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Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver Chapter 5

chapter 5

ISBN: 9780793847778 (E-Book)

Not all aquarium problems deal with the water or equipment. Sometimes the fish themselves are causing a problem. You might be surprised to learn that the fish behavior can be quite complex, and that individual fish can differ greatly from other fish of the same species.

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Posted November 17th, 2015.

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Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver Chapter 1



Chapter 1 Free Download Tank Cycling Problems Solved

This troubleshooting companion addresses both common and infrequent freshwater aquarium needs, from keeping the water balanced and clear and maintaining equipment to plant choices and how to handle lost or missing fish. Useful tip boxes in each chapter.

ISBN: 9780793847778 (E-Book)

Posted October 23rd, 2015.

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Tetras and Barbs

Tetras and barbs

Chapter 5 Free Download The Tetras and Barbs Aquarium

A complete guide to the  care and breeding of two of the most popular groups of aquarium fish

by Randy Carey

  • E-Book $9.99 / ISBN: 9780793844036 128 pages

Tetras and barbs are among the most popular community fish, with dozens of species readily available in pet and aquarium stores. Written by one of the leading experts on these groups of fish, this comprehensive guide features five important fish groups spanning hundreds of species and covers topics essential to aquarists interested in tetras and barbs such as feeding, water requirements, species, diseases, and breeding. Full-color photos, sidebars, charts, and tip boxes illustrate key points and nicely complement the informative text. Inside you’ll find:

  • everything you need to know about caring for tetras and barbs – tank setup, water conditions, feeding, species compatibility, etc.
  • a guide to many families and species
  • advice about breeding tetras and barbs
  • more than 150 photos, including both rare and common species


Posted September 17th, 2015.

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