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Disease and Uaru

by TFH Magazine on May 17, 2013 at 5:33 am

Photograph by Radek Bednarczuk.

Radek Bednarczuk

In the June 2013 issue, Radek Bednarczuk reviews the care requirments for uaru. An important point to consider is how to prevent, and if necessary treat, disease in these cichlids.

Uaru amphiacanthoides is not as susceptible to HITH (hole in the head disease) as its cousin U. fernandezyepezi. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and take preventive measures immediately whenever the first symptoms of the disease are observed. The measures in question include frequent water changes, using water of the same chemical and physical parameters, and the addition of liquid vitamins to their dry food.

Because of all the quarrels and fights, the weakest members of the group will often show frayed fins and abrasions on the flanks, where infection, usually fungal, might easily set in. These cichlids are also sensitive to sudden drops in temperature (caused, for instance, by a faulty heater), which can increase their vulnerability to an ich outbreak.

I need to mention one important issue at this point. The skin of this species exudes a lot of mucus, so fully grown fish, measuring a few dozen centimeters in length, should not be transported crowded in small bags over large distances, for it can have tragic consequences.

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