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by TFH Magazine on May 30, 2013 at 7:09 am

By Thomas Brown

ThomasVisionReef is one of the newest aquarium channels to hit Youtube. I consider myself to be an Aquarium Hobby Reporter and definitely not an expert. I created the channel as I really wanted to make videos that explored the aquarium hobby through the eyes of the hobbyist.

I interview vendors, fish stores, other hobbyists, and aquarium manufactures not only to help educate “myself” along with other hobbyists, but to help small aquarium businesses grow as some of them don’t have the money when their first starting out for big advertising campaigns. So I shoot video’s of their stores/products for free to help innovation grow in the hobby. I also do videos just for entertainment (but still relevant to the hobby).

In my most recent video I got a chance to visit one of the top hobbyist aquariums I have ever seen. I recently met Tony Vargas at an aquarium event in North Carolina a few weeks ago. I was scheduled to interview him but he wanted to go see an “amazing tank” first so he brought me along. I know there a so many great tanks out there but this was the best home aquarium I had the privilege to see up close (and not through Youtube).

Check out the video and subscribe to my channel, as I hope to keep bringing you more great videos!

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