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Aquatop Launches Line of Aquarium and Pond Supplies for Fresh and Saltwater Tanks

by Tsing Mui on November 29, 2010 at 12:43 pm

AQUATOP Inc. is committed to providing customers with superior quality fish tank supplies at an affordable price. Our company is staffed by knowledgeable aquatic enthusiasts who will always provide excellent customer service. Whether you own a small fresh water setup or a 50-gallon dream tank, AQUATOP has the right equipment for your special needs. Available for order at

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FACTORY-DIRECT AQUATIC SUPPLIES AVAILABLE TO CONSUMERS The AQUATOP brand offers hobbyists factory-direct pricing and one-stop shopping on a complete range of high quality aquarium equipment. Brea, Calif., November 24, 2010—AQUATOP Inc., a Southern California-based manufacturer, has launched the AQUATOP line of aquarium and pond supplies for both fresh and salt water tanks. Available for order via, AQUATOP is a proprietary brand that company founders say will close the gap between high quality aquatic hardware and affordable pricing. The new line includes filtration, heating, circulation pumps, UV lighting hardware, various accessories, and eventually live stock. “Maintaining a healthy fish tank is a labor of love and with the right hardware the labor is a lot easier,” says Eugene Lee, product specialist at AQUATOP. “We wanted to create a place where fish tank hobbyists can order everything that they need quickly, painlessly and at a price they can afford.” AQUATOP believes that their no middle man, factory-direct pricing will be a welcomed change for enthusiasts who have become accustomed to paying over-inflated prices for equipment. An item such as AQUATOP’S 200-watt submersible heater is priced at half the cost of equivalent models in the market. The same pricing strategies will apply to the company’s complete line of hardware. “AQUATOP gear is built to last and we don’t skimp on features and quality,” says Lee. “We understand the complexities involved in keeping stock healthy whether you have a simple fresh water tank or a highly sophisticated salt water tank with rare stock. We love our fish and thoroughly test every piece of hardware in our tanks at home and in our office.” In addition to a one-stop shopping experience and factory direct pricing, AQUATOP staff stands ready to guide customers in choosing the right piece of hardware for their particular tank set up. The company offers a 30-day trial guarantee and if for any reason customers are not satisfied, they will refund the cost of the product with no questions asked. AQUATOP supplies may be purchased directly through or by calling 888 915-2782.

Posted in Industry News by Tsing Mui on November 29th, 2010 at 12:43 pm.

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