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Below you will find features from past TFH Magazine issues. To find previous years, please use the links at the left.

Mycobacteriosis, the Stealth Disease

Author: Diana Walstad

A look at “MB,” a common, highly contagious, and incurable bacterial fish disease, and some steps that can be taken to prevent its outbreak.

Raising Sepia bandensis: From Hatchling to Breeding Adult

Author: Jennifer Saitz

A marine biologist with a love for cuttlefish gives an account of how she successfully raised her Sepia bandensis hatchlings to maturity.

Cuttlefish Husbandry

Author: Colin Dunlop

Considered the ultimate invertebrates by their fans, the otherworldly cuttlefish make great pets for those willing to meet their very specific needs.

Aquarium Science: Husbandry of the Nautilus: Aspects of its Biology, Behavior, and Care

Author: Adam Daw and Gregory Jeff Barord

A scientific look at the unusual nautiluses, including their eating habits, reproduction, and famously unique anatomy.

Octopuses I Have Known

Author: Carol Sauer

The author recalls the many pet octopuses she has had over the years, each with their own distinct and interesting personalities.

TFH Turns 55!

Author: David Boruchowitz

TFH celebrates 55 years of informing and entertaining the aquarium hobby with the most accurate, engaging, and up-to-date information available.

So You Want to Keep an Octopus...

Author: Nancy King

Octopuses exhibit intriguing behavior, surprising intelligence, and incredible shape- and color-changing abilities in the aquarium—as well as tragically short lifespans.

Hope Along the Rio Negro Part 3: The Joy of Wet Nets

Author: Randy Carey

In the third installment of a series detailing his journey of discovery, the author describes the thrill of collecting aquatic jewels along the Rio Negro.

Fishes at the Rainbow’s End: An Introduction to Rainbowfish and Silversides

Author: Neale Monks, PhD

The peaceful and attractive rainbowfish and silversides can add beauty and interest to harder, more alkaline freshwater systems.

Mastering Substrate in the Nature Aquarium

Author: Takashi Amano

The aquatic plant layout master explains the key role of substrate composition in the long-term maintenance of the planted aquascape.

Hawks in My Aquarium

Author: Bob Goemans

So-named for their habit of perching on rocks and corals waiting to ambush their prey, hawkfish are among the most interesting fishes for the reef aquarium.

The Habits of Successful Tropical Fish Hobbyists [Part 2]

Author: Mike Hellweg

The second part of the veteran aquarist’s series on helpful fishkeeping habits examines nitrate control, water parameters, aquatic plants, hobbyist networking, and more.

Special Supplement to TFH Magazine: ALA Convention 2006 Official Program

Author: Staff

American Livebearer Association Convention program pp.111 through 116 of this issue.

How Dr. Joanne Norton Helped Me Pass Algebra

Author: Bill Allen

In the year 1968, a young hobbyist’s algebra grade is saved by reading legendary livebearer breeder and geneticist Dr. Joanne Norton’s articles in TFH.

Something Completely Different: Nomorhamphus ebrardtii, the Orange-Finned Halfbeak

Author: Mike Hellweg

The orange-finned halfbeak might be a hard-to-find “oddball,” but its spectacular coloration, ease of care, and interesting behavior make it well worth seeking out.

The Aquarium Hobby in Hawai‘i: An Update 39 Years Later

Author: Glenn Y. Takeshita

A veteran livebearer expert who first reported on the fishkeeping hobby in Hawai’i in the late 1960s gives an up-to-date perspective on the changes that have occurred over the years.

Around The Volta in 14 Days

Author: Tony Pinto

The author journeys to the Volta region of Ghana to find the Ghana killifish Fundulosoma (Nothobranchius) thierryi, encountering surprises—both good and bad—along the way.
Article Amano June 2007 02

Maintaining the Nature Aquarium

Author: Takashi Amano

Plant trimming and algae control are two of the main keys to keeping the Nature Aquarium layout healthy and beautiful over the long term.

