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Aquatic Turtles (Complete Herp Care)


Aquatic Turtles (Complete Herp Care) by David T. Kirkpatrick

This book provides a variety of general and specific information on numerous species of aquatic turtles, including red-eared sliders, painted turtles and many others.

  • ISBN: 9780793828852 (Softcover)
    128 pages
  • ISBN: 9780793843596 (E-Book)
  • Softcover $10.95
  • E-Book $9.99


Posted April 29th, 2016.

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Hermit Crabs (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs (Animal Planet Pet Care Library) by Carol Frischmann

Hermit crabs are popular pets with animal lovers of all ages. These oddly cute animals are hardy and easy to care for, taking up little space and making almost no noise—a perfect pet for apartments and kids. While their needs are simple, owners require accurate information to properly care for these fascinating creatures. Hermit Crabs provides detailed but easy-to-follow instructions for housing, heating, providing shells, feeding, handling, and more. More than 40 photos—along with many charts and sidebars—illustrate important topics and make caring for your crab easy and fun.



Posted April 22nd, 2016.

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The Nano-Reef Handbook


The Nano-Reef Handbook by Christopher Brightwell

ISBN: 9780793807178 (Softcover)
192 pages

Any reef aquarium that contains less than 15 gallons of water is considered a nano-reef aquarium. These tiny ecosystems are almost as popular in the Fish keeping community as full-size marine aquarium setups and, with proper information and tools, can be set up and maintained by aquarists at any level of the hobby. The Nano-Reef Handbook covers a wide range of topics, including: the importance of water quality and tips on maintaining stable water parameters; components of a nano-reef and how to choose the appropriate aquarium, lighting, and accessories for a tank; which Fish and invertebrates are best for these types of tanks; and much, much more. For the reef enthusiast looking for a new challenge, or any up-and-coming hobbyist, this all-inclusive guide contains all the information you’ll need to achieve nano-reef success!



Posted February 24th, 2016.

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Setup and Care of Garden Ponds (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)

Setup Pond

Setup and Care of Garden Ponds (Animal Planet™ Pet Care Library)

by Terry Anne Barber

E-Book $10.99

This functional book contains information on creating, stocking, and maintaining garden ponds of all sizes, and offers advice on issues like pond and plant maintenance, species selection, and health care. Useful tip boxes in each chapter show every member of the household how to make the most out of setting up a garden pond.

ISBN: 9780793847945 (E-Book)
112 pages




Posted February 2nd, 2016.

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Aquarium Success Catfishes by Lee Finley


Aquarium Success: Catfishes gathers all the information an aquarist needs in one easy-to-read, completely illustrated book. Whether the huge amount of data on new catfishes has you feeling lost or you are just starting to get interested in them and want to learn more, this book is just what you need.

Inside you’ll find:

  • everything you need to know about caring for catfish – tank setup, water conditions, feeding, species compatibility, etc.
  • a guide to the many families of catfishes
  • detailed descriptions of more than 100 species of catfish
  • advice about breeding catfish
  • photos of many catfish species, including dozes of new or rare species

Barnes & Noble:


Posted January 14th, 2016.

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The 101 Best


Posted January 4th, 2016.

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Tetras and Barbs

Tetras and barbs

Chapter 5 Free Download The Tetras and Barbs Aquarium

A complete guide to the  care and breeding of two of the most popular groups of aquarium fish

by Randy Carey

  • E-Book $9.99 / ISBN: 9780793844036 128 pages

Tetras and barbs are among the most popular community fish, with dozens of species readily available in pet and aquarium stores. Written by one of the leading experts on these groups of fish, this comprehensive guide features five important fish groups spanning hundreds of species and covers topics essential to aquarists interested in tetras and barbs such as feeding, water requirements, species, diseases, and breeding. Full-color photos, sidebars, charts, and tip boxes illustrate key points and nicely complement the informative text. Inside you’ll find:

  • everything you need to know about caring for tetras and barbs – tank setup, water conditions, feeding, species compatibility, etc.
  • a guide to many families and species
  • advice about breeding tetras and barbs
  • more than 150 photos, including both rare and common species


Posted December 17th, 2015.

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Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver Chapter 1



Chapter 1 Free Download Tank Cycling Problems Solved

This troubleshooting companion addresses both common and infrequent freshwater aquarium needs, from keeping the water balanced and clear and maintaining equipment to plant choices and how to handle lost or missing fish. Useful tip boxes in each chapter.

ISBN: 9780793847778 (E-Book)

Posted October 23rd, 2015.

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