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American Marine Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit

by Tsing Mui on August 30, 2011 at 12:53 pm

The Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Kit is now available. This is a high end regulator/solenoid engineered specifically for the aquarium hobby at an affordable price.

The PINPOINT CO2 Regulator Kit comes complete with the following:

• Will fit standard or paintball CO2 bottle (with optional adapter)
• CO2 regulator
• Electronic non-stick solenoid
• LED indicator light to show open solenoid
• Glass bubble counter
• Precision adjustable micro needle valve
• Output pressure gauge
• Silicone tubing 20 feet (6 meters)
• Extra replacement gasket kit
• AC Adapter (110 VAC North America, 220 VAC Europe,
Australia, UK, HK with proper prong configurations)
• Adjustment screwdriver
• 12 month warranty is the best in the industry

This is an excellent regulator/solenoid for any hobbyist who is automating a calcium reactor or setting up a freshwater planted aquarium. Very quiet, reliable, non-stick operation. Precise needle valve to dispense exactly the flow desired. The Pinpoint CO2 Regulator Solenoid is the Cadillac of regulators.

Posted in Featured Products by Tsing Mui on August 30th, 2011 at 12:53 pm.

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