Betta patoti, the Tiger Betta

Author: Colin Dunlop

This large, mouthbrooding, peach-colored, tiger-striped betta may well be the ideal species for the dedicated wild betta fan looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

After the Monsoon: Fish of the Emerald Forests of Thailand

Author: Stan Sung

Journey with fish collector extraordinaire Stan Sung through the jungles, swamps, and streams of Thailand as he explores the habitat for various fishes and other wildlife.

Aquarama 2007

Author: Dick Au

Singapore’s Aquarama 2007 featured 200 exhibitors alongside fish competitions featuring discus, dragonfish, goldfish, bettas, guppies, with other fascinating fishes and aquarium setups on display.

Aquarium Science

Author: Jean H. Huber

Procatopus Websteri: A New Species of Lampeye Killifish from Akaka Camp, Western Gabon (Teleostei: Poeciliidae: Aplocheilichthyinae), Exhibiting Similarities of Pattern and Morphology with Another Sympatric Lampeye Species, Aplocheilichthys Spilauchen

Breeding Danio choprai Hora 1928

Author: Dr. Karel Zahrádka

The author details his experiences with breeding the beautiful and rare Danio choprai, and includes tips on how to care for the fry.

Hope Along the Rio Negro Part 4: The Hobby That Gives

Author: Randy Carey

In the latest installment of his eye-opening series on the tropical fish trade along the Rio Negro, the inquiring traveler discusses crucial issues facing the people and places behind some of our most popular aquarium fishes.

Invasive Species and the Aquarist

Author: Tom Lorenz

The spread of invasive species throughout the world is a serious problem; understanding the issue and possible solutions is an important step toward saving the diversity and health of our planet.

Mission Impossible? The Search for the Community Tank Oddball

Author: Neale Monks

On a mission to find a perfect oddball for the community tank, the author examines the “intel” on several likely and unusual candidates.

Moray Eels Bite—But Are They Poisonous?

Author: Marco Lichtenberger

Moray eels have been known to snap at their keepers, so learning about the prevention and treatment of their bites is essential for those who want to safely house these creatures in the home aquarium.

Multi-Colored Inhabitants of Our Aquaria:The Care and Keeping of the Genus Thorichthys

Author: Radek Bednarczuk

Small size, mild aggression, and beautiful coloration make the Thorichthys cichlids worthy of consideration for most home aquarium setups.

My Experience with a Mimic Octopus Thaumoctopus mimicus

Author: Barry Wisebram

After taking home a rare mimic octopus for the first time, the author shares the many thrills and heartaches he experienced while getting to know this fascinating animal.

Prepping Your Pond for Winter

Author: Laura Muha

In this month’s Skeptical Fishkeeper column Laura Muha talk to experts about the best ways to keep your outdoor pond and its inhabitants alive and well during the chilly winter months.

Proper CO2 Injection for Light-Loving Plants in the Nature Aquarium

Author: Takashi Amano

The celebrated aquatic plant maestro shares his techniques for using CO2 to obtain optimal plant growth in the Nature Aquarium layout.

Red Cherry Shrimp

Author: Paul Demas

Red cherry shrimp colorful, peaceful, and easy to keep, but perhaps best of all, they will enthusiastically eat algae without harming your aquarium plants!

The Mud King: Echinodorus cordifolius

Author: Phillip Brown

A look at the different varieties of Echinodorus cordifolius, a large-growing focal point for the planted aquarium.

Trimming to Refine the Nature Aquarium

Author: Takashi Amano

The planted tank virtuoso shares his method for trimming plants in the Nature Aquarium to both maintain and improve the layout over time.

Venomous Beauties: A Look at Scorpionfishes in the Home Aquarium

Author: Daniel Pomfret

Many aquarists have long been intrigued with the beautiful and dangerous scorpionfishes, and with the proper care and guidance they can make a striking display in the home aquarium.