by Jeff Kurtz


  • E-Book $9.99
  • ISBN: 9780793844050 (E-Book)
  • 128 pages

The complete guide to the successful care and breeding of these hardy and popular marine fish

Clownfishes and damselfishes are among the most popular aquarium species, particularly for beginning aquarists. Written by a recognized authority on marine ornamental fishes, this comprehensive guide covers topics essential to keepers of these beautiful aquatic pets including selection, feeding, water requirements, diseases, breeding, and more. Full-color photos show over 20 species of clownfish and damselfish, while sidebars, charts, and tip boxes illustrate key points to consider.

About the Author

Jeff Kurtz is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Toledo, Ohio with his wife, Melissa, and two children, Aidan and Hannah. In addition to editing the health-and-fitness publication Healthy Living News, he is a contributing editor for Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine and has authored and coauthored several additional books for TFH Publications, including The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums, The Simple Guide to Mini-Reef Aquariums, The Simple Guide to Landscaping Your Garden Pond, and the Saltwater Aquarium Problem Solver. An avid aquarium hobbyist for almost three decades, Jeff focused primarily on marine fish and invertebrates but enjoys freshwater fishkeeping, as well.


Posted August 13th, 2015.

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The 101 Best Nano-Reef Species

NEW RELEASE! Adventurous Aquarist Guide™: The 101 Best Nano-Reef Species

by Scott W. Michael

Nano-ReefNano-Reef back

  • Softcover $18.95
  • E-Book $13.99
  • 192 pages
  • More than 150 full-color photos

The popularity of nano-reef tanks (systems of 30 gallons or less) has exploded in recent years. To guide aquarists in the challenge of stocking these miniature microcosms, world-renowned reef aquarium expert and author Scott W. Michael has written The 101 Best Nano-Reef Species, an indispensable reference for selecting and keeping brilliant and hardy fishes, corals, and invertebrates that will thrive in a non-reef setup.

About The Author

Scott W. Michael is an internationally recognized writer, underwater photographer, and researcher who specializes in elasmobranchs (i.e., sharks, skates, and rays) and coral reef fishes. He has written a number of books on the behavior ecology and aquarium husbandry of marine organisms, and his articles regularly appear in many publications worldwide. A marine aquarist since boyhood, Scott has been keeping seawater fishes more than 35 years. He has had many years of extensive involvement in the aquarium trade, including a period of retail store ownership, and is currently managing an aquarium service company, Reef Tectonics ( Scott resides in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife, Janine Cairns-Michael (a displaced New Zealander and accomplished underwater photographer) and their golden retriever, Bella.

Adventurous Aquarist Guides™ are a critically acclaimed series dedicated to the art of aquarium keeping. Written by experts, these fully illustrated field guides offer the most in-depth information on the aquarium hobby.

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Posted July 22nd, 2015.

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Aquarium Care of Cichlids


Aquarium Care of Cichlids (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)

by Claudia Dickinson

Hardcover $11.95

E-Book $10.99

Enter the world of cichlids, some of the most colorful, exciting, and popular fish ever. Bursting with comprehensive yet easy-to-read information, Aquarium Care of Cichlids will introduce you to these fascinating fish and provide you with the knowledge you need to select, raise, and care for them in your home. You’ll find detailed information, helpful tips, and beautiful pictures covering aquarium selection and setup, feeding, general maintenance, health care, and species selection. This book is sure to help make your first – or ninety-first – cichlid aquarium an amazing success.

About the Author

Claudia Dickinson is the award-winning author of numerous fishkeeping articles, and is the managing editor of the American Cichlid Association’s Buntbarsche Bulletin. She maintains roughly 60 aquariums in her home, which totals 2,500 gallons and focus on cichlids from South America, Central America, Madagascar, and West Africa.

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Posted June 14th, 2015.

