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Cork as a Background Material

by TFH Magazine on March 21, 2011 at 11:48 am

Cork bark provides a perfect medium for growing mosses and other plants. Photo by Bill Brissette.

In terms of decoration, most hobbyists tend to use plants, driftwood, live rock, coral, and even a range of plastic items, but Bill Brissette prefers to use something a little different—cork bark. Bill, who is fascinated with environments where land and water meet, has found that cork is the perfect medium for a paludarium because it is lightweight, non-toxic, water-resistant, and easy to work with. Mosses and other low-growing plants readily grow on a cork surface, giving the tank a natural look.

See one of  Bill’s first cork creations video below.

And to get tips and tricks to build a cork background for your tank, and to learn about the setup he is creating for red claw crabs check out the newest Adventures in Aquascaping project at

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