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Planted Ripariums

A 50-gallon planted riparium. Photograph by Devin Biggs.

For people who are fascinated by the intersection of land and water, and still want the ability to make changes to their setup, a riparium might be the perfect option. Ripariums are open-top aquariums or aquariums with a section that is not underwater (but still has a cover to keep the humidity high). They allow for plants to grow above and below the water’s surface, although they do not have a specific land section for animals.

Jake Jung offers his advice for creating a beautiful riparium in “An Introduction to Planted Ripariums” in the December 2011 issue of TFH. Here is a look at Jake’s 40-gallon setup.

And to view more of Jake’s work, check out his website¬†



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  1. Way to go Jake! Jake is only 14 years old. Amazing

  2. Tim Haut Nov 5th 2011

    Wow, good job Jake, great article and now I need a tank for my first riparium!

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