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The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums Second Edition



The fundamental beliefs about keeping marine aquariums have changed. Once thought to be far too difficult for mere mortals, a successful marine aquarium is now well within the grasp of any interested hobbyist. One of the biggest reasons for the increased emphasis on saltwater fishes and invertebrates in aquarium hobby is that technological advances in aquarium equipment, coupled with advances in knowledge about marine biology, have made the keeping of marine animals of all types easier than it has ever been before. The tanks themselves are better, synthetic sea salts are better, filtration equipment is better, and lighting systems are better. These improvements add up to making it much simpler than it once was for aquarium hobbyists to reap the rewards that the marine end of the aquarium hobby can bring—including actually being able to set up a miniature coral reef and enjoy its fascinating, colorful diversity of life forms.    The Simple Guide to Marine Aquariums

About the Author

Jeff Kurtz is a freelance writer and editor who has been involved in the aquarium hobby for more than 25 years. He is a regular contributor to Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine and is also the author of The Simple Guide to Mini-Reef Aquariums and Saltwater Aquarium Problem Solver (Animal Plant®).

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Posted May 22nd, 2015.

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The 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species

New Release! Adventurous Aquarist Guide™ Series Introduces The 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species


Freshwater nano tanks, or tanks under 20 gallons as the authors define them, have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are hundreds of species available to aquarium keepers on a regular basis, so figuring out which ones to choose for these specialized tanks can be a daunting task. The 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species is the only field guide that helps you choose and keep fishes, plants, and invertebrates specifically for nano tanks. Written by two leading experts in the field of nano tanks, this fully illustrated guide will prepare you to keep these wonderful and fascinating animals successfully. Each entry is illustrated with a photo and features information on the species’ common name, scientific name, maximum length, native range, minimum aquarium size, feeding, and habitat. Plus, easy-to-use keys are provided to help quickly find fish sizes and behaviors. The species listed are specifically selected for hardiness, durability, attractiveness, and interesting behaviors, so you will have an excellent starting point for planning your nano tank. Adventurous Aquarist Guides™ are a critically acclaimed series dedicated to the art of aquarium keeping. Written by experts, these fully illustrated field guides offer the most in-depth information on the aquarium hobby.


About the Authors

Mark Denaro has been keeping freshwater aquariums for more than four decades, and has bred and propagated over 300 species of freshwater fishes and aquatic plants. He has owned an aquarium shop, a saltwater wholesale operation, and several aquarium and terrarium installation and maintenance companies, as well as Anubias Design, an online retailer of fishes, invertebrates, and plants. He writes for Tropical Fish Hobbyist and other magazines. Mark is a past president of the International Betta Congress and is the inaugural president of the American Labyrinth Fish Association. He lives with his family in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.


Rachel O’Leary currently keeps more than 100 freshwater aquariums for her business, Invertebrates by Msjinkzd, catering to interests that run from the smallest invertebrates to primitive monster fishes like bichirs and gars. She uses a growing network of contacts around the globe to source many uncommon micro-fishes and dwarf freshwater invertebrates, including shrimp, snails, cray fishes, and aquatic crabs, for the American market. A firm believer in the importance of shared knowledge, Rachel is also an unforgettable and knowledgeable presence at national and international aquarium conferences and society events. She lives with her husband and two children in Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania.


Posted May 14th, 2015.

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The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums

The Simple Guide to® Freshwater Aquariums (Second Edition) is the key to becoming a dedicated aquarium hobbyist is to succeed with your first aquarium. The Simple Guide to® Freshwater Aquariums concentrates on providing you with a complete plan and all the information you need to choose and use the right-for-you aquarium equipment and the right-for-you fish and plants: it wants you to succeed. The information is presented in a completely straightforward text that’s easy to read, easy to understand – and very definitely easy to put to good use.

About the Author:

David E. Boruchowitz is in his sixth decade of fishkeeping. He wrote and edited for T.F.H. Publications for more than a decade and has authored a large number of books on a variety of topics. He also served as Editor-in-Chief of Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine.

Posted December 16th, 2011.